Lee Hong-ki

이홍기 / Lee Hong Ki (Lee Hong Gi)

Lee Hong-gi( Hangul : 이홍기; hanja : 李洪基;pronounced [iː hoŋɡiː ]; Japanese :イ•ホンギ), often credited asHong-giorHongKi, is a South Korean idol singer best known for his singing abilities and being the main vocalist of the Korean pop/rock band F.T. Island . He is also an actor , songwriter , composer and fashion designer. Lee released his first solo mini albumFM302in Korea on 18 November 2015 and his Japanese albumAM302on 9 December 2015.

 Recent news about Lee Hong-ki

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    Lee Hongki comfirmed appeared vocal trainer "Produced 48"

    Lee Hong-ki of FT Island, a group of Seoul Economy, has confirmed his role as Producer 48 vocal trainer.An official of Mnet 'Produce 48' said on May 5, "It is right to appear as a vocal trainer in Produce 48 'by Lee Hong-ki." "Lee Hong Ki is not only excellent in vocals but also highly popular in b…

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 Lee Hong-ki's Acting career

Magic Kid Masurias Masuri's friend.This sitcom gained popularity among elementary school students. He was also featured inKkangsooni, where he played the character of Eo Soo-bong, and sang for the sitcom's OST .

In 2008, he was offered the lead role inMaster of Study, the Korean adaptation of Japanese dramaDragon Zakura.Master of Studyshould have aired in the beginning of 2009 but due to preproduction difficulties, the drama was postponed to the beginning of 2010 which led FNC Entertainment to refuse Lee's role because of his busy schedule with FT Island .

where he showcased his singing, acting and dancing skills. In 2009, after a five-year break, he made his acting comeback and took the role of the quirky but loveable drummer Jeremy inYou're Beautiful.To promote the drama, he also contributed solo tracks to the OST, such as "Promise" and "Still/As Ever."He received a New Star Award at the 2009 SBS Drama Awards for his performance.You're Beautifulrecorded modest ratings in South Korea, but it became an international success and with it, Lee's worldwide popularity increased.

opposite Yui Ichikawa .This was followed by a 90-minute Korean-Japanese co-production titledNoriko Goes to Seoul, in which he played a young aspiring singer who meets an older woman ( Takashima Reiko ) who inspires him through hardships to achieve his dream.

), with Baek Jin-hee , in which Lee portrayed as a rebellious music star who is sent to work in a hospice.

Lee also starred in SBSModern Farmer (TV series)alongside Park Min-woo (actor) , Lee Ha-nui , and others. The drama aired from the 18th of October 2014 to the 21st of December 2014, at 20:40 on Saturdays and Sundays.

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 Lee Hong-ki's Music career

Lee in 2012

In 2007, Lee debuted in the band F.T. Island as the lead singer . He can also rap and beatbox .

Lee decided to pursue a career in singing after he starred inKkangsooni, for which he sang a song for the soundtrack . At the end of the drama, he performed the song live on stage. He was 13 years old at that time. Impressed by his powerful vocal ability, a few people approached him, not wishing to waste his talent for singing. Then-fledgling label company FNC Entertainment Music signed Lee and fully trained him to become the lead singer of F.T. Island.

Because of the incident, FNC Entertainment decided to make a subgroup of F.T. Island, called FT Triple , which consisted of just 3 out of the 5 members in the band (without Lee and fellow band member Song Seung-hyun ). FT Triple was formed to prevent Lee from over-straining his voice and to allow him to rest for a few minutes while on stage or during a concert. Another reason for the existence of this subgroup is due to Lee's tight schedule with variety shows, filming, recording and other individual activities. The band has sometimes performed in shows without him.

He also composed Japanese songs 'On My Way,' 'Just Please' and 'Born to be a Rock n Roller.'

He also sang "I'm Saying," the chart-topping main theme song of the dramaThe Heirs.

Lee also sang "When Love Comes" which is the ost of the dramaModern Farmer.

s official YouTube channel uploaded a video titledJokerin Rock Version. The video was a collaboration with Lee andSubin (singer)singing Joker in rock version.It was believed that the two decided on a collaboration when Lee and Subin met on Hello Counselor.

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 Lee Hong-ki's Personal life

Lee Hong-gi in Paris in 2015 at La Cigale

His hobbies include listening to music, playing soccer, cooking and nail art .

Nail art is a creative activity that draws pictures or designs on fingernails. Lee was obsessed with nail art since 2010, but only publicly shown it in 2013. It was also revealed that formerf(x) 's memberSulliinspired Lee to pursue a nail art career. His desires and passion for nail art was getting noticed as it was rare for a male idol to opt for nail art. However, Lee continued to explore nail art and had his nails painted as his hobby.

I want to break the stereotype that it's weird for men to get nail art.

— Lee Hong-gi

(a quote to reporters during an interview)

Skullhong is centred in Korea, and has since garnered popular support due to Lee's personal designs and phrases, like nail rings that are made of gold or silver, and catchy phrases like "Doesn't Matter". New fashionable items are regularly updated in about once a month with Lee personally designing them.

HONGSTARGRAM, a travel book was personally dedicated to fans as a travel book to capture the different moments of Lee during his first solo trip to different countries. Pictures such as him sight-seeing in China, and even his morning looks were also shown in the travel book.

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 Lee Hong-ki's Discography



Soundtrack contributions[]

YearFilm/Drama/MovieSong's Title
2004 KangsooniOST To My Friend
2007 Unstoppable MarriageOST Lately I
2009 You're BeautifulOST Still,
2011 HeartstringsOST Even If It's Not Necessary
2013 The HeirsOST I'm saying
Rockin' on Heaven's DoorOST Jump,
2014 Bride of the CenturyOST Words I Have Yet To Say
Modern FarmerOST When Love Comes,
Do Or Die

Songwriting credits[]

Black Chocolate
Orange Sky
Always With You
Born To Be Rock’N Roller
New Page On My Way
I Will Intro
Do You Know Why?
To The Light

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 Lee Hong-ki's Filmography

Television drama[]

2002 EBS TV Original Fairytale: Bicycle Thief Educational TV series
KBS2 Magic Kid Masuri Masuri's friend Main cast
2004 EBS There's Light at the Tip of My Fingernails
EBS Kkangsooni Eo Soo-bong Educational TV series
MBC Freezing Point Hwan-yi Supporting role
2005 EBS Flower Butterfly and Sunflower Educational TV series
EBS Winter Child Educational TV series
2008 KBS2 Unstoppable Marriage Hwang Sa-baek's friend Cameo, Ep. 62
SBS On Air himself Cameo, Ep. 1
2009 SBS Style himself Cameo, Ep. 6
SBS You're Beautiful Jeremy Main cast
2010 MBC More Charming By the Day chicken delivery guy Cameo, Ep. 111
SBS My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox Jeremy Cameo, Ep. 16
2011 TBS Muscle Girl! Yoo Ji-ho Lead role
KBS2 Noriko Goes to Seoul Kim Min-ha Lead role
2013 tvN Cheongdam-dong 111 himself Reality show
2014 TV Chosun Bride of the Century Choi Kang-joo Lead role
SBS Modern Farmer Lee Min-ki Lead role


2013 Rockin' on Heaven's Door Choong-ui Lead role
2014 How to Steal a Dog Seok-gu Supporting role

Variety show[]

2008 Family Outing SBS Guest (Ep. 13 & 14)
Happy Shares Company SBS Guest
Good Daddy SBS Cast member
2009 Inkigayo SBS Regular MC
Mnet Scandal Idol Show Mnet
2010 100 Points Out of 100akaOh! My School KBS2 Cast member (Ep. 1 - Ep. 12)
Running Man SBS Guest (Ep. 9)
Hot Brothers MBC Guest (Ep. 35)
Let's Go Dream Team! Season 2 KBS2 Guest (Ep. 15, 20, & 104)
2011 Immortal Songs 2 KBS2 Guest
Quiz to Change the World MBC Guest (Ep. 109 with bandmateJonghun)
Weekly Idol MBC Every 1 Guest (Ep. 15 withF.T. Islandmembers)
2012 Weekly Idol MBC Guest (Ep. 34 withF.T. Islandmembers)
Hello Counselor KBS2 Guest
2013 We Got Married Global Edition MBC Cast member (withFujii Mina)
Hello Counselor KBS2 Guest
Hidden Singer JTBC Guest (with bandmateJae-jin)
2014 Cheongdam-dong 111 tvN Reality show
In Bed With Boss JTBC Guest (Ep. 6 & 7)
2015 Witch Hunt JTBC Guest
Golden FisheryakaRadio Star MBC Guest
Running Man (TV series) SBS Guest (Ep. 242)
King of Mask Singer MBC Guest (Ep. 3)
Hello Counselor KBS2 Guest (Ep. 221 with bandmateJonghun)
Weekly Idol MBC Every 1 Guest (Ep. 196 withF.T. Islandmembers)
A Look At Myself Cast Member (withF.T. Islandmembers)
Happy Together KBS2 Guest (withFujii Mina)
Cultwo Show SBS Power FM Guest
Non-Summit JTBC Guest
King of Mask Singer MBC Panel Judge
Saturday Night Live Korea tvN Guest
Hidden Singer JTBC Guest
Same Bed, Different Dreams SBS Guest
Coming Out FTISLAND SBS MTV Reality show (withF.T. Islandmembers)
2016 Lee Guk-joo's Youngstreet Radio show

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 Lee Hong-ki's Musical theatre

2009 A Midsummer Night's Dream Lysander Main role
2014 Dracula Main role

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 Lee Hong-ki's Book

2014 Hongstargram

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 Lee Hong-ki's Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
2009 Top 10 SingersN/AWon
New Star Award You're BeautifulWon
2010 Best Male SingerN/AWon
2013 27th Golden Disk Awards N/AWon
2014 9th Seoul International Drama Awards Outstanding Korean Drama OSTI'm SayingNominated
16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival Best OST by a Male ArtistNominated

Music programs[edit]

The Show[edit]

2015 November 24 "Insensible"

Music Bank[edit]

2015 December 4 "Insensible"

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 Lee Hong-ki's References

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