Jeon Hye bin

전혜빈 / Jun Hye Bin (Jeon Hye Bin)

Jeon Hye-bin( Korean :전혜빈?,Korean pronunciation: [t??nh(j)ebin]; born September 27, 1983), known asBINduring her music career, is a South Korean actress, singer and model.In 2002, she began her career as singer of the short-lived three-member girl group LUV , however the group disbanded the following year due to individual goals.Following the disbandment of LUV, Jeon released her first solo album,Love Somebodyon July 31. She ventured into acting and appeared in her first television drama,Sang Doo! Let's Go to Schooland cast in the 2004 horror filmDead Friend. On 23 September 2005, she found mainstream success with her second albumIn My Fantasy. "2AM", a song produced by Mr. Tyfoon, showcased her seductive side and dancing abilities. However, it came under heavy criticism for being too suggestive during performances, and required the cuter, less suggestive song "Bin-Go" (also produced by Mr. Tyfoon) to be promoted. Jeon was later cast in the comedic filmWet Dreams 2and TV showOnly You. In 2008, she decided to focus on her acting career. Appearing in several TV shows,On Air(2008),Yaksha(2010),My Love By My Side(2011),Queen Insoo(2011) andQueen of the Office(2013). She was cast as Choi Hye-won in the 2014 drama seriesGunman in Joseon.

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 Jeon Hye bin's Early life

She attended Kyewon Arts High School.

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 Jeon Hye bin's Career

2002: LUV[edit]

Main article: LUV (South Korean band)

Story - Orange Girland performed "Orange Girl" at multiple shows. On August 12, they performed "Tears" for the Gangwon Province Armed Forces. The group's popularity grew enough that they were being compared with S.E.S. because many saw huge potential in them. However, the group did not last long as they disbanded a year later due to each member expressing their own dreams.

2003-07:Sang Doo! Let's Go to School,Love SomebodyandIn My Fantasy[edit]

as Yoon Hee-seo.Her first solo albumLove Somebodywas released on July 31.

January 14, she was cast in Wet Dreams 2 as Park Soo-yeon, one of the four high school girls competing for affection for their teacher.

released on 23 September became a hot-topic due to the song, "2AM"."2AM", one of the two songs that she performed and produced by Mr. Tyfoon, was heavily criticized for its suggestive dance routine.

She appeared as one of the six women onHeroine 6, a popular segment on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) variety showHappy Sundayuntil it ended in 2007.

2008-11: Acting career,YakshaandQueen Insoo[edit]

and made a cameo appearance on episode 3 ofOn Air, a SBS behind-the-scenes drama of a fictional television drama.

Queen Insooas Queen Jeheon .Jeon is well known for her love of fitness and exercise. She released a beauty book,Heaven's Stylish Body, in 2011 which included fitness and fashion tips.

2012-present:Queen of the Office,Beating HeartsandGunman in Joseon[edit]

with Kim Joo-hee, Kim Na-young, Jung Joo-ri and Hong Soo-ah.On September 2, she appeared inLaw of the Jungle: Madagascarwith Kim Byung-man , Noh Woo-jin , Ricky Kim , Ryu Dam , Park Jung-chul and Jeong Jin-woon of 2AM .

, she appeared as a guest with Hwang Kwang-hee of ZE:A , Choo Sung-hoon and Oh Jong-hyuk.On 23 April 2014, she was cast for the role of Choi Hye-won in KBS2 dramaGunman in Joseon.

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 Jeon Hye bin's Other ventures

바이헤븐), an online shopping mall . In October 2011, she participated in the Nike : We Run Seoul 10k.On January 17, 2014, ByHeaven limited sales to offline because of personal circumstances and on January 24, all sales stopped.

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 Jeon Hye bin's Philanthropy

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 Jeon Hye bin's Discography

Studio albums[edit]

Album InformationTrack Listing
  1. Bin-Go
  2. 2AM
  3. Why
  4. 반지
  5. 달을 삼킨 밤
  6. Mr. Crazy
  7. Pinky
  8. See Ya Later
  9. Back Of Mind
  10. Club
  11. 2AM (MR)

Single albums[edit]

Album InformationTrack Listing
  1. Love Somebody
  2. 입술
  3. Love Somebody (Instrumental)
  4. 입술 (Instrumental)

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 Jeon Hye bin's Filmography

Television dramas[edit]

2003 Nonstop 3 MBC Herself -
2003 Sang Doo! Let's Go to School KBS2 Yoon Hee-seo -
2005 Banjun Drama SBS - Episodes: 41, 54, 57 & 59 - 68
2005 Only You SBS Cha Soo-jae -
2007 Witch Yoo Hee SBS Nam Seung-mi -
2007 The King and I SBS Seol-young -
2008 The Scale of Providence SBS Noh Se-ra -
2008 On Air SBS Herself Cameo, Episode 3
2009 He Who Can't Marry KBS2 Hwa-ran -
2009 Hometown Legends:Fox with Nine Tails KBS2 So-ho -
2010 Drama Special: The Angel of Death Comes With Purple High Heels KBS2 Lee Ji-yeon -
2010 Yaksha OCN Jeong Yeon -
2011 My Love By My Side SBS Jo Yoon-jeong -
2011 Queen Insoo jTBC Deposed Queen Lady Yun -
2013 Queen of the Office KBS2 Geum Bit-na -
2014 Drama Special: The Taste of Curry KBS2 Yoo-mi -
2014 Gunman in Joseon KBS2 Choi Hye-won -
2014-2015 Healer KBS2 Kim Jae-yoon Cameo, Episode 20


2004 Dead Friend Eun-seo -
2005 Wet Dreams 2 Park Soo-yeon -
2016 The Legend of a Mermaid Yeong-joo -

Variety shows[edit]

2012 Law of the Jungle W SBS Herself 2012 Seollal Special
2012 Law of the Jungle: Madagascar SBS Herself
2014 Law of the Jungle: Borneo SBS Herself Guest, Special 100th Episode
2014 Beating Hearts SBS Herself
2015 Eco Village SBS Herself Guest, 21st & 22nd Episode

Music videos[edit]

2005 "Flip Reverse" Jang Woo-hyuk -
2006 "Living a Day in Winter" Brian Joo -
2008 "Thorn Fish" MC The Max -
2009 "Do You Know" Someday -
2012 "I Want to Live with Her" UV FeaturingYoon Do-hyun

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 Jeon Hye bin's Theater

2008 Hamlet Ophelia -
2009-2010 Singles - -

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 Jeon Hye bin's Modeling

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 Jeon Hye bin's Bibliography

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 Jeon Hye bin's Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
2011 Special Award for Cable TV YakshaWon
2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards Best DressedN/AWon
2014 KBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actress Gunman in JoseonNominated

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 Jeon Hye bin's See also

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 Jeon Hye bin's References

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