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Kim Chang Wan(born February 22, 1954) is a South Korean rock singer, composer, musician, actor, TV host , radio DJ , writer, and poet.

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    "Whisper" Episode 14

    Things are getting complicated and tiresome for everyone involved as Il-hwan's arrest makes Jeong-il the next target for our heroes. Our villain fights tooth and nail for his safety and that means trying to out-bid Dong-joon for Soo-yeon's good will. Soo-yeon on the other hand is after the safety of…

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 Kim ChangWan Band's Career


in 1977, which became a critical and commercial success.The band's psychedelic rock / hard rock sound (reminiscent of the Sex Pistols ) was music Koreans hadn't heard before, and Sanulrim revitalized the Korean music scene, which was currently devastated after several major musicians were arrested for marijuana possession in the 1970s. From 1977 to 1984, they released more than 10 albums and became one of the most influential and beloved figures in the Korean rock music scene.With the K-pop retrospective boom during the 1990s, all of their albums were reissued and a tribute album was released. They held a 30th anniversary concert in 2007 and made plans to release a 14th album. But drummer Kim Chang-ik was killed in a traffic accident in Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada on January 29, 2008, and Sanulrim disbanded after his death.

Solo artistedit

.In 2013, he played the leading role of a psychopathic plastic surgeon in the slasher filmDoctor.The versatile Kim has also starred in a stage play (A Napin 2010), hosted variety shows and radio programs, and written several books (some containing poetry).His 1990 bookI Want to Live Just Until 20 Years Oldwas adapted into a 1992 film.

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 Kim ChangWan Band's Discography

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 Kim ChangWan Band's Filmography

Television series

1983 MBC Bestseller Theater
"Windmills of My Mind"
Music director MBC
1985 Song of the Sea Kim Chang-soo MBC
1989 Sleepless Tree Chang-min MBC
1991 Windmills of Love Singer SBS
1995 MBC Best Theater
"섹스모자이크에 관한 보고서"
"Man Baking Yachae Sikppang" Go Si-bong KBS2
Love Formula Jung Woon-hyun MBC
1996 MBC Best Theater
"Woman in the Antechamber"
Section chief Lee MBC
Under the Seoul Sky Go Geo-bong MBC
Garden with Golden Light Jae-yong MBC
1997 Today's Sou'easter KBS2
1998 Piano MBC
Memories Seung-wan MBC
Eun-shil Kim Byung-gook SBS
MBC Best Theater
"Mr. Gong Choon-taek's Contract Marriage"
1999 MBC Best Theater"The Golden Era of Aenok" MBC
MBC Best Theater"Goodbye Audrey Hepburn" MBC
MBC Best Theater"여의도전선 이상없다" MBC
Half KBS2
KAIST Professor Choi SBS
Sweet Bride SBS
2000 MBC Best Theater"맞고싶은 여자" MBC
Mr. Duke MBC
2001 Sun-hee and Jin-hee Detective Park Doo-man MBC
Cummi, the Fairy Oh Myung-tae's father KBS2
Well Known Woman Doctor Joo SBS
2002 MBC Best Theater"달려라 장부장" MBC
Sunlight Upon Me Joo Min-ho MBC
Since We Met Jo Nam-sik MBC
To Be with You Lee Deok-soo KBS1
2003 Long Live Love Lee Hyun-sik SBS
While You Were Dreaming MBC
Span Drama"Waiting for Godot" MBC
2004 MBC Best Theater"Your Brother Is Back" MBC
First Love of a Royal Prince Kim Yu-bin's father MBC
Ireland Moon Jae-seok MBC
Love Story in Harvard Jin-chul SBS
2005 Beating Heart Kim Chang-wan MBC
Rainbow Romance Father of Eun-kyung,
Eun-bi, and Jae-kyung
2006 Love Truly Kang San MBC
The Vineyard Man Lee Hyung-man KBS2
2007 Behind the White Tower Woo Yong-gil MBC
Several Questions That Make Us Happy Byung-ki KBS2
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince Hong Gae-shik MBC
Cruel Love Hwang In-soo KBS2
2008 Iljimae King Injo SBS
Worlds Within Park Hyun-seob KBS2
2009 Queen of Housewives Kim Hong-shik MBC
Triple Kim Bok-man (cameo) MBC
2010 Harvest Villa Kim Sang-chul tvN
Queen of Reversals Mok Young-chul MBC
2011 Miss Ripley Director Choi MBC
A Thousand Kisses Jang Byung-shik MBC
What's Up Park Tae-yi's father MBN
2012 Take Care of Us, Captain Han Gyu-pil SBS
The King's Doctor Jung Sung-jo MBC
2013 The End of the World Choi Soo-chul jTBC
Who Are You? Choi Moon-shik tvN
Good Doctor Chairman Jung KBS2
My Love from the Star Jang Young-mok SBS
2014 Secret Love Affair Min Yong-ki jTBC
Secret Door Kim Taek SBS
2015 Great Stories Narrator TV Chosun/tvN
Splendid Politics Yi Won-ik MBC
2016 Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth Park Yeong-shil KBS2
2017 'Whisper Lee Ho-beom SBS
20th Century Boy and Girl Sa Chang-wan MBC
Jugglers Vice President Do Tae-geun KBS2
2018 Dr. Woo Ki-seok TBA


1980 Three Women Under the UmbrellaN/A Music director
1989 Happiness Does Not Come in GradesN/A Music director
1990 I Stand Every DayN/A Music director
Well, Let's Look at the Sky SometimesN/A Music director
1991 Byung-pal's DiaryN/A Music director
1992 I Want to Live Just Until 20 Years OldN/A Music director;
Author of original book
1993 Young-gu and Princess Zzu ZzuN/A Music director
A Dangerous Woman 2N/A Music director
Young-gu Home Alone 2N/A Music director
1996 Jungle Story Ji-woo
1997 RepechageN/A Music director
1999 The Ring Virus Reporter Kim
2000 The Happy Funeral Director Pan Cheol-gu
2001 A Day Dr. Jo
Making Sun-dried Red PeppersN/A Sound department
2003 Owl(short film) Music director
2004 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant Kang Ha-yeong's father
Windstruck Chief of police substation
Shinsukki Blues Na In-cheol
2008 Antique White beard
2009 Heaven's Postman Lee Moon-gyo
2010 Blades of Blood King Seonjo
2012 Wonderful Radio Himself (voicecameo)
2013 Doctor Choi In-beom

Variety/radio show

Memories of Pop Music with Kim Chang-wan MBC RadioDJ
Turn on the Radio with Kim Chang-wan KBS Radio 1
1978 7:00 p.m. Date TBC Radio
1981 11 Pop KBS Radio 3
1990 Between Dreams and Music CBS Radio
1996 Golden Disk with Kim Chang-wan MBC Radio
1997 Beautiful Morning withShin Eun-kyung
and Kim Chang-wan
1998 발명Q 원리를 찾아라 EBS
Three Stories with Kim Chang-wan KBS2
2000–present This Beautiful Morning, This Is Kim Chang-wan SBS Power FM DJ
2006 Science Cafe KBS1MC
2008–2010 Music Travel LalalaMBC
2009 목숨걸고 편식하다 Documentary narrator
2010–2011 Global Education Issue EBSMC
2013–2014 Bookmark Culture KBS1

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 Kim ChangWan Band's Theater

2008 N/A Composer
2010 A Nap Han Young-jin

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 Kim ChangWan Band's Books

1982 Love Is Too Bitter for Me Yolimwon
1990 I Want to Live Just Until 20 Years Old Yajeong Cultural History
1995 The Road Home Munye Madang
2001 Dad's Gift 씨디엠테크놀리지
2004 Brat Moongongsa
2005 이제야 보이네 Hwangsojari
2008 네가 있어 다행이야 Changhae
2009 사일런트 머신 길자 Maumsanchaek
2011 Soul Food Chungaram Media

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 Kim ChangWan Band's Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
1978 TBC Music Awards Silver Prize, 중창 category Won
1981 KBS Music Awards 중창 category Won
1995 MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award, Radio category Won
1997 10th 대한민국 동요대상 동요를 사랑하는 가수상 Won
2007 MBC Drama Awards PD Award Behind the White Tower,
The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
2008 23rd Golden Disk Awards Lifetime Achievement AwardN/AWon
2009 Golden Acting Award, Actor in a Miniseries Queen of Housewives,TripleWon
2010 The Voice of SBS Awards RecipientThis Beautiful Morning, This Is Kim Chang-wanWon
Best Radio DJWon
2011 23rd Korea PD Awards Best Performer, Radio Host categoryWon
2014 3rd APAN Star Awards Best Supporting ActorMy Love from the StarNominated
SBS Drama Awards Special Award, Actor in a Drama SpecialWon

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 Kim ChangWan Band's References

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