Jang Na-ra

장나라 / Jang Na Ra

Jang Na-ra( Korean :장나라?, born March 18, 1981)is a South Korean singer and actress active in the South Korean and Chinese entertainment industries.She is known for her hit songSweet Dreamand TV roles inNew Nonstop,Successful Story of a Bright Girl,Bratty Princess,Baby Faced Beauty,School 2013,My Love Patzzi,Fated to Love YouandI Remember You.

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 Jang Na-ra's Early life and education

Les Misérables, in her primary school days, thus sparking her interest to become an actress. Jang also went on to become an advertisement model for some television advertisements in her high school days before entering into the Department of Theater, the Faculty of Fine Arts major in Acting at Chung-Ang University in March 2000. She then graduated 10 years after on February 19, 2010. The delay is due to her continuous work since her debut after she entered the University. She also received an alumni association award for her contributions to the University during the graduation rites.

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 Jang Na-ra's Music career

Burying My Face In Tears. Initially, it was not well received as it only reached number 12 in Korean music charts. After starring in the popular sitcomNew Nonstop, she became more well known and released the other tracks in the album such as her pop ballad style song,Confessionand theApril Story, which all ranked at the top in various music charts.The album sold 300,000 copies in the process. Thus, this resulted in Jang holding an MC job at MBC 's music show, Music Camp.Jang also served as an MC of the KBS talk show Love Story. By the end of 2001, she received several New Female Artist awards from year-end Music Awards ceremonies and New MC awards from Entertainment Awards ceremonies.

also became part of the soundtrack for her 2002 dramaMy Love Patzzi. As a result of the album's popularity, she won several awards including twoDaesangawards or the Grand Prize (equivalent to Korean Top Artist of the Year) from MBC Music Festival and KBS Music Awards .She also received the Korean Singer of the Year from China's CCTV-MTV Awards in 2003.

. The album was also popular and produced hit songs that went to number 1 but it did not surpassed nor equaled the success of her second album.

Jang released a Best Hits Album in 2004 consisting of songs from her 3 previous albums. She followed it up with her 4th album titledMy Storyreleased in December 2004 consisting hits such asI Love SchoolandWinter Diary.

,It's Probably LoveandI'm A Woman Toohave become very popular on radio throughout Asia. She also performed in many concerts across China, often singing both Korean and Chinese songs. In 2006, she released her second Chinese album calledKung Fu.The video for the song featured her in red qipao (Chinese women's traditional dress), fighting villains, and dancing with a cute panda.

She returned to K-pop in 2007 and released her 5th album entitledShe. The next year, she released a multi-lingual album calledDream of Asia.

During the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics , Jang was the only singer from a non-Chinese-speaking country to appear in the 2008 Olympic songBeijing Welcomes You.

Jang also sang soundtracks for movies likeSky and Oceanand TV shows such asDong YiandBaby Faced Beauty. She also voiced characters in Korean animated films.

, Jang returned and released the digital singleI Only Think Of You.

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 Jang Na-ra's Acting career

. The sitcom is known to produce eventual top stars in Korea and Jang received her big break in the sitcom with her cute image. She appeared with other young stars such as Park Kyung-lim , Jo In-sung , and Yang Dong-geun .

Successful Story of a Bright Girl(명랑소녀 성공기) pairing her with Jang Hyuk . The drama is well received and recorded high audience rating.She also won the Best New TV Actress Award for the drama at the 2003 Baeksang Arts Awards . The success of the drama and her hit songSweet Dreamlaunched her to stardom in South Korea that year. She became one of the busiest and most sought-after Korean female artist with her numerous endorsements for TV and print advertisements and multiple offers for TV shows and movies. She immediately had another drama that same year playing Yang Song Yi in MBCMy Love Patzzi(내 사랑 팥쥐).

(오! 해피데이).

Love Is All Around(사랑을 할꺼야). And by the next year, she starred opposite Ryu Si-won in the KBS romance drama calledWedding(웨딩).

Being the lead actress, she attracted much affection from Chinese-speaking fans and became very popular in China and other Chinese-speaking countries in Asia. The success ofBratty Princesscatapulted her as ahallyuor Korean Wave star in China.She made several other drama series in China which includesGood Morning Shanghai(纯白之恋) in 2007,Iron Masked Singer(铁面歌女) in 2010, andUnruly Qiao(刁蛮俏御医) in 2011.

The film also became the 1st Asian film to be invited and won the Media Award at the 8th Tirana International Film Festival in Albania.

(동안미녀). This mini-series marked her comeback in Korean TV drama and coincided with her 10th year anniversary since her debut.She later won the Excellence Award for an Actress in a mini-series at the 2011 KBS Drama Awards .

Whoever(愛誰誰).That same year, she appeared together with her father in a Chinese drama entitledRace Course(跑马场).

She played Jung In-Jae, the passionate homeroom teacher of Class 2-2 at Seung Ri High School. While still filming forSchool 2013, she received her second consecutive Excellence Award for an Actress in a mini-series at the 2012 KBS Drama Awards .

concluded, Jang immediately returned to China to film another drama calledRed Palaquin(红轿子).

(운명처럼 널 사랑해), the Korean adaptation of the 2008 Taiwanese hit drama of the same title. This TV series reunited her with Jang Hyuk 12 years after both starred in the highly rated dramaSuccessful Story of a Bright Girl.Shortly afterFated to Love Youended, Jang starred in a one-episode drama special entitled Old Goodbye/Old Farewell for MBC Drama Festival, pairing her once again with Jang Hyuk . Then, she took on the lead role for another MBC TV series opposite Shin Ha-kyun in the fantasy-romantic-comedy dramaMr. Back(미스터 백).She later won the 2014 MBC Drama Awards Top Excellence Award Best Actress in a Mini-Series for both TV drama series she starred in that year. In 2015, Jang was cast as Cha Ji-An, a police detective in the police procedural/romance series Hello Monster (also known as I Remember You).

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 Jang Na-ra's Charity and other activities

Jang does many charity work such as sending free powdered milk to the hungry North Korean children. She also works with the FHI Charity organization.

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 Jang Na-ra's Filmography

Television series[]

YearEnglish TitleOriginal TitleRoleNetworkCountry
2001 New Nonstop 뉴논스톱 Jang Na-ra MBCSouth Korea
2002 Successful Story of a Bright Girl 명랑소녀 성공기 Cha Yang-soon SBS
My Love Patzzi 내 사랑 팥쥐 Yang Song-yee MBC
2003 Hello! Balbari 헬로 발바리 (cameo) KBS2
2004 Love Is All Around 사랑을 할꺼야 Jin Bo-ra MBC
Silver Love 银色年华 China
2005 Banjun Drama
"I Got Married to a Weird Woman"
"My Love Mite"
"And There Was Nothing"
"Strange Village"
"The Golden Age of Gas Man"
대결! 반전 드라마 SBS South Korea
My Bratty Princess 刁蠻公主 Situ Jing/Xiao Long Xia CCTV China
Wedding 웨딩 Lee Se-na KBS2 South Korea
2007 Good Morning Shanghai 纯白之恋 You Hao Yun China
2010 Iron Masked Singer 铁面歌女 Hu Die/Hu Yin Yin JLTV
2011 Unruly Qiao 刁蛮俏御医 He Tian Xin SZTV
Baby Faced Beauty 동안미녀 Lee So-young KBS2 South Korea
2012 Race Course 跑馬場 CCTV China
School 2013 학교 2013 Jung In-jae KBS2 South Korea
2013 Red Palaquin 红轿子 Huzhou TV China
2014 Fated to Love You 운명처럼 널 사랑해 Kim Mi-youngMBCSouth Korea
Drama Festival"Old Farewell" 오래된 안녕 Han Chae-hee
Mr. Back 미스터 백 Eun Ha-soo
2015 One-Winged Eagle 单翼雄鹰 (cameo) CCTV China
Hello Monster 너를 기억해 Cha Ji-an KBS2 South Korea
2016 One More Happy Ending 한번 더 해피엔딩 Han Mi-Mo MBC South Korea


YearEnglish TitleOriginal TitleRoleCountry
2003 Oh! Happy Day 오! 해피데이 Kong Hee-ji South Korea
2007 Girl's Revolution 麻雀要革命 China
2009 Sky and Ocean 하늘과 바다 Ha-neul South Korea
2012 Flying With You 一起飞 He Qianqian / BabyChina
Whoever 愛誰誰 Yawen (cameo)
2015 Polaroid 폴라로이드 cameo South Korea

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 Jang Na-ra's Discography


  1. 고백 (Confession)
  2. 눈물에 얼굴을 묻는다 (Burying My Face In Tears)
  3. 연 (Yun)
  4. Make it Right
  5. 물고기자리 (Pisces)
  6. 4월이야기 (April Story)
  7. 눈물에 얼굴을 묻는다 (Burying My Face In Tears, String Version)
  8. Gloomy Sunday
  9. Blue
  10. 약속 (Promise)
  11. My Pain
  12. 지독한 사랑 (Vicious Love)
  • Title:Sweet Dream
  • Released: October 2, 2002
  • Language: Korean
  • Label:Warner Music Korea(77083-2, 8809217680065)
  1. Sweet Dream
  2. 아마도사랑이겠죠 (Amado Sarangigetjyo, "Perhaps Love")
  3. 혼자서도 잘해요 (Honjaseodo Jalhaeyo, "I Can Do It Well By Myself")
  4. Pinekiss
  5. 철부지 (Cheolbuji, "A Mere Child")
  6. Ending
  7. I'll be there for you
  8. 뙈지아가 (Ttwaejiaga, "Pig Baby")
  9. 물망초 (Mulmangcho, "A Forget-Me-Not")
  10. 사막한가운데서 (Samakhangaundeseo, "In The Middle of the Desert")
  11. Snowman
  12. 다시 받아주겠니? (Dasi Badajugenni? "Can You Accept Me Again?")
  13. 바람아 멈추어다오 (Barama Meomchueodao, "Please Stop the Wind")
  14. 아마도 사랑이겠죠 (Amado Sarangigetjyo, "Perhaps Love") (Radio edit)
  15. Snowman (Radio edit)
  • Title:The Third Story
  • Released: December 2, 2003
  • Language: Korean
  • Label:Warner Music Korea(77083-2, 8809217680065)
  1. We
  2. 별이 빛나는 밤에
  3. 기도 (Last Pray)
  4. 10년이 지난 후 나는
  5. 그게 정말이니?
  6. 나도 여자랍니다
  7. 키키
  8. My Boy
  9. 약속
  10. 늘 그래왔듯이
  11. Say Good-Bye
  12. 눈물로 남을텐데
  13. 그게 정말이니 (Band ver.)
  14. 별이 빛나는 밤에(Ver.2)
  • Title:My Story
  • Released: December 20, 2004/March 23, 2007
  • Language: Korean
  • Label:Warner Music Korea(77083-2, 8809217680065)
  1. Intro
  2. 달팽이 (Snail)
  3. 겨울일기 (Winter diary)
  4. I Love School
  5. Always
  6. 이젠 괜찮아요 (Now no problem at all)
  7. 혹시라도 (Perhaps)
  8. 모시는 글 (Mosin Gul)
  9. 연인 (Duet with 신혜성) (Lover, Duet with Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa))
  10. 사랑하기 좋은 날 (Good Day to Love)
  11. 겨울일기 (Bossa Nova.ver) (Winter diary)
  12. 나 (I)
  13. Make it right
  14. 飛不起來(페이부치라이) (중국드라마'은색연화'주제가) (Cannot fly—Chinese soap opera ' Silver time passage ' Theme song)
  • Title:She
  • Released: February 23, 2007
  • Sales: N/A
  • Language: Korean
  • Label: Warner Music Korea (20276-2)
  1. 사랑 부르기 (Calling out love)
  2. 마음을 잃다 (Losing one's mind)
  3. You & I
  4. 손톱 (Fingernails)
  5. 가면무도회 ft. HaHa (A Masquerade)
  6. 사랑을 향합니다 (Towards love)
  7. Everything for you
  8. Tonight
  9. 이젠 말해볼까 (Shall we talk about it now?)
  10. 당신의 모든 것을 사랑합니다 (I love everything about you)
  11. 사랑 부르기 (Acoustic Ver.) (Calling out love)

CD 01 [Korean / Japanese / English]

  1. 신기루 (Mirage)
  2. Jump!!Jump!!
  3. 흉터 (Scar)
  4. 미련한 미련이란 것이 (Stupidity What Is Stupidity)
  5. Thinkin’ Of You
  6. 거짓말쟁이 (Liar)
  7. Long Good-Bye
  8. 달맞이 꽃 (Evening Primrose)
  9. 눈의 아이 (Snow Child)
  10. 결혼할래요 - feat. 박묵환 / Park Moon Hwan
  11. Shining Day
  12. Fairytale [English Version]
  13. 신기루 (しんきろう) [Japanese Version] (Mirage)
  14. Jump!!Jump!! [Japanese Version]
  15. We [Japanese Version]

CD 02 [Mandarin / Cantonese]

  1. 우리들의 꿈 / 我們的夢想 / Wo Men De Meng Xiang (Our Dream)
  2. 독신주의 / 獨身主意
  3. 신기루 / 海市蜃樓 / Hai Shi Shen Lou (Mirage)
  4. Jump!!Jump!! / 跳!跳! / Tiao!Tiao!
  5. 남은 건 추억뿐 / 只剩下從前
  6. 나를 따라 해 봐 / 跟我走 / Gen Wo Zou (Follow Me)
  7. 못된 성질 / 大脾氣 / Da Pi Qi
  8. 멈춘 사랑 / 停愛 / Ting Ai
  9. 조금만 / 一点点 / Yi Dian Dian
  10. 달빛은 내 마음을 대신해 / 月亮代表我的心 / Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin [Cantonese Version]
  11. 달빛은 내 마음을 대신해 / 月亮代表我的心 / Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin [Mandarin Live Version] (Teresa Teng Cover)

Chinese albums[]

  • Title: 一张
  • Released: February 1, 2005
  • Sales:N/A
  • Language: Chinese
  1. 风儿啊!请你停下来 (Wind, please stop)
  2. 全世界下雨 (The whole world is raining)
  3. 娜拉In China
  4. 飞不起来 (Unable to fly)
  5. Sweet Dream
  6. 恋爱宣言
  7. 我也是女人 (I am also a woman)
  8. 甜蜜蜜 (Sweet)
  9. 可能是爱情 (It's probably love)
  10. Ends
  • Title: Gong Fu
  • Released: December 21, 2005
  • Sales:N/A
  • Language: Chinese
  1. 对不起我不爱你 (Sorry, I don't love you)
  2. 功夫
  3. 爱上你全部 (Loving all of you)
  4. 我要你崇拜
  5. 梦飞翔
  6. Everyday
  7. 危险恋人
  8. 天边
  9. 出乎预料
  10. 烦着呢
  • Title: Journey of Love
  • Released: August 2, 2012
  • Sales:N/A
  • Language: Chinese
  • Label: Wireless Star
  1. 愛的出口 Export of Love
  2. 想說給你聽 Want To Say To You
  3. 耍花招 Flashy
  4. 我知道 I Know
  5. 背靠背 Back To Back
  6. 謝謝你給我的幸福 Thank You To My Happiness
  7. 只想起你﹙中﹚I Only Think Of you (Chinese version)
  8. 只想起你﹙韓﹚I Only Think Of You (Korean version)
  9. 救人哪 Rescue Which
  10. 讓心去流浪 Heart To Stray


  • Title:Jang Nara and Friends
  • Released: April, 2003
  • Language: Korean
  1. 오 해피데이 (영화‘오 해피데이’삽입곡)
  2. 피노키오
  3. 그날이후 (영화 ‘오 해피데이’ 삽입곡)
  4. Friend (Solo Version)
  5. And
  6. Lately
  7. Will be mine
  8. Luv n u
  9. Today
  10. Friend (Duet Version)
  11. 부디
  12. 그래요
  13. 아무것도 아닌 이야기
  14. 다시
  1. 안 행복해 (I’m not happy)
  2. 그렇담 Good-bye (Then good-bye)
  • Title:너만 생각나 I Only Think Of You(Digital Single)
  • Released: March 26, 2012
  • Language: Korean/Chinese
  • Label:CJ E&M
  1. 너만 생각나 I Only Think Of You
  2. 바로 너였어 (With 알렉스) It Was You (With Alex of Clazziquai)
  3. I Only Think Of You (Chinese version)
  • Title:Love(Digital Single)
  • Released: October 23, 2013
  • Language: Korean
  1. Love
  2. Love (instrumental)

Original soundtrack (OST)[]

  • Title: Ah Hyeon Dong's Madam OST
  • Released:February 14, 2008
  • Language:Korean
  1. It's alright
  2. It's alright(instrumental)
  • Title: Sky and Ocean OST
  • Released:May 2009
  • Language:Korean
  1. 하늘과 바다
  2. 마녀 여행을 떠나다
  3. If You Ask Me To
  • Title:Dong YiOST
  • Released: June 15, 2010
  • Language: Korean
  • Label: Neowiz Internet (네오위즈인터넷)
  1. 천애지아 (하늘 끝에 이르는 바람) (Walking On A Dreamy Road)
  1. 오렌지 나무 Orange Tree
  2. 오월의 눈사람
  1. 하루 종일 All Day

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 Jang Na-ra's Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
2001 Golden Disk Awards Best New ArtistFirst StoryWon
SBS Music Awards Best New ArtistWon
MBC Music Awards Best New ArtistWon
KBS Music Awards Best New ArtistWon
2002Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Female ArtistSweet DreamWon
Special Jury PrizeNominated
Mobile Popularity AwardWon
KBS Music Awards Grand Prize (Daesang)Won
MBC Music Awards Most Popular ArtistWon
KMTV Korean Music Awards KMTV AwardWon
SBS Music Awards Most Popular ArtistWon
Golden Disk Awards Main Prize (Bonsang)Won
Seoul Music Awards Main Prize (Bonsang)Won
KBS Entertainment Awards Best Newcomer in a Variety Show Won
SBS Drama Awards Top 10 StarsSuccessful Story of a Bright GirlWon
2003 Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress (TV)Won
CCTV-MTV Music Awards Korean Singer of the Year Won
2004 Commendation from the Secretary of Defense RecipientN/AWon
Honorary Master's Degree from the Beijing Film Academy RecipientN/AWon
Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Female Artist Is That True?Nominated
2005 China Golden Disk Awards Most Popular Singer Won
Asia-Pacific Music Chart Awards Asia's Best Female Singer Won
Award for Outstanding Contribution
to Korean-Chinese Cultural Exchange
Top 10 Golden Song Won
Inter-Parliamentary Union Award for Social Service RecipientN/AWon
2007 Chunsa Film Art Awards Hallyu Cultural AwardN/AWon
2008 Asia Model Festival Awards Asia Star AwardN/AWon
Today's Young Artist Awards RecipientN/AWon
2009 CSR Korea Awards Special Award (Individual)N/AWon
Grand Bell Awards Best ActressSky and OceanNominated
2010 China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awards Best Actress in a Foreign FilmWon
2011KBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, ActressBaby Faced BeautyNominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesWon
2012KBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, ActressSchool 2013Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesWon
2014 APAN Star Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Fated to Love YouNominated
MBC Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress in a MiniseriesFated to Love You,Mr. BackWon
Popularity Award, ActressWon
Best Couple Award with Jang Hyuk Fated to Love YouWon
2015 Korea Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress Hello MonsterNominated

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 Jang Na-ra's References

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