Jun Ji hyun

전지현( 왕지현,王智賢)

Jun Ji-hyun(born 30 October 1981), also known asGianna Jun, is a South Korean actress. She is best known for her role as "The Girl" in the romantic comedyMy Sassy Girl(2001), one of the highest grossing Korean comedies of all time. Other notable films includeIl Mare(2000),Windstruck(2004),The Thieves(2012), andThe Berlin File(2013).

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 Jun Ji hyun's Career

Using the stage name Jun Ji-hyun, she began her career as a model for Ecole Magazine in 1997.

in 1999, it was not until later in the year when she was featured in a commercial for Samsung My Jet Printer that she became a popular sensation. The dancing and attitude expressed in the ad made her into an icon for Koreans in their late teens and early twenties.

. A handsomely shot melodrama set on Ganghwa Island , the film did respectably well at the box office (despite opening on the same day as blockbusterJoint Security Area) and solidified her status as a star.

Throughout this time she was a constant presence in TV ads and on billboards in Korea and also in other Asian countries.

Windstruckbecame the best-performing Korean film in Japan at the time, whereMy Sassy Girlwas not as well known.In a 2005 survey of influential movie producers, she was ranked among the top ten most bankable stars in Korea.

). Nonetheless the film disappointed at the box-office and drew weak appraisals from viewers.

"Gianna by True Religion" was launched by the luxury blue jeans brand in 2008, its first celebrity line. Jun was reportedly involved in every stage of their production, from design to deciding on fit and wash and their decoration with accessories.

She was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the July issue of the American edition ofVogue, the first Korean actress to be included in the iconic fashion magazine.

The Thievesbecame the second top-selling Korean film of all time .

Kim Soo-hyun (Jun's costar inThe Thieves) plays an alien who landed on earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty , then falls for a present-day top actress (played by Jun).

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 Jun Ji hyun's Controversy

for commercially using their pictures without permission.Seoul Central District Court ruled in 2007 that the publisher must pay from ₩5 million to ₩15 million to each star for infringing their publicity rights .

Because of the scandal, many expected her to leave once her contract expired, but she surprisingly extended her contract with SidusHQ for one more year. Then in 2011 she set up her own management agency J&Co. Entertainment.

Jung issued a denial.

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 Jun Ji hyun's Personal life

Jun graced the cover ofElle Korea 's May 2012 edition as well as the magazine's China, Singapore and Taiwan editions with a pictorial of herself in various wedding gowns.

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 Jun Ji hyun's Filmography


1999 White Valentine Jung-min
2000 Il Mare Eun-joo
2001 My Sassy Girl The Girl
2003 The Uninvited Yeon
2004 Windstruck Yeo Kyung-jin
2006 Daisy Hye-young
2008 A Man Who Was Superman Song Soo-jung
2009 Blood: The Last Vampire Saya Otonashi
2011 Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Sophia/Snow Flower
2012 The Thieves Yenicall
2013 The Berlin File Ryun Jung-hee


1997 The Season of Puberty MBC
1998 Fascinate My Heart Ga-young SBS
1999 Happy Together Seo Yoon-joo SBS
2013 You Who Came From the Stars Cheon Song-yi SBS

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 Jun Ji hyun's Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResultRef.
1999 SBS Drama Awards Best New Actress Happy TogetherWon
Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress White ValentineWon
2002Grand Bell Awards Popularity AwardMy Sassy GirlWon
Best ActressWon
2013 Asian Film Awards Best Supporting Actress The ThievesNominated
Baeksang Arts Awards Best Supporting Actress The ThievesNominated
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival Producer's Choice Award The Thieves , The Berlin FileWon
Mnet 20's Choice Awards 20's Movie Star - Female The Berlin FileNominated

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 Jun Ji hyun's References

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