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Kang Seung-yoon(born(1994-01-21)January 21, 1994), known asSeungyoon, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, and leader of boy group Winner .In 2010, he participated in the reality television singing contestSuperstar K2and finished in fourth place. In January 2011, he became a trainee under YG Entertainmentand went on to debut as a solo artist in July 2013 and as the leader of Winner in August 2014.

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    Charismatic K-pop idols are no exception when it comes to weird drinking habits!

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    WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon and Lee Seung Hoon will soon be appearing on the popu…

    Group winner Kang Seung-yoon and Lee Seung-hoon appear in SBS entertainment program 'Running Man'. 'Running Man' on January 7 afternoon news, "Kang Seung-yoon and Lee Seung-hoon will be on the runnin 'recording of the day," he said. "The opening night of the opening ceremony was held in th…

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 Kang Seung Yoon's Life and career

Early lifeedit

Kang Seung-yoon was born in Busan , South Korea on January 21, 1994. He learned to play the guitar in the eighth grade . When he was in his last year of junior high , he took lessons in both classic guitar and billiards, going on to become the regional representative for billiards.

2010–2012: Career beginnings,Superstar K2, andHigh Kickedit

and one of the top 100 songs of the year.It was released on its own as a digital single later in theSuperstar K2compilation album,Superstar K2 Up to 11.He also released "Life is Tab" along with three other contestants to promote the Samsung Galaxy Tab .

Kang also released a single, "You Are Heaven", for the soundtrack of the Korean dramaMidas.

High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged. He plays as a young man with a heavy southern-Korean accent who arrives in Seoul dreaming to become the President. The series aired from 19 September 2011 to 29 March 2012.

2013–present: Solo debut, debut with Winner, and acting careeredit


) was released.The music video, starring rookie actress Yoon Jin-yi , was "filmed secretly" and released without promotions so as not to disrupt the promotions for "Wild and Young".

WIN: Who Is Next, Seungyoon replaced bandmate Song Min-ho as the leader of "Team A". On October 25, it was announced that Team A had won the series and would debut as Winner. The group performed as the opening act of Big Bang 's Japan Dome Tour which started on November 15, and made their own official debut on August 12, 2014.The same year, Seungyoon and fellow member Song Min-ho participated in Yoon Jong-shin 'sMonthlyproject and released the song "Wild Boy".

, alongside label-mate Sandara Park . The 10-episode drama was aired from June 29 to July 17 via Naver TV Cast.

The same month, he joined the cast of SBS' variety showFlower Crewas a regular host.

Seungyoon and fellow member Song Min-ho released a soundtrack for the drama titled "Door".

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 Kang Seung Yoon's Discography


TitleYearPeak positionsSalesAlbum
"Instinctively" (본능적으로) 2010 1
Superstar K2: Up to 11
"It Rains" (비가 온다)2013 1
Non-album releases
"Wild and Young" 18
"Stealer" (맘도둑) 9

Promotional singles

"Life is Tab"2011 Collaboration with Samsung Galaxy Tab
"Have You Ever Fallen In Love" Collaboration with Standing Egg and Polham


TitleYearPeak positionsSalesAlbum
"Wild Boy"(withYoon Jong-shin&Song Min-ho) 2014 25
Yoon Jong Shin Monthly - March 2014

Other charted songs

TitleYearPeak positionsSalesAlbum
"I'll Write You a Letter" 2010 24N/A Superstar K2: Top 6 (My Story)

Soundtrack appearances

TitleYearPeak positionsSalesAlbum
"You Are Heaven" 2011 11
"Smile, My Love"(withLee Juck) 2012N/A High Kick 3OST
"0+1"2015N/AUnreleasedWe Broke UpOST
"Two of Us"(withSandara Park)
"We Broke Up"(with Sandara Park)
"Don't Forget"2016 Half-Moon FriendsOST
"You" 89
Love for a Thousand MoreOST
"Door" (문)(withMino) 2017
Prison PlaybookOST
"Golden Slumbers" 2018N/A Golden SlumberOST
"—" denotes items which were not released in that country or failed to chart.

Production credits

2010 Top 6 (My Story) "I'll Write You a Letter"YesN/ANoN/A
2013FINALE BATTLE(WHO IS NEXT:WIN) "Just Another Boy"NoYes Mino,Nam Tae-hyun,Teddy
"Go Up"YesMino,HoonyYesN/A
20142014 S/S "Color Ring"YesYes Ham Seung-chun, Kang Wook-jin, Jo Sung-hwak, Dee.P
"Love Is a Lie"YesN/AYesN/A
"Different"YesMino,HoonyYes Mino
"Smile Again"YesYes Mino, Dee.P
2015We Broke UpOST "0+1"YesN/AYesN/A
"Two of Us"YesNo
"We Broke Up"YesYes Ham Seung-chun, Kang Wook-jin
2016 Exit : E "Immature"Yes Mino,HoonyYes Kang Wook-jin
2017Fate Number For "Really Really"Yes Mino,HoonyYes Kang Wook-jin,Mino
"Fool"YesN/AYes Airplay
2017Our Twenty For "Love Me Love Me"Yes Mino,HoonyYes Future Bounce,Mino
"Island"Yes Bekuh Boom,Mino,HoonyYes Bekuh Boom, Future Bounce
2018EVERYDAY "Everyday"Yes Mino,HoonyYes Airplay,Mino
"Air"Yes Mino,HoonyYes Airplay
"La La"Yes Mino,HoonyYes Kang Uk-jin
"애 걔" (For)Yes Mino,HoonyYes Kang Uk-jin, Diggy,Mino
"예뻤더라" (We Were)YesN/AYes Airplay
"사치" (Luxury)Yes Mino,HoonyYes Kang Uk-jin, Diggy
"Movie Star"Yes Mino,HoonyYes Airplay
"Special Night"NoN/AYes Hoony, Airplay
"Have A Good Day" (Korean version)NoN/AYes Mino, Kang Uk-jin

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 Kang Seung Yoon's Filmography



2011–2012 High Kick 3 MBC Himself Supporting role
2015 We Broke Up Naver TV Cast Ji Won-young Lead role; Web-drama
The Producers KBS Himself
2016 Love for a Thousand More Naver TV Cast,OnStyle Yoo Jun-woo Lead role; Web-drama
2017 Prison Playbook tvN Lee Joo-hyung Supporting role


2010 Superstar K2ContestantMnet Placed 4th overall
2013 WIN: Who Is Next? Survival show, Team A member
2016The CollaborationContestant Tencent
Flower Crew Regular MC SBS Episode 13–29
2017 King of Mask Singer Contestant MBC
2018 Guest SBS Episode 402

Music videos

2011 "Life Is Tab (Dance Ver.)"Kang Seung-yoon 2:04
"Have You Ever Fallen in Love?"Kang Seung-yoon 3:47
2012 "Fanta Idol Commercial"Kang Seung-yoon withLee Kwang-soo&Baek Jin-hee 3:48
2013 "Wild and Young"Kang Seung-yoon 3:52
"Stealer"Kang Seung-yoon 3:48

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 Kang Seung Yoon's Awards and nominations

2010 Cyworld Digital Music Awards Rookie of the Month (October) Kang Seung-yoonWon
Gaon Chart Awards Rookie of the Year Kang Seung-yoonWon
2013 MelOn Music Awards Best Rock "It Rains"Nominated
Seoul Music Awards Rookie Award Kang Seung-yoonNominated
2015 K-Web Fest Awards Best Male Actor We Broke UpWon

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 Kang Seung Yoon's References

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