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Peter Kenneth Frampton(born 22 April 1950) is an English rock musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist. He was previously associated with the bands Humble Pie and The Herd . Frampton's international breakthrough album was his live release,Frampton Comes Alive!The album sold more than six million copies in the United States alone and spawned several hits. Since then he has released several major albums.He has also worked with David Bowie and both Matt Cameron and Mike McCready from Pearl Jam , among others.Frampton is best known for such hits as "Breaking All the Rules", " Show Me the Way ", " Baby, I Love Your Way ", " Do You Feel Like We Do ", and " I'm in You ", which remain staples on classic rock radio. He has also appeared as himself in television shows such asThe SimpsonsandFamily Guy. Frampton is known for his work as a guitar player and particularly with a Talkbox and his tenor voice.

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 Peter Frampton's Early life

he taught himself to play, and later taught himself to play guitar and piano as well. At age eight he started taking classical music lessons.

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 Peter Frampton's Music career

Early bands[edit]

, in 1972.During the Harrison session he was introduced to the " talk box " that was to become one of his trademark guitar effects.

Solo career[edit]

He remained with Dee Anthony (1926-2009), the same personal manager that Humble Pie had used.

This album was followed byFrampton's Camelin 1973, which featured Frampton working within a group project. In 1974, Frampton releasedSomethin's Happening. Frampton toured extensively to support his solo career, joined for three years by his former Herd mate Andy Bown on keyboards, Rick Wills on Bass, and American drummer John Siomos. In 1975, theFramptonalbum was released. The album went to No. 32 in the US charts, and is certified Gold by the RIAA .

Frampton Comes Alive!has been certified as six times platinum.

, in a famous shirtless photo by Francesco Scavullo .Frampton later said he regrets the photo because it changed his image as a credible artist into a teen idol.


. Frampton's career seemed to be falling as quickly as it had risen.

(1977) contained the hit title single and went platinum, but fell well short of expectations compared toFrampton Comes Alive!.

The guitar was recovered and returned to him in December 2011.The album eventually turned intoBreaking All the Rules, released the next year in 1981. These albums were the first he recorded almost completely live.In 1982, following the release of The Art of Control , Frampton tried unsuccessfully to split his ties with A&M Records ; he, however, re-signed with the label in 2006 and released his Grammy Award-winningFingerprints.


Frampton would, in 2013, credit his participation in this tour for helping revive his career.

Looking for that band experience again after touring with Bowie, Frampton kept referencing Steve Marriott, and at the beginning of 1991 rejoined his old Humble Pie mate for some shows (Marriott's last English gigs) at the Half Moon in Putney, London. The chemistry was still there for a while, as both Frampton and Marriott laid down some tracks in L.A. and prepared to do a "Frampton-Marriott" tour. However, Marriott abruptly returned to England in April and he died in a house fire less than 24 hours after his return. Broken up by Marriott's death, Frampton went off the road for a time, then reformed his old touring band with his old friends Mayo and John Regan (at least three songs, and possibly a fourth from the ended Marriott-Frampton partnership were subsequently recorded; two ending up on Frampton's "Shine On" compilation, a third on his subsequent solo album.

In 1994 Frampton wrote and released the albumPeter Frampton, the final version of which contained material recorded on Tascam cassette recorders. Originally released on the Relativity label, this record was re-released in 2000 by Legacy Records, with four bonus tracks and additional notes by Peter.

was accompanied by a video release on DVD, recorded at The Fillmore Theatre on 15 June 1995. Although there was a large amount of marketing for the album, it did not sell well.AfterFrampton Comes Alive! II, he recorded and toured with Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings and Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band ,where he and Jack Bruce performed a cover version of Cream's " Sunshine of Your Love ".

Frampton performing in September 2006

In 2003, Frampton released the albumNow, and embarked on a tour with Styx to support it. It was on this tour in 2004 he lost good friend and long time bandmate Bob Mayo . He also toured with The Elms , and even appeared in 2006 on the Fox Broadcasting variety show Celebrity Duets , paired with Chris Jericho of WWE fame. They were the first pair voted out.

. His band consisted of drummer Shawn Fichter, guitarist Audley Freed , bassist John Regan (Frampton's lifelong best friend,), and keyboardist/guitarist Rob Arthur, and guest artists such as members of Pearl Jam , Hank Marvin , and his bassist onFrampton Comes Alive!, Stanley Sheldon – the only member of the backing band on that album still alive.

Recent events[edit]

On 11 February 2007Fingerprintswas awarded the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Album. In February 2007, he also appeared on the Chicago-based PBS television showSoundstage.

, on 27 April 2010.In summer 2010 he began touring North America with the English band Yes ; the two acts had played stadium shows on a bill together in 1976. His 2010 band consisted of Rob Arthur (keyboards, guitar, backing vocals), John Regan (bass), Adam Lester (guitar), and Dan Wojciechowski (drums).

He embarked on a UK Tour in March 2011 in support of his new album, visiting Leamington Spa, Glasgow, Manchester, London and Bristol.

Frampton went on tour in 2011 with The Frampton Comes Alive 35th Anniversary Tour that showcased and followed exactly the songs on the play list for the original tour from 1976, recorded for the famousFrampton Comes Alive!The concerts each night started with the prerecorded thump of a microphone being turned on, familiar to many fans of the album, followed by the recorded voice of Jerry Pompili saying, "If there was ever a musician that was an honorary member of San Francisco society, Mr. Peter Frampton"...and then the crowd goes wild. He played the album song for song for 69 locations between 15 June 2011, and 22 October 2011, throughout the US

He will tour Europe beginning in October 2013 along with Deep Purple .

On 9 February 2014, Frampton was one of several musicians to participate in The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles tribute to The Beatles on the 50th anniversary of their first appearance on American television.


then, on 14 January 2016 he launched the first song: a version ofDo You Feel Like I Do.

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 Peter Frampton's Media appearances

In 1974, Frampton appeared in the movieThe Son of Draculaas a guitarist in The Count Downes

In 1978, Frampton portrayed the character Peter Buckley in an episode ofBaa Baa Black Sheeptitled "A Little Bit of England."

starring along with the three brothers Gibb of the band the Bee Gees .The movie was inspired by The Beatles album of the same name . Critics were hostile, and the film was a box-office failure.

In 1988, Frampton appeared in the video release of David Bowie's Glass Spider tour.

In 1996, Frampton appeared in an episode ofThe Simpsonsentitled " Homerpalooza ", in which he played " Do You Feel Like We Do ". He also made a TV appearance in theFamily Guyepisode " Death Lives ", in which Peter Griffin asks Death to bring Peter Frampton to play " Baby, I Love Your Way " to his wife.

In 1998, Frampton appeared inBlues Brothers 2000as a member of a competing blues band.

Almost Famousand also was the guitar instructor for Billy Crudup , who starred in the film as Russell Hammond, the guitarist for the fictitious band "Stillwater." Crudup is quoted as saying, "Who could ask for a better tutor than Peter Frampton?" As an inside joke, he also appears briefly in the film as "Reg," a road manager for Humble Pie, Frampton's real-life former band.

In 2001, Frampton appeared as himself in " Drew Carey's Back-to-School Rock and Roll Comedy Hour ", in which he performs " You Had To Be There " and appears in a brief scene with Mimi, in which he recalls their past relationship.

On 20 December 2006, Frampton appeared onThe Colbert Report .Stephen Colbert had a fake feud with The Decemberists to be decided by a guitar shred-down. When Colbert faked an injury, Colbert called on Father Christmas to supply a guitar hero, at which point Frampton appeared and won the shred-down.

Frampton played a supporting role in a GEICO TV commercial, where he performed a small portion of "Do You Feel Like We Do".

On 23 April 2010, Peter Frampton became the all-time celebrity champion of the trivia game calledNo Apparent Reason,with five correctly answered questions on the nationally syndicated Mark and Brian Radio Program originating from KLOS Los Angeles. However, on 5 May 2010, Frampton was reduced to second place after only two short weeks by Luke Perry 's answering six questions correctly.

On 4 November 2010, Frampton appeared onThe Oprah Winfrey Showas one of her favourite musicians.

In 2012, Frampton appeared as himself in a Buick Verano commercial.

On 22 July 2012, Frampton appeared on a segment onCBS Sunday Morning.

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 Peter Frampton's Personal life

Frampton has been married three times and has three children. His first marriage was to Mary Lovett (1972–1976).

and a step-daughter by the name of Tiffany Wiest.Frampton filed for divorce from Elfers in Los Angeles on 22 June 2011, citing irreconcilable differences.

He currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee .

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 Peter Frampton's Discography

 Peter Frampton's References

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