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Hah Myung-joong( Korean :하명중, Hanja : 河明中) (born May 14, 1947) is a South Korean actor, film director, producer, planner, and screenwriter. Hah started his career as an actor, but expanded his career to film directing, and film producing. Hah graduated from Kyung Hee University with a major in English literature . His brother Ha Gil-jong was a film director.His 1985 filmDaengbyeotwas entered into the 35th Berlin International Film Festival .

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 Hah Myung joong's Filmography

YearEnglish titleKorean titleRomanizationRoleDirector
Mother Eommoni-neun Jukji Anneunda
The Pinwheel that Spins Alone Honjadoneun balamgaebi
Scorching Sun Ttaengbyeot
Another's Nest Tain-ui dungji
Mistress Jeongbu
A Night's Heaven Bam-ui cheongug
The Ae-ma Woman Aemabu-in
The Woman and Rain Yeoja-wa bi
Tan-ya Tanya
Son of a Man Salam-ui adeul
Woman on Vacation Hyugabad-eun yeoja
Three Women Under the Umbrella Usansog-ui se yeoja
The Last Witness Choehu-ui jeung-in
Flower Woman Kkochtti yeoja
No Glory Gisbal-eobneun gisu
The Woman Who Leaves Work in the Morning Achim-e toegeunhaneun yeoja
When Love Blossoms Salang-i gip-eojil ttae
Neumi Neumi
26 x 365 = 0 26 x 365 = 0 26 x 365 = 0
We Took the Night Train Ulineun bamchaleul tass-eubnida
Hearts on Fire Teojildeushan i gaseum-eul
Sudden Flame Gabjagi bulkkochcheoleom
In Vain Musang
Unsettling Afternoon Hwicheonggeolineun ohu
When Sadness Takes Over a Wave Seulpeum-i padoleul neom-eul ttae
The Guest in Room Guest and Mother Salangbang sonnimgwa eomeoni
I Am Lady Number 77 Naneun 77beon agassi
Road Gil
The Family Pedigree Jogbo
An Echo of Lakeside Hoban-ui me-ali
Twilight Hwanghon
Do You Know Kotsuni? Kkochsun-ileul asina-yo
Prankster of Girl's High School Yeogo-yalgae
The Ascension of Han-ne Hanne-ui seungcheon
Mischief's Marching Song Yalgaehaengjingog
A War Diary Nanjung-ilgi
High School Champ Gogyo ulyang-a
The Two People in the Wall Byeogsog-ui dusalam
Standoff! This is the Beginning of Games Gogyogyeoljeon ja! jigeumbuteo-ya
Battle of Eagle Dogsulijeonseon
Rocking Horse And A Girl Mogma-wa sugnyeo
Yalkae, a Joker in High School Gogyo-yalgae
Similar Toes Balgalag-i dalm-assda
The March of Fools Babodeul-ui haengjin
Flame Bulkkoch
Strange Feeling Ta-in-ui sumgyeol
What Should I Do? Naneun eotteoghalago
Where is the light? Bich-eun eodi-e
Nasang Nasang
A tadpole's courtship Olchaeng-i gu-aejagjeon
Hwannyeo Hwannyeo
An Exorcist Bagsumudang
The one who I should meet Manna-ya hal salam
2nights 3days 2bag 3il
Curiosity Hogisim
My heart is blue sky Ma-eum-eun puleun haneul
Special Investigation Bureau Bae Tae Ok Case Teugbyeolsusabonbu Bae Taeok sageon
Love with my whole body Momjeonchelo salang-eul
Mammy's Wedding Eommagyeolhonsig
Fidelity Sujeol
Patriotic Martyr An Jung-gun Uisa Ahn Jung-geun
Me, myself and I Na-wa na
The Pollen of Flowers Hwabun
Why She Doesn't Marry Nu-ya wa sijib-angano
Though There was No Vow Yagsog-eun eobs-eossjiman
Angel, Put Your Clothes on Cheonsa-yeo os-eul ib-eola
Special Marine Corps of No Return Teuggongdae-wa dol-a-oji anhneun haebyeong
Revenge of the Snake Woman Sanyeo-ui han
Secret Woman Sumgyeonon yeoja
The Good Father-in-law Hal-abeojineun meosjaeng-i
A Bogus President Ildeungsajang
The Legend of Departed Soul Yohwa-ui jeonseol
Wild Bunch of Seven Yonghochilhyeob
Singer and Daughter Uljido Motamnida
1967 You and Me Neowa Na


YearEnglish titleKorean titleRomanizationActorsDirector
Joomoonjin Jumunjin
Mother Eommoni-neun Jukji Anneunda
The Pinwheel that Spins Alone Honjadoneun balamgaebi
The Placenta Tae
Scorching Sun Daengbyeot
X Ekseu


YearEnglish titleKorean titleRomanizationActorsDirector
Yuri Yuli
A Second Sex Je2ui seong
The Placenta Tae


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 Hah Myung joong's Awards

  • 1974, the 10th Baeksang Arts Awards  : Best Film Actor (나와 나)
  • 1975, the 14th Grand Bell Awards  : Best Actor (불꽃)
  • 1978, the 17th Grand Bell Awards  : Best Actor (족보)
  • 1983, the 22nd Grand Bell Awards  : Special Award for New Actor (X)
  • 1985, the 5th Korean Film Critics Association Awards : Best Actor (땡볕)
  • 1991, the 29th Grand Bell Awards  : Best Scenario (혼자도는 바람개비)

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 Hah Myung joong's References

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