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Kim Dong Wan( Hangul : 김동완, Hanja : 金烔完) was born on 21 November 1979. He is a South Korean entertainer, known as a member of six-member boy band Shinhwa . He has since 2002 has been making a name for himself as an actor, with roles in television dramas such asA Farewell to SorrowandChildren of Heaven. He has said that given the opportunity he would prefer a career in acting rather than as a singer,although since the release of his debut album he says that now he prefers singing more.From Shinhwa, Kim is the fourth member to go solo, following Lee Min Woo , Shin Hye Sung , and Jun Jin .

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 Kim Dong Wan's Career

Debut with Shinhwa

Kim made his debut in 1998 as a vocalist in the boy band Shinhwa. Although he is not lead vocalist , he began singing bigger parts on Shinhwa's 7th album,Brand New. One song from the album, "Liar", actually only has Kim as the vocalist, along with Eric Mun as the rapper. He also wrote, composed, and arranged a song on the album, titled "Set Free". Though he had branched out as a solo artist, he is part of Shinhwa and just released Shinhwa's 9th album.

Kim was one of several Korean celebrities praised by the Japanese media for giving generous donations for flood victims in 2006.

On April 16, 2007, Kim appeared as a guest on MC Mong 's "Pleasure and Pain" radio show. When asked about an incident early in his career where he injured his nose, he confessed that he in fact had plastic surgery to change its shape.

Solo artist

Cover of Kim's debut solo album,Kimdongwan Is.

Kim released his debut solo album,Kimdongwan Is, on July 5, 2007, which featured collaborations with his fellow Shinhwa members, including Lee Andy rapping in the song "Loving Summer", Shin Hye Sung singing a duet with Kim in "The One Left Alone", and Eric rapping in "My Love".The other members have contribute to the album as well, with Lee Min Woo writing, composing and arranging the song "My Love," and with Jun Jin helping him with choreography.Kim expressed gratitude for their contributions, saying, "I’ve been working together with the group Shinhwa, thus there was a lot of pressure working on the solo album, but since the other members showed up and helped me with most of it, it has been a great big help for me". Kim's first single was the ballad, "Handkerchief", a song about a guy who consoles his girlfriend and wipes away her tears. Despite Shinhwa's genre in music like American R&B and bubblegum pop , Kim said he wanted his album to be more J-pop influenced, having redone a song by Glay and Exile in the album.

For the debut album, Kim also lost a lot of weight, saying that "it's not good for a ballad singer to have a muscular image. Someone singing ballads should have a lean, 'hungry-looking' image."His album sold over 25,000 copies in two days, with 41,490 copies sold by the end of 2007, allowing it to rank 19th for the year.In 2008, he released his 2nd solo album,The Secret; Between Us. The album featured collaborations with Tiffany of SNSD, Jade Valerie, Shinhwa bandmate, Eric and Heritage.

Kim enlisted for mandatory military service in November at an army training camp in Gongju , Chungcheongnam-do He was discharged on 17 December 2010, after serving 24 months as an administrative worker at the Seodaemun-gu District Office.

He has since played the lead role of Hedwig in theatrical musicalHedwig and the Angry Inchat Sang Sang Art Hall in Seoul.

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 Kim Dong Wan's Discography


Single #Single InformationTrack Listing

Title: Promise

  • Released: November 7, 2008
  • Released Under: H2 Entertainment
  1. Intro
  2. 약속 Yaksok (Promise) (Duet withYoun Ha)
  3. 못잊어 Mosijeo (Can't Forget)
  4. 약속 Yaksok (Instrumental)


Album #Album InformationTrack Listing

Title: Kimdongwan Is

  • Released: July 5, 2007
  • Released Under: H2 Entertainment
  1. Dongwan Is (Intro)
  2. 내 잘못이니까 (It's My Fault)
  3. 손수건 (Handkerchief)
  4. 삼총사 (Three Musketeers) – Feat.MC Mong, 허인창 (Ho Inchang)
  5. Scream – Feat. D.Bace, DJ Tukutz OfEpik High
  6. 사랑이 가여워 (Love... Poor)
  7. My Love – Feat.Eric<Composed byLee Minwoo>
  8. 여름이 좋아 (Loving Summer) – Feat.Andy
  9. 남은 사람 (The one left alone) – Duet withShin Hyesung
  10. 사랑해선 안 될 사람 (Cannot Love You) – Duet withByul
  11. 진담 (JinDam) (Truth)
  12. Scream (Instrumental)

Title: The Secret; Between Us

  • Released: May 13, 2008
  • Released Under: H2 Entertainment
  1. 남자의 사랑 (Man's Love)
  2. 비밀 (Secret) (Narr. Tiffany ofGirls' Generation)
  3. 왜 그래 (What's Wrong?) (feat. Heritage)
  4. Honey (feat.Eric Mun)
  5. 사랑하는 사람아 (Person You Love)
  6. 바람의 노래 (Wind's Love)
  7. 사이 키스 (Kiss Between Us)
  8. 떠나도 돼 (You Can Leave)
  9. 악녀 탈출 (Witch's Escape)
  10. 좋을 사람 (Good Person)
  11. 잊어야겠다 (I Need to Forget)
  12. You Don't Know Me (duet withJade Valerie)
  13. 비밀 (Instrumental)
  14. 왜 그래 (Instrumental)


Album #Album InformationTrack Listing

Title: Kim Dongwan Japan Premium Best

  • Released: December 15, 2010
  • Releaded Under: H2 Entertainment
  • Language: Japanese
  1. 聞いて
  2. 私の誇りだから
  3. ハンカチ
  4. My Love
  5. 君が好き
  6. 愛してはいけない人
  7. to be announced
  8. なぜ
  9. 秘密
  10. サイキス
  11. 風の歌
  12. いいひと
  13. 後愛
  14. 約束
  15. 君がいるべき場所 (feat K)

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 Kim Dong Wan's Filmography

TV dramas

  • 2001 –New Nonstop
  • 2002 –Children of Heaven
  • 2005 – "Magic Power Alcohol" –MBC Best Theater(Episode #610)
  • 2005 –Beating Heart
  • 2005 –A Farewell to Sorrow, akaA Farewell to TearsorGoodbye Sadness
  • 2007 –The One I Love, akaThe Person That I LoveorI Will Not Love
  • 2011 –Acme (Life of Lee Youk-Sa, the Poet who Embraced Epoch)


  • 2002 –Emergency Act 19– cameo with Shinhwa
  • 2004 –Spin Kick, akaTaekwon Boys

Music videos

  • 2005 Shinhwa MV – “Brand New”
  • 2005 Shinhwa MV – “Crazy”
  • 2006 Shinhwa MV – “Once in a Lifetime”
  • 2006 Shinhwa MV – “Throw my fist”
  • 2006 Shinhwa MV – “This Is The Sun In Our Hearts”
  • 2006 SG Wannabe MV – “Partner for life” and “Slow”
  • 2006 Self – “Handkerchief”
  • 2008 Shinhwa MV – “RUN”
  • 2008 Self – “The Secret”
  • 2008 Self – "Can't Forget"

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 Kim Dong Wan's TV Show

  • 2003Yoon Do-Hyun's Love Letter“Lately” – KBS
  • 2004Yoon Do-Hyun's Love Letter“Cigarette Shop Girl” – KBS
  • 2005Public Relations– Officer of JeonJu International Film Festival
  • 2005Love Letter(ep 1 to 14) – SBS
  • 2005X-Man– SBS
  • 2006Heroine 6
  • 2006New X-Man– SBS
  • 2008Family Outing(Guest ep 1 & 2) – SBS
  • July 2006Infinity Challenge– Quiz Challenge with Shinhwa (Season 4 Episode 11 & 12) – MBC


  • 2000–2002: DJ forTen Ten Club
  • 2003–2005: Host for SBSInkigayo
  • 2006: Host for SBSI Love My Teacher DayConcert

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 Kim Dong Wan's Awards

2004 Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Actor Spin KickNominated
2005KBS Drama Awards Best ActorA Farewell to SorrowWon
Best CoupleNominated
2007 SBSInkigayo Mutizen Award "Handkerchief"Won

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 Kim Dong Wan's References

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