Lee Hyori

이효리 (李孝利)

Lee Hyori( Hangul :이효리; born May 10, 1979) is a South Korean singer . She debuted as a member of the successful pop girl group Fin.K.L , but has since become a solo artist. In 2003 she released her debut solo albumStylishwhich won many "Daesang"s (a Korean award equivalent to "Artist of the Year"). In 2006, she was the highest-paid female singer in South Korea when she signed a contract with Mnet Media .

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 Lee Hyori's Biography

1998-2002: Beginning in Fin.K.Ledit source|edit

She began her career as part of South Korean pop girl group Fin.K.L . As the eldest member, she was the leader of the group. Hyori was discovered while taking sticker pictures with her friends and was actually the last to join Fin.K.L, just before their debut in January 1998. Fin.K.L debuted officially on May 22, 1998 with their first single " Blue Rain ", which was received quite well. The second release from their debut album, " To My Boyfriend ", became the first of their multiple number one hits. Fin.K.L became one of the most popular and successful South Korean pop groups of all-time, rivaling fellow popular girl group S.E.S.

2003–2005: Solo debutedit source|edit

. The lead single "10 Minutes" became one of her signature hits and the singer nearly swept the Daesangs, the most prestigious South Korean music award, winning more than seven of them, including three of the four most prestigious Daesangs.Stylishsold 144,182 copies in South Korea alone, according to the Music Industry Association of Korea in 2003.Her popularity in her various activities eventually was dubbed as the "Hyori Syndrome" in South Korea, and the Korean Media nicknamed 2003 "The Year of Hyori" as she was rarely out of the news all year.

Lee Hyori has also appeared as the lead female actress in the SBS dramaThree Leaf Clover, co-starring opposite Ryu Jin , Kim Jung-hwa , Kim Kang-woo , and Lee Hoon. However, the ratings were continually low, and it ended after 16 episodes. On August 8, 2005, she co-hosted the annual Korean Music Festival for the second year running.

2006–2007: Move to Mnet andDark Angeledit source|edit

. The first single, "Get Ya!", was controversial as the songwriters of Britney Spears ' single " Do Somethin' " accused the "Get Ya!" songwriters of plagiarism .

becoming the highest-paid female singer in South Korea (approx. $650,000 per year).

despite the failure of her previous drama. She starred alongside Lee Dong-gun inIf in Love... Like Themwhich, although originally announced as being only one episode long, ran for four episodes on Mnet . An edited two-episode version of the drama also ran on SBS. During filming for the drama, part of a roof Lee was standing on collapsed. Only her foot fell through the roof and she was able to be saved, and as it was reported the fall would have been fatal if co-star Lee Dong-gun had not rescued her.

. She had her comeback onThe Music Trendon February 25, 2007, performing all three main tracks from the single. The lead song was "Toc Toc Toc" ( Hangul :톡톡톡; RR :Toktoktok), which was a sexy R&B number like her previous efforts. However, the single also gave Lee an opportunity to sing ballads and to slowly move her image away from the "sexy superstar" that she is known to be. The single, although initially given a digital-only release, was given a limited retail release of only 30,000 copies, and was titledIf in Love... Like Them. Released on March 6, 2007, it included three of the tracks found in the digital single, along with a reworked version of "Toc Toc Toc". It was the best-selling album for that month, selling 27,845 copies.

had several scenes advertising the products of its sponsors, in addition to using Lee's songs in the soundtrack. The Korean Broadcasting Committee has ruled that the drama can never be aired in South Korea again, and that the network must apologize to its viewers.

and has even invited the singer/actress to visit Japan to promote the drama, where she will be treated to the same VIP treatment offered to other international stars.However, the drama was broadcast on satellite station CS Fuji, a smaller network that Fuji TV owned. The Japanese considered the leading part of this drama to be Lee Dong-gun.

2008–2009: TV hosting andIt's Hyorishedit source|edit

andHappy Together, which she co-hosted with Yoo Jae-suk in 2006. It was reported on March 26, 2008 that Lee would join KBS 'sSang Sang Plusas a co-host alongside Country Kkokko members Shin Jung-hwan and Tak Jae-hoon, replacing various outgoing hosts; she debuted on April 8, 2008.She was one of the original co-hosts ofChange, a show on SBS'sGood Sundayline-up, before leaving in early July. She is also a former cast member of season one of the variety showFamily Outing. Mnet also ran a 12-episode show calledOff the Record: Lee Hyoriin which Hyori's life was on the set for three months. The purpose of the show was to lessen the gap between the superstar and her fans/anti-fans by letting them see that she is just another human being like anyone.

Her third studio album,It's Hyorish, was released on July 14, 2008. "U-Go-Girl", the first single from the album, hit #1 on online and offline charts, including various television music shows.

However, her 2010 album is released under the label of Mnet Media.

2010–present:H-LogicandMonochromeedit source|edit

Almost two years after her previous album, Lee returned withH-Logicon April 12, 2010. The album has 14 tracks, including collaborations with Daesung from Big Bang , Jeon Ji-yoon from 4Minute , Bekah from After School , Gary from Leessang , and Sangchu from Mighty Mouth . The singer worked also with E-Tribe , the team behind "U-Go-Girl", the lead single from her previous album.

A music video was released for "Swing" ( Hangul :그네; RR :Geune), featuring Gary from Leessang , on March 31, 2010. The lead single "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and its music video were released soon after. The self-penned song, which features Ceejay (from Freshboyz), was released the same day as her album. She won two Mutizen Song awards onThe Music Trendfor her lead single within two weeks.

In 2011, while on hiatus, Lee released two charity songs for donation to animal shelters, "Please Stay Behind" ( Hangul :남아 주세요; RR :Nama Juseyo) and "Remember" ( Hangul :기억해; RR :Gieokhae).

on SBS.The show aired its final episode on October 14, 2012, ending its ten-month run due to low ratings.

; RR :Miskoria). Her fifth studio album,Monochrome, was released on May 21, 2013.

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 Lee Hyori's Endorsements

Lee has done many endorsements for various companies, her most prominent commercials being for Samsung Anycall . In late 2003, Lee signed an advertising contract with Samsung , for which she would make three musical commercials and songs for their Anycall cell phones. The first commercial and song, "Anymotion", was released in early 2005, featuring Eric Mun from Shinhwa . In early 2006, the follow-up commercial "Anyclub" was released in two parts; the music video starred Eric Mun and Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo . The song "Anyclub" featured Teddy Park from 1TYM . The songs from the commercials served as singles for Lee in between her albums. The final commercial was released in December 2006, titled "Anystar" and differed from the first two in that it featured mostly dialogue. The commercial starred Korean actor Lee Joon-gi and YG Family trainee Park Bom ( 2NE1 ).

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 Lee Hyori's Personal life

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 Lee Hyori's Discography

Studio albums

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 Lee Hyori's Tours

  • Invincible Lee Hyori: Hyori's First Concert (2008)

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 Lee Hyori's Filmography

Televisionedit source|

1997 The Generation of Sensibility(감성세대) EBS One of the disorderly students Pre-debut
2001-2003 Happy Together(해피투게더 시즌 1) KBS Herself Host
2002-2003 Time Machine(타임머신) MBC Herself Host
2003 Fort Boyard(보야르 원정대) SBS Herself Host
2005 Three Leaf Clover(세잎클로버) SBS Kang Jin-a
2006 Infinite Challenge(무한도전) MBC Herself Guest (Episode 45-46)
2006-2007 Happy Together Friends(해피투게더 프렌즈) KBS Herself Host
2007 If in Love... Like Them(사랑한다면... 그들처럼) SBS Lee Na
Yoo Jae-suk & Kim Won-hee's Come to Play(유재석 김원희의 놀러와) MBC Herself Guest (Episode 134)
Infinite Challenge MBC Herself Guest (Episode 99)
2008 Off the Record: Lee Hyori(오프 더 레코드: 이효리) Mnet Herself Reality show
On Air(온에어) SBS Herself Cameo role (Episode 1)
Sang Sang Plus(상상 더하기) KBS Herself Host
Change(일요일이 좋다: 체인지) SBS Herself Host
Yoo Jae-suk & Kim Won-hee's Come to Play MBC Herself Guest (Episode 206)
2008-2010 Family Outing(패밀리가 떴다) SBS Herself Host
2009 Yoo Jae-suk & Kim Won-hee's Come to Play MBC Herself Guest (Episode 252)
Superstar K(슈퍼스타K) Mnet Herself Judge
Infinite Challenge MBC Herself Voice only (Episode 174)
2010 Infinite Challenge MBC Herself One of the witnesses (Episode 194)
Happy Together(해피투게더 시즌 3) KBS Herself Guest (Episode 146-147)
You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook(유희열의 스케치북) KBS Herself Guest performer (Episode 49)
Yoo Jae-suk & Kim Won-hee's Come to Play MBC Herself Guest (Episode 289)
Kim Jung-eun's Chocolate(김정은의 초콜릿) SBS Herself Guest (Episode 101)
Haha Mong Show(하하몽쇼) SBS Herself Guest (Episode 1)
Running Man(런닝맨) SBS Herself Guest (Episode 1)
2011 Animal Farm(TV 동물농장) SBS Herself Guest (Episode 515)
2012 Jung Jae-hyung & Lee Hyo-ri's You and I(정재형 이효리의 유&아이) SBS Herself Host
Happy Together(해피투게더 시즌 3) KBS Herself Guest (Episode 238-239)
Golden 12(골든 12) OnStyle Herself Reality show
Healing Camp, Aren't You Happy(힐링캠프, 기쁘지 아니한가) SBS Herself Guest (Episode 39-40)
Show Me the Money(쇼 미 더 머니) Mnet Herself Guest (Episode 5)
Answer Me 1997(응답하라 1997) tvN Herself Cameo appearance through archive footage (Episode 12)
2013 Our Sole Earth(하나뿐인 지구) EBS Herself Interviewee (Episode 1153)
Infinite Challenge MBC Herself Voice only (Episode 328)
2HYORI SHOW Mnet Herself Comeback special forMonochrome
Barefooted Friends(맨발의 친구들) SBS Herself Guest (Episode 6-9)
Radio Star(황금어장 라디오스타) MBC Herself Guest (Episode 330)
Get It Beauty 2013(겟잇뷰티 2013) O'live TV Herself Guest (Episode 14)
Dancing with the Stars(댄싱 위드 더 스타 시즌 3) MBC Herself Guest performer (Episode 13)
Thank You(땡큐) SBS Herself Guest (Episode 13-14)
Happy Together(해피투게더 시즌 3) KBS Herself Guest (Episode 306)
You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook KBS Herself Guest performer (Episode 190)
Hello Counselor(대국민 토크쇼 안녕하세요) KBS Herself Guest (Episode 127)
Hwasin – Controller of the Heart(화신 - 마음을 지배하는 자) SBS Herself Guest (Episode 18-19)
StoryOn Woman Show(스토리온 우먼쇼) StoryOn Herself Guest (Episode 9)
Mnet 20's Choice Awards(엠넷 20's 초이스 어워드) Mnet Herself Award winner
(Blue Carpet Popularity, Icon of 20's)
X Sister(이효리의 X언니) OnStyle Herself Reality show

Filmedit source|

2002 Emergency Act 19(긴급조치 19호) Herself Cameo role
2012 Dancing Queen(댄싱퀸) Judge ofSuperstar K Cameo role

Music videoedit source|

2008 "I Love You Even Though I Hate You"
(미워도 사랑하니까)
Davichi Cha Eun-taek Hyori co-starred with South Korean actressLee Mi-yeon.
"Sad Promise, a Sad Love Song"
(슬픈 다짐, 슬픈 사랑의 노래)
Davichi Cha Eun-taek She co-starred with Lee Mi-yeon.
"Fading Star"
(별이 지다)
Wheesung Hong Won-ki Lee co-starred with Wheesung who performed the song.
2009 "The Girl Who Can't Break Up, the Boy Who Can't Leave"
(헤어지지 못 하는 여자, 떠나가지 못 하는 남자)
Leessang(featuringJung-in) Ryoo Seung-wan She co-starred with South Korean actorRyoo Seung-bum, the younger brother of the director.
"As Long as I Love You" Wilber Pan This is a promotional music video created forHyundai i30in the Chinese market. In this video, she co-starred with the performer of the song.
2012 "Potently"
SPICA Kim Cheol

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 Lee Hyori's Awards and nominations

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 Lee Hyori's See also

  • Fin.K.L
  • Mnet Media

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 Lee Hyori's References

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