MC the Max

엠씨 더 맥스

M.C the MAX(an acronym forMoon Child the MAX) is a Korean rock band. They debuted in 2000 as a 4-member band under the name "Moon Child". Their 1st album consisted of mainly techno songs, with a few rock songs. Their 2nd album had a more similar sound to what they do today, consisting mainly of ballads mixed with a rock sound. Their title song "사랑하니까" is a ballad song with some rock sounds mixed in. Upon one of the members leaving, the remaining three members re-debuted as M.C. the MAX, steering into music of the ballad genre, while keeping their rock sounds. They are managed by the production company of Yoshiki , founder member of the Japanese group X Japan . They have released 7 albums up to date, and have also released several online singles as well. Their song "사랑의 시", from their 2nd album topped the KBS chart in February, 2004 [1] .

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 MC the Max's Members

Lee Soo[ edit ]

  • Date of Birth:(1981-04-22)April 22, 1981(age 32)
  • Position:Vocals, Guitar
  • Weight:56 kg
  • Height:176 cm
  • Family:Parents, Shin Ha Chael, and himself
  • Motto:Do things with a good attitude
  • Education:Bak Woon Elementary
    • Sang Yong Middle
    • An Yang High

Jae Yoon[ edit ]

  • Date of Birth:(1982-09-27)September 27, 1982(age 30)
  • Position:Bass guitar, Violin
  • Weight:52 kg
  • Height:174 cm
  • Family:Father, mother, 1 older brother
  • Motto:Work hard and be a good person
  • Education:Myoung Il Elementary
    • Humble Middle
    • Humble High

Jeon Min-Hyuk[ edit ]

  • Date of Birth:(1982-06-13)June 13, 1982(age 30)
  • Position:Drums
  • Weight:52 kg
  • Height:174 cm
  • Family:Father, mother, 1 older sister, 1 older and 1 younger brother
  • Motto:Set goals and try to achieve them
  • Education:Song Sea Elementary
    • Song Sea Middle
    • An Yang High

Former members[ edit ]

Huh Jung-Min[ edit ]

  • Date of Birth:(1983-11-11)November 11, 1983(age 29)
  • Position:Electric organ player
  • Weight:64 kg
  • Height:180 cm
  • Family:Father, mother, and himself
  • Motto:Do it!
  • Education:Youido Elementary
    • Han Su Middle
    • Joung Bal High

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 MC the Max's Discography

as Moon Child

1st Album: Delete (2000)
01. Delete (Original Version)
02. A Boy From The Moon
03. You're Falling In Love
04. Someday.....
05. Delete (Edit Version)
06. She
07. 태양은 가득히
08. 모노드라마
09. 歸天 (귀천)
10. Delete (Remix)

2nd Album: minhyuk & jungmin and J.yoon...leesoo (2001)
01. 사랑하니까
02. 공유
03. 추억만으로도
04. Let's Be Together
05. Condor
06. 내 그늘 안에서
07. 끝없는 사랑
08. Always For You
09. 내 그늘 안에서 (Mega Mix)
10. Find Your True Self
11. 널 위한 나
12. 사랑하니까 (Part I)
although labeled as a "Mega Mix", track 9 is just a techno remix of track 6

as M.C the MAX

1st Album: October.2002 Autumn mood (2002)
02. 잠시만 안녕 (POP version)
03. 사랑하고 싶었어
04. 마지막 내 숨소리
06. 변함없는나
07. 天의 안부
08. 12月
09. 사랑하는 날 (Loving Day)
10. 하얀하늘
11. 破愛 (파애)
12. 서시
13. 잠시만 안녕 (Original)
04. Disco Fever
05. Doesn't Matter
06. 흰눈에 쌓인 이 거리에서..

2nd Album: LOVE IS TIME / SIXTH SENSE (2003)
01. 별
02. 그대는 눈물 겹다
03. 사랑의 時
04. Sixth Sense (六感)
05. 낮달
06. Follow me
07. 하루가 십년이 되는 날
08. Like a wind... (바람처럼)
09. For you...
10. 사랑하고 싶었어 II
11. Something Love
12. Find my true self (part II)
13. 사랑의 時 (INSTRUMENTAL)
14. 그대는 눈물 겹다 (INSTRUMENTAL)
15. Sixth Sense (六感)(INSTRUMENTAL)

3rd Album: solitude love... (2004)
01. 사랑을 믿어요
02. 해바라기도 가끔 목이 아프죠
03. 이별이라는 이름
04. 행복하지 말아요
05. 아직 슬픈 사랑의 노래
06. 거짓 이별
07. 날 위한 연극 (시나리오)
08. Love Actually
09. 닫혀진 사랑을 향해
10. Memory
11. 사랑해 봤나요
12. To Me

Remake: MEMORY TRAVELER (2005)
01. 바람이 전하는 말
02. 들꽃
03. 그대의 향기는 흩날리고
04. 추억속의 재회
05. 나는 너 좋아
06. 눈물의 파티
07. 잊기로 했네
08. 못찾겠다 꾀꼬리
09. 단발머리
10. 돌아와요 부산항에
11. 바람의 노래
12. 그 겨울의 찻집
13. 서울 서울 서울
14. 마도요
15. 내 이름은 구름이여
all songs on this album are remakes of songs by the artist 조용필

4th Album: the rusted love (2005)
01. 웃어도 눈물이
02. 아쉬워서
03. 눈물겨운 고백
04. 사랑은 아프려고 하는 거죠
05. 녹이 쓴 추억
06. First love
07. 하면 할수록
08. X-Love
09. 난
10. 너는 내 운명
11. 가슴이 아프단말 이제야 알죠
12. 사랑은 아프려고 하는거죠 (M/V version)
13. 난 (Instrumental)

Digital Omnibus Album: Somewhere over the RAINBOW Vol 2
01. 사랑을 찾아서 - M.C the Max
02. 이런남자없나요 - 이소은
03. 아픈배려 - 이수훈
04. Animation - Hentaigene(헨타이진)

Digital Single: the Perfect Ballad (2007)
01. 볼때기 사랑
02. 볼때기 사랑(MR)
some online sites show this single's 2nd track as an instrumental of track 1

    • Note that the digital single "Renaissance (2007)" that includes a song named "미운오리 새끼" is not actually an album by M.C the Max, although it is said to be so. There was a dispute between the original M.C the Max and their previous agency regarding the use of their band name, and the agency, You & I Entertainment Co., tried to make another team of M.C the Max (the 2nd) debut. The "미운오리새끼" is the song by the M.C the Max the 2nd, not by the authentic M.C the Max. Currently, only the authentic M.C the Max is active on mass media.

Digital Single: THE RETURNS (2007)
01. Returns
02. 사랑이 끝나면
03. 해바라기도 가끔 목이 아프죠
04. 사랑을 찾아서
05. 사랑이 끝나면 (Instrumental)
tracks 3 & 4 are different versions from the original versions

5th Album: RETURNS (2007)Part I (released on April 18)
01. Intro
02. Returns
03. 가슴아 그만해
04. 사랑이 끝나면 (M/V Mix)
05. 사랑이 사랑을 버리다
06. HOPE
07. 모래시계
08. 너만 있으면...
09. Oh! Plz (feat. 최진이 of Rumble Fish)
10. 눈을 감아도
11. Rain
12. Moment
13. What A Wonderful World
14. 눈물
15. 사랑이 끝나면
01. 사랑의 時
02. 사랑은 아프려고 하는거죠
03. 행복하지 말아요
04. 해바라기도 가끔 목이 아프죠
05. 잠시만 안녕
06. 사랑을 찾아서
all songs on this disc are 2007 new versions

Part II (released on June 15)
01. Intro
02. Returns
03. 가슴아 그만해
04. 사랑이 끝나면 (M/V Mix)
05. 사랑이 사랑을 버리다
06. HOPE
07. 모래시계
08. 너만 있으면...
09. Oh! Plz (feat. 최진이 of Rumble Fish)
10. 눈을 감아도
11. Rain
12. Moment
13. What A Wonderful World
14. 눈물
15. 사랑이 끝나면
01. Intro
02. 볽은 노을 (2007 New Ver.)
03. 별 (2007 New Ver.)
04. 사랑을 믿어요 (2007 New Ver.)
05. 태양은 가득히 (2007 New Ver.)
06. Sixth Sense (2007 New Ver.)
07. 사랑하고 싶었어 (2007 New Ver. by 전민혁)
08. 사랑하고 싶었어 (2007 New Ver. by 전민혁 & 이수 duet)

Run To The Sky (Cooler Remix)(Single) (August 10, 2007)
01. Run To The Sky (Cooler Remix)
02. Run To The Sky (Trance Remix)
03. Run To The Sky (Cooler Remix) (Instrumental)

Digital Single: Love (October 26, 2007)
01. 사랑을 외치다
02. 사랑이 사랑을 버리다 (Fall Mix) [Special Album] MC The Max - REWIND & REMIND

Rewind & Remind ( 2009.06.18 )

02.Light Zone
03.뒤차가 경적을
05.눈물아 기다려
06.난 그래
07.Fever (Feat. Monotonik)
08.So Many Times
09.Far Away
10.뒤차가 경적을 (Piano Ver.)

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