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Lee Chang Sun(Hangul :이창선; born February 7, 1988), better known by his stage nameLee Joon(Hangul :이준)is a South Korean idol singer , dancer, actor, model and member of the Korean male group MBLAQ , currently active in South Korea . He is currently signed to J.Tune Entertainment.

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 Lee Joon's Career

Before becoming a part of MBLAQ , Lee Joon acted in CFs, had a small non-recurring role in the first episode of Korean sitcomThat Person is Coming(그분이 오신다), which aired in in 2008, and began and completed filming for the 2009 film,Ninja Assassinin which he portrayed the Teenage Raizo.


After training under Rain and J.Tune Entertainment , Lee Joon became a member of South Korean quintent male group MBLAQ, serving as a vocalist and main dancer. The group debuted on October 9, 2009 at Rain'sLegend of Rainismconcert where they performed various songs from their then-unreleased single ambumJust BLAQ. Their performance was met with praise, with many concert spectators and fans considering them to be the next TVXQ .MBLAQ's first single, "Oh Yeah", was released to the public through a music video on October 14, 2009 with their debut single album,Just BLAQreleasing on the same day.MBLAQ made their broadcast debut with the song "Oh Yeah" on Mnet 's M! Countdown .

The group has starred in various South Korean variety shows as guests as well as in their own variety shows like Mnet'sMBLAQ - The Art of Seduction, MBC 's MBLAQ's Idol Army , Mnet'sSesame Playerand KBS 'sHello Baby Season 5.

MBLAQ made their Japanese debut on May 3, 2011 with an event held at the Kanagawa Lazona Kawasaki Plaza which gathered a reported 10, 000 fans. A day later, on May 4, they released their first Japanese albumYour Luvwhich immediately reached first position of theOricon Daily Charts, selling more that 11,000 copies.

Since their debut, MBLAQ has released three single albums, three extended play albums and one studio album.

Other activities

In late 2009, after MBLAQ's debut, Lee Joon was cast as a permanent cast member in the television showsStar Golden Bell Season 2andOh! My School(prev.100 Points out of 100).

On February 26, 2010, it was announced that Lee Joon and seven other artists from 2PM , 2AM and CN Blue would be MCs for Mnet's M! Countdown .

In 2010, he was cast in two dramas, titledJungle Fish 2, in which he plays opposite JiYeon from T-ara ,andHousewife Kim Kwang Ja's Third Activitywhich aired on September 22, 2010.He participated in the OST forJungle Fish 2by singing two songs: "슬픈예감 (Feeling Sad)" with Hong Jong Hyun and "슬픈예감 (Feeling Sad) (Farewell Version)" with Hong Jong Hyun, Han Jiwoo, Kim Bora and Shin Soyool.

In 2011 Lee Joon supplied his voice for the Korean dub of the filmGnomeo & Juliet,as well as making a cameo in the South Korean film version ofJungle Fish 2.

On January 6, 2012 it was announced that Lee Joon and After School 's Lizzy would become a dance couple for the MBC Lunar New Year specialPit-a-Pat Shake!, and on January 24 the episode in which they performend their acrobatic dance routine was broadcast.

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 Lee Joon's Personal life

Lee Joon was born and raised in Seoul , South Korea . He graduated from the Seoul Arts High School where he specialized in dance, receiving a lot of attention for being a very talented dancer. He majored in modern dance at the Korea National University of Arts and now attends Kyung Hee Cyber University .

Before Lee Joon's debut with MBLAQ, due to his good looks, he modeled for a variety of products such as wigs, home shopping and hangover drink ads.

On November 6, 2010, during an interview, Lee Joon revealed that he suffers from both insomnia and a severe bipolar disorder . He went on to say "[He had] suffered from insomnia before [his] debut", and that "It was fixed for a bit due to the fatigue after [MBLAQ's] debut, but it [had] come back recently. [He hadn't] slept for two days [that day]".Furthermore, Lee Joon revealed that the mental and physical stress induced by his busy schedule and inability to sleep was what caused his bipolar disorder.

On February 13, 2011 Lee Joon was pulled out of filming MBLAQ's special stage for their song "Stay" at SBS 's Inkigayo after he suddenly began vomiting. He was admitted to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a cochlea disorder, but it was determined that the condition was not severe. However, his activities were cancelled for a brief period of time in order for him to recover.

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 Lee Joon's Filmography


2009 Ninja Assassin Teenage Raizo
2011 Gnomeo & Juliet Gnomeo (Korean dub)
Jungle Fish 2 Ahn Ba Woo (Cinderella Man)

Music Videos

These are a collection of Lee Joon's appearances in other artists' music videos as well as notable acting performances in music videos.

YearSong TitleArtist
2010 "Y!"MBLAQ
"Going Crazy"Kan Mi Youn
2011 "가슴이 뛴다 (My Heart is Beating)"K.Will
"입이 떨어지지 않아서 (Can't Open Up My Lips)"K.Will
2011 "Bubble Pop!"Hyuna



2008 그분이 오신다 (lit.That Person is Coming)HimselfMBC
2009 Idol ArmyHimselfMBC
Art of SeductionHimselfMnet
2010 Housewife Kim Kwang Ja's Third ActivitiesJinMBC
Mnet M!CountdownMCMnet
Shin PDHimselfSBS
Making the ArtistHimselfGOMTV
MBLAQ Goes To SchoolHimselfMnet!
Idol UnitedHimselfMTV
Star Golden BellHimselfKBS
2011 100 points out of 100HimselfKBS
Sesame PlayerHimselfMnet
2012 Hello BabyHimselfKBS
Pit-a-Pat Shake!HimselfMBC
History of the SalarymanHimself (cameo)SBS
Strongest K-Pop SurvivalHimself (cameo)Channel A
I Need a FairyJoon /aspiring actor/KBS2

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 Lee Joon's References

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