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Early life and educationedit

Kim Hyun-Joong family consists of his parents and an older brother. He was born on June 6, 1986 in Seoul , South Korea .

He, then, enrolled into Kongju Communication Arts (KCAU) to study applied music in February 2012.


2005-08: Debut with SS501 andWe Got Marriededit

See also: SS501
SS501 atMy Style My MTVon stage (2008)

Their second mini album,Snow Princewas released in late 2005, five months after their debut.During this time, they also established their official fan club name, "Triple S", and fan club color, pearl green.

At the same time, SS501 also appeared on the 2006 showThank You For Waking Me Up,which proved Kim to be a heavy sleeper.

Distance,and their self-titled full album,SS501.SS501 also received the "Newcomer Award" by Japan Gold Disc Award in January 2008; this was the first time for Korean artists to receive this award.

andLucky Daysalbums.

The couple made their official exit from the show in episode 38, on December 14, 2008 due to scheduling conflicts withBoys Over Flowers.

2009-10:Boys Over Flowers, leaving DSP Media, andPlayful Kissedit

.Because of his drama work, Kim, along with his bandmate Park Jung-min , who starred in a musical at the time,were absent for SS501 'sU R Manalbum,which the three remaining SS501 members promoted by themselves, with the exception of some special performances that included all five band members.

andRebirthin September 2009, Kim was diagnosed with H1N1 during promotional activities in Yokohama , Japan forBoys Over Flowers. He was treated in a Tokyo hospital and was discharged on September 15, 2009.While recovering from H1N1, he could not attend theSeoul International Drama Awards; so his SS501 band mates, Heo Young-saeng , Kim Kyu-jong and Kim Hyung-jun accepted the award on his behalf.

Its title song "Love Ya" was well received, rating high in record sales and online music stores, and topped Music Bank 's K-Chart even without promotions.Due to their ending contract with DSP Media , however, the group ended promotions after only two weeks.

Nine days later, the news that Kim had officially left DSP Media and joined Bae Yong-joon 's KeyEast Entertainment company was announced.

Baek Seung-jo is an all around perfect genius with an IQ of 200, who ends up falling in love with Oh Ha-ni, played by Jung So-min . Because of the drama's success in Korea,Playful Kisswas broadcast in China and on November 7, its leading male actor, Kim, was interviewed by CNN 's Anna Coren.On October 11, Playful Kiss opened its official YouTube Channel account for the series' Special Edition promotional video and it attracted many viewers.

He also went to Singapore and Malaysia to promote The Face Shop in December.

2011: Solo debut and Japan Touredit

"Break Down" was the first place winner for two consecutive weeks on Mnet 's M! Countdown music show (June 16 and 23, 2011) as well as on KBS 's Music Bank .Break Downis certified platinum in Taiwan, due to which Warner Music Taiwan CEO Chen Ze Shan handed Kim a platinum record in a press conference held in Taiwan.As far as Kim's popularity in Taiwan is concerned, he was the first Korean to appear on Taiwanese TV showThe Person.

It debuted at number 5 on Billboard 's World Chartand topped the Gaon Chart again for the third week of October 2011 and was the highest selling album on the Hanteo Album Sales Chart for the month of October.

.On October 28, he, along with Ha Ji Won , acted as MC at the2011 K-Pop Super Concertheld at Gwangalli Beach in Busan , which was broadcast on SBS on November 6.

Kim successfully completed his Japan Tour that had started on November 9, attracting over 30,000 fans. By the end of the year, at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards , which were held in Singapore, Kim won the award for "Best Male Solo Artist".

, which consists of "Marry Me" and Marry You" as well as instrumental versions of them. Music videos for both songs were released on his official YouTube channel the same day.

2012: Japanese releases, fan meeting tour andCity Conquestedit

Two weeks after its release, the single reached "Gold" status in Japan for selling more than a million copies.

, making stops in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Thailand.

had come to an end in 2010, was cast for the upcoming dramaCity Conquest, which will air in late 2012 / early 2013.Kim Hyun-joong will portray the main character of Baek Mir inCity Conquest, a wild and strong man, who experienced many hardships and difficulties throughout his life, e.g. growing up without his parents. Baek Mir ends up taking revenge against the evils of society which had destroyed his family. The drama is an adaptation from the original comic by author Shin Hyung Bin.

Moreover, the album also placed third for Oricon singles monthly chart for the month of July, selling 196,850 copies and beating DBSK 's Android album with 171,554 copies.There is no question that Kim'sHeatsingle earned a "Gold" certificate as well.

The Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea.

s first anniversary, that he would release his first full length studio album in Japan in December.One day later, Universal Music Japan released further information via Kim Hyun-joong's Japanese website including the album's titleUnlimitedand a still incomplete track listing.

and both the Tower Records' Weekly Album Charts for Shibuya branch and overall Weekly Album Chartupon its release.

2013: Japan Tour 2013 and Korean comebackedit

On the other hand, his Unlimited album has been certified "Gold" by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (‘RIAJ’) after selling more than 100,000 units to retailers.

After some time, it was announced that Kim Hyun Joong will be withdrawing from the drama and is planning to start in another drama later this year instead. For now, he started his promotions as a singer with his Japan and world tour.

He also won the "Creator’s Factory Best Actor Award" at the5th Okinawa Music Festivalfor the music videoLucky Guy. The awarding ceremony was held on March 26 at the Okinawa Convention Center Theater 2 in Japan.

Aside fromBarefoot Friends, Kim Hyun Joong also appeared in the UV concert that was held on May 24 and 25.

The album received Gold certificate for selling more than one million copies on June.

However, Kim could not join them in the video because of his shooting on his variety show,Barefoot Friendsat that time.Nevertheless, Kim Hyun Joong said:

In addition, both songs are created by Steven Lee , and choreographed by Lyle Beniga in the former and Keone Madrid in the latter.

The action drama, depicting the story of love and friendship of ‘fighters’ from Korea, Japan and China, received much attention from the Asia market (including "Ray & Mo" production company, America, and Thailand) prior to its airing.

2014:Inspiring Generationedit

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 Kim Hyun joong's Philanthropy

Known to be a generous artist, Kim Hyun-joong has continually donated to charities and healthcare institutions to share his achievements with those in need.

In 2013, Kim donated 100 million KRW (about US$86,500) to " One Foundation " for the victims of the earthquake in Ya'an, China .

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 Kim Hyun joong's Discography

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 Kim Hyun joong's Filmography


2006 Shark Bait / Pi's Story 파이 스토리 Voice (Korea Version)

Television series

YearTitleHangul / JapaneseRoleNetworkGenre
2005 Nonstop 5 논스톱 5 Guest Ep.208 MBC Sitcom
Can Love Be Refilled? 사랑도 리필이 되나요 William KBS2 Sitcom
2007 Hotelier ホテリアー Cameo Ep.7 (withSS501) TV Asahi Drama
2008 Spotlight 스포트라이트 Cameo (withSS501) MBC Drama
2009 Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자 Yoon Ji-hoo KBS2 Drama
2010 Playful Kiss 장난스런 키스 Baek Seung-jo MBC Drama
2011 Dream High 드림하이 Cameo Ep.1 KBS2 Drama
2014 Inspiring Generation 감격시대 Shin Jung-tae KBS2 Drama

Variety show

2005-7 X-Man / New X-Man X맨 / New X맨 SBS
2006/2011 Golden Fishery 황금어장 Ep. dated 2006-12-06 / 2011-06-08 MBC
2008 We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요 Ep.9-38 ofseason 1(withHwangbo) MBC
2009 Haptic Mission 7 Eps. (withF4andSon Dam Bi) Samsung Anycallpromotion
Family Outing 패밀리가 떴다 Ep.64-65 SBS
2009-11 Happy Together 3 해피투게더 KBS
2011 Running Man 런닝맨 Ep.46-47 SBS
Strong Heart 강심장 Ep 10-11, Ep.81-83, Ep 101-102. SBS
Secret 비밀 Ep.6-10 KBS
Night After Night 밤이면 밤마다 Ep 31 SBS
2012Happy Camp 快乐大本营 November 17 guesting HBS
K-Pop Star conquering the World documentary MBC
2013Barefooted Friends 맨발의 친구들 Permanent Cast ep 1-29 SBS
Happy Together 3 해피투게더 Guest (Handsome Guy Special) KBS
Cool Kiz On The Block 우리동네 예능과 체육의 능력자 Ep.21-22 KBS2

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 Kim Hyun joong's Endorsement

The Face Shop shop front in Myeong-dong , Seoul, featuring Kim Hyun-joong in 2012
  • Samsung Anycall Blue
  • Mighty Mac
  • Elite Uniform
  • Lotte Milkshake
  • Converse
  • Samsung Anycall Haptic Pop
  • T.I For Men
  • NongShim
  • Le Coq Sportif
  • Samsung Anycall Jet
  • Dinamic Kin (Coca Cola)
  • Hotsun Chicken
  • Samsung Card
  • MVIO
  • Basic House
  • I'm David
  • Tony Moly
  • Hang Ten
  • Coupang Spring Campaign
  • Lotte Duty Free
  • Aeon Heatfact (Japan)
  • Aeon Coolish Fact (Japan)
  • Seoul Ambassador to Tourism
  • Slim Beauty House (Japan)
  • March 2012 Honorary Ambassador of the United Nations Millennium Development
  • Centerpole

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 Kim Hyun joong's Awards

See also: List of awards and nominations received by Kim Hyun-joong

Kim's role as Yoon Ji-hoo in the 2009 Korean drama Boys Over Flowers paved way for his popularity and thus received several popularity awards and being one of the style icons in Korea. In addition, Kim also received several awards for his album releases including a Daesang award from the Tower Records' K-Pop Lovers! Awards, multiple and consecutive awards from Yahoo! Buzz and Best Male Solo Artist during the 13th Mnet Asia Music Awards.

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 Kim Hyun joong's References

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