Oh Man-seok

오만석 / Oh Man Seok (Oh Man Suk)

Oh Man-seok(born January 30, 1975) is a South Korean actor . Best known for playing the titular transgender singer in rock musicalHedwig and the Angry Inch, Oh's acting career spans theater, television and film.

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 Oh Man-seok's Career

Theater beginnings[edit]

Faustin 1999. One of his early notable roles was as the androgynous court jester Gong-gil who becomes the object of obsession of the tyrant King Yeonsan inYi, which would later be adapted into the hit 2005 filmKing and the Clown. Highly acclaimed for his portrayal of Gong-gil, Oh was awarded Best New Actor by the National Theater Association of Korea for the play's first run in 2000, and he reprised the role four more times in 2001, 2003, 2006, and 2010.

(2001),Return to the Forbidden Planet(2002),Grease(2003),Singin' in the Rain(2004),The Seagull(2004),Woyzeck(2004), andAssassins(2005).

Hedwig and the Angry Inch[edit]

. As the first "Korean Hedwig," Oh received sensational reviews for his performance and he won Best Actor at the Korea Musical Awards.After its run, a sold-out concert featured four of the actors alternating in the lead role, namely Oh, Jo Seung-woo , Kim Da-hyun and Song Yong-jin.

actors. Oh was also able to talk to Mitchell one-on-one, without an interpreter, for one and a half hours. Both agreed that the role was emotionally and physically consuming, and Oh added that he used to sit absentmindedly with a cigarette for 20 minutes after finishing his performance.A year later in 2008, Mitchell returned to Korea, and he and Oh headlined a concert to commemorateHedwig's 10th anniversary.

for the rock musical's seventh run in Korea. At a press conference, he jokingly talked about shaving his legs again and being banned from his favorite activities like eating meat, working out, and drinking alcohol, but said that the role was "certainly worth the ordeal." Oh said, "This musical tells us that to love someone is to accept him exactly the way he is. It also tells us that everyone deserves to be loved, and every individual is meaningful and important. I think that's the essential message of this piece."

From stage to screen[edit]

Besides portrayingHedwig, 2005 was also significant in Oh's career because of his appearance in the critically acclaimed period dramaShin Donset in Goryeo . He had played minor roles in film and TV before, but the Buddhist monk Wonhyeon was his first major supporting role. (Oh later made a cameo in the 2010 Korean War dramaRoad No. 1as a favor toShin Dondirector Kim Jin-min.)

(also known asThe Man of the Vineyard), in his first onscreen leading role as a country guy in charge of a vineyard, who gradually falls for a hapless city girl determined to work there in order to inherit it.The romantic comedy initially had low ratings, but it later surprisingly held its own against ratings juggernautJumong, unlike other Korean dramas in the same timeslot. Oh won Best New Actor and the Popularity Award at the 2006 KBS Drama Awards , and he and costar Yoon Eun-hye were voted as the Best Couple among the network's dramas.

, a risque cable drama about the love lives of a group of four male friends.Oh played a successful, urbane man with such high standards for "the perfect woman," that he's overly fastidious and critical to his dates.

Our Town. This was followed by the historical dramaThe King and I, which centered on the tragic love between King Seongjong , his royal concubine and a self-sacrificing eunuch (played by Oh, for which he won Best Actor in a Serial Drama at the SBS Drama Awards).

From 2009 to 2010, Oh starred in the daily dramaEverybody Cha-cha-cha(also known asJolly Widows), and he received another Best Actor award from the KBS Drama Awards .

Theatre director[edit]

(he later made a cameo in its 2010 film adaptationFinding Mr. Destiny),A Day, andDreamgirls.

, which ran from 2008 to 2009. He was also the musical's lyricist and polished the script. The title is ironic , since the story centers on two characters, a high school music teacher (played by Yoo Jun-sang and Im Choon-gil) and a younger man who's recently been orphaned (played by Ryan and Kim Mu-yeol ), who live dull, depressing lives, but the only thing that makes them feel alive and gives them joy is music. Calling it a musical that's "both cheerful and emotionally weighty," Oh said directing made him feel a huge sense of responsibility, fear, and nerves, but he did his best with the actors "to create something.""

For the musical's run in 2011, Oh cast Tim and Kim Seung-dae in the lead role.

Oh was praised for successfully transforming into a grotesque, comical character, shedding the gentle image he frequently portrayed in previous musicals and television dramas.

(2011). The latter is a musical adaptation of the same-titled 2006 romantic comedy film , about an overweight ghost singer who undergoes extensive cosmetic surgery to become a pop star; Oh played her love interest, a music producer.

Back to television[edit]

which aired on cable in 2011. He also held a series of mini-concerts in 16 cities in Japan that year.

(2012), Oh said, "It's not easy to depict subtle changes in the character's mind. I wanted to portray how unsuccessful people in their 30s and 40s are living in this generation."

Best Theaterand KBS 'sDrama City) as a "meaningful experience" for him. He starred in the single-episodeThat Man's Jealous(2006),Transformation(2007), andSpy Trader Kim Chul-soo's Recent Condition(2010), as well as the four-episode seriesSpecial Task Force MSS(2011),andThe True Colors of Gang and Cheol(2012).


takes place in Manderley , a stately mansion owned by aristocratic widower Maxim DeWinter (played by Oh), whose memory of Rebecca, his beautiful dead wife who drowned in a boating accident, keeps haunting him and his new bride.

(also known asThe Days) featured folk-rock singer Kim Kwang-seok 's music, in a story about the president's daughter who goes missing along with her bodyguard, on the day of the 20th anniversary of Korea-China diplomatic relations. Oh played the head of the presidential security service who slowly unravels the mystery of where they've gone.

On television, Oh played the slacker husband of the second eldest daughter in weekend dramaWang's Family.

, the first international adaptation of the musical since its Broadway premiere in 2013.

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 Oh Man-seok's Other activities

Oh is also the vocalist of a band calledLittle Wing. He owns the OD Musical Entertainment Company, which produced several of the musicals he's starred in.

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 Oh Man-seok's Personal life

,Tazza: The High Rollers,The HostandModern Boy.The couple divorced in May 2007; they have one daughter named Oh Young-joo.

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 Oh Man-seok's Filmography

Television series[]

2003 Age of Warriors Yangpyo KBS1
2005 Shin Don Wonhyeon MBC
2006 MBC Best Theater"That Man's Jealous" Korean languageteacher MBC
The Vineyard Man Jang Taek-gi KBS2
Hyena Choi Jin-beom tvN
2007 Surgeon Bong Dal-hee Oh Jung-min
(guest, episodes 13-14)
Drama City"Transformation" Monk KBS2
The King and I Kim Cheo-seon SBS
2008 Chil-woo the Mighty Kang Chil-woo's father
(cameo, episode 1)
2009 Everybody Cha-cha-cha Han Jin-woo KBS1
2010 Road No. 1 North Korean soldier
(guest, episodes 16-17)
Drama Special"Spy Trader Kim Chul-soo's Recent Condition" Kim Chul-soo KBS2
2011 Drama Special"Special Task Force MSS" Noh Chul-gi KBS2
Warrior Baek Dong-soo Crown Prince Sado SBS
What's Up Sunwoo Young MBN
2012 Wild Romance Jin Dong-soo KBS2
Drama Special"The True Colors of Gang and Cheol" Noh Chul-gi KBS2
2013 Wang's Family Heo Se-dal KBS2
2014 The Prime Minister and I gangster
(cameo, episode 12)
Pluto Secret Society Choi Ki-chan's colleague
(cameo, episode 4)


2016 Catch Him to Survive bus driver
2000 To My Love short film
2004 Liar Alex
2006 A Cruel Attendance Sponge (cameo)
Fly Up narration documentary
2007 Soo Jeom Park-yi
Our Town Kyung-ju
2010 Finding Mr. Destiny Kim Jong-mook (cameo)
2011 Countdown Swy
2016 Chasing 340 bus driver
Detour Eun-dong

Variety show appearances[]

DateEpisode #TitleRoleNetwork
Ya Shim Man Man guest SBS
Yoo Jae-sukandKim Won-hee's
Come to Play
guest SBS
Yoon Do-hyun's Love Letter guest KBS2
2008-06-02 ~ 06-04 EBS Prime Documentary
"한중일 궁중생활사"
narration EBS
Sang Sang Plus - Season 2 guest KBS2
Sang Sang Plus - Season 2 guest KBS2
Happy Together - Season 3 guest KBS2
2009 10thJeonju International Film Festival
Closing Ceremony
2009-05-14 ~ 05-21
Taxi guest tvN
2009-05-17 SBS Prime Documentary
"The Truth AboutJajangmyeon"
narration SBS
Now is the Era of Flower Boys guest MBC Every 1
Shin Dong-yup's 300 guest SBS
2009 3rd The Musical Awards host
2010 4th The Musical Awards host
2011 5th The Musical Awards host
2012 6th The Musical Awards host
2012-03-18 ~ 06-10 Sunday Night - Exploration of Genders regular cast MBC
Yoon Do-hyun's MUST - Musical Premiere guest Mnet
SNL Korea - Season 4 host tvN
Running Man guest SBS
2014-06-24 ~ present Taxi host tvN
2016-02-23 ~ present Cool Kiz on the Block guest KBS

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 Oh Man-seok's Theater


2001 A Serenade of Sorrow
( Hangul : 애수의 소야곡)
The Rocky Horror Show Rocky
2002 Oh! Happy Day Eros
Return to the Forbidden Planet Bosun
2003 Indangsu Love Song
( Hangul : 인당수사랑가)
1인 다역
2003-2004 Grease Danny Zuko, Doody, Eugene Florczyk
2004 Dalgona
( Hangul : 달고나)
1인 다역
Geum River Opera
( Hangul : 가극 금강)
Ha-nui 2005
2004-2005 Singin' in the Rain Don Lockwood
2005 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Hedwig 2012
Assassins Samuel Byck
Winter Traveler
( Hangul : 겨울나그네)
2006 Finding Kim Jong-wook
( Hangul : 김종욱찾기)
2007 A Day
( Hangul : 하루)
Kang Young-won
2008 The Organ in My Heart
( Hangul : 내 마음의 풍금)
Kang Dong-soo
2009 Dreamgirls Curtis Taylor Jr.
2010 The Toxic Avenger Melvin Ferd the Third, Toxie
2011-2012 200 Pounds Beauty
( Hangul : 미녀는 괴로워 일본 공연)
Han Sang-jun
2013 Rebecca Maxim DeWinter 2014
Those Days
( Hangul : 그날들)
2014-2015 Kinky Boots Lola
2015-2016 Okepi (Orchestra Pit) Conductor


1999 Faust Wagner
2000 Tae( Hangul : ) Danjong
Ot Goot-Sal( Hangul : 옷굿-살) Chorus
Yi( Hangul : ; hanja : ) Gong-gil 2001, 2003, 2006, 2010
2004 The Seagull Konstantin Gavrilovich Treplyov
Woyzeck Karl
2010-2011 True West Lee

As Theatre Director[edit]

2008-2009 The Happy Life( Hangul : 즐거운 인생)
2010-2011 The Organ in My Heart( Hangul : 내 마음의 풍금)
2011 The Toxic Avenger
2015 True West

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 Oh Man-seok's Discography

YearSong titleFrom the Album
2001 "The Sword of Damocles" The Rocky Horror Showcast recording
2002 "Great Balls of Fire"
"The Young Ones"
"Born to Be Wild"
Return to the Forbidden Planetcast recording
2003 "Those Magic Changes"
"Beauty School Dropout"
Greasecast recording
2005 "The Origin of Love"
"Wicked Little Town"
"Angry Inch"
Hedwig and the Angry Inchcast recording
2006 "종욱과 나라의 Love Theme"
"한양서 김서방 찾기"
"이젠 정말 만나야 할 때"
"좋은 사람"
"나라와 만석의 Love Theme"
Finding Kim Jong-wookcast recording
2008 "봄이다. 그치?"
"커피향, 웃는 이유"
"소풍, 때려쳐?!"
"홍연이 안 왔어요"
"나비의 꿈"
"나의 사랑 수정"
"내 마음의 풍금(Springtime/나비 Reprise)"
The Organ in My Heartcast recording
2009 "Steppin' to the Bad Side"
"You Are My Dream"
Dreamgirlscast recording
2011 "별 (Star)"
"누가 나를 알까?"
200 Pounds Beautycast recording
2012 "어떻게 변해요 (How Can I Change)" Wild RomanceOST
"Tear Me Down"
"The Origin of Love"
"Sugar Daddy"
"Angry Inch"
"Wig in a Box"
"Wicked Little Town"
"The Long Grift"
"Hedwig's Lament"
"Exquisite Corpse"
"Wicked Little Town (Reprise)"
"Midnight Radio"
Hedwig and the Angry Inchcast recording
"Springtime" What's UpOST
2013 "At the abyss"
"Help me through the night"
"God, why?"
"Never was a smile that cold"
"Manderley in Flames"
Rebeccacast recording

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 Oh Man-seok's Concerts

2005 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Concert
2005, 2006 Passion of the Rain
2007 Hedwig Concert Together with John Cameron Mitchell
2008 HEDWIG 10th Anniversary! Hedwig Concert with John Cameron Mitchell and Oh Man-seok

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 Oh Man-seok's Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
2000 The National Theater Association of Korea Best New Actor YiWon
2004 10th Korea Musical Awards Best Supporting Actor GreaseNominated
200511th Korea Musical Awards Most Popular StarHedwig and the Angry InchWon
Best ActorWon
MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor Shin DonNominated
2006 12th Korea Musical Awards Most Popular Star Finding Kim Jong-wookWon
KBS Drama Awards Best Couple Award with Yoon Eun-hyeThe Vineyard ManWon
Popularity AwardWon
Best New ActorWon
Excellence Award, ActorNominated
2007 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actor (TV)Nominated
2nd Golden Ticket Awards 1st Ticket Power in a Musical Finding Kim Jong-wookWon
1st The Musical Awards Most Popular ActorA DayWon
13th Korea Musical Awards Most Popular StarWon
SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama The King and IWon
2008 45th Grand Bell Awards Best New Actor Our TownNominated
14th Korea Musical Awards Best ActorThe Organ in My HeartNominated
2009 3rd The Musical Awards Best ActorNominated
KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Daily Drama Everybody Cha-cha-chaWon
2010 KBS Drama Awards Best Actor in a One-Act Drama/Special Spy Trader Kim Chul-soo's Recent ConditionNominated
2013 KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Wang's FamilyNominated
2014 8th Daegu International Musical Festival Awards Star Award Those DaysWon

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 Oh Man-seok's References

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