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Seventeen( Hangul : 세븐틴), also stylized asSEVENTEENorSVT, is a South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015. The group consists of thirteen members divided into three sub-units, each with a different area of specialization: a 'Hip-Hop Unit', 'Vocal Unit', and 'Performance Unit'. Seventeen has released two studio albums and four extended plays.The group's members are deeply involved in the composition and production of their discography and choreography and have been since before their debut, which prompted their nickname as a "self-producing" idol group .

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  • by HyonJoo.Kim  -  March 1, 2019 02:27 AM

    Kai, Kim Junsoo, Seventeen, casting the musical "Excalibur" premiered [Official]

    The musical "Excalibur" (production EMK musical company) on the 28th unveiled the casting lineup of the historical world premier actor and focused attention. EMK Musical Company's new musical Excalibur in 2019 is a reinterpretation of the legend of King Arthur, a mythical hero who defied the …

  • by HyonJoo.Kim  -  January 25, 2019 05:00 PM

    Winners Of 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards

    On January 23, artists and music industry professionals came together to celebrate many of the year’s biggest achievements at the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards! The event was held at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul, with hosts Kim Jong Kook and MOMOLAND’s Nancy. Unlike many ceremo…

  • by asian  -  January 22, 2019 06:50 AM

    SEVENTEEN has returned with another hit album!

    Boy Group Seventeen has become a global trend and has established itself as one of the most popular charts in the world.  On the 21st, Seventeen released its mini 6th album 'YOU MADE MY DAWN' on the domestic charts through various online music source sites, and won the first place in overseas …

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 Seventeen band's History


Seventeen TV


Big Debut Plan

, broadcast on MBC between May 2–26, 2015. The show concluded with the group's debut showcase.

2015: Debut with17 CaratandBoys Be

Seventeen performing at the 2015 Summer K-POP Festival at the Seoul Plaza .

17 Caratbecame the longest-charting K-pop album of the year in the USand was the only rookie album to appear on Billboard 's "10 Best K-pop Albums of 2015" chart.

.On February 14, the official fanclub nameCarat( Hangul : 캐럿) was announced.

2016:Love & Letter, Asia Tour andGoing Seventeen

, which included venues in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Australia and China.

which outsoldLove & Letter.

2017:Al1,2017 Seventeen Project,Diamond EdgeandTeen, Age

Seventeen performing "Don't Wanna Cry" at Dream Concert 2017.

after filming the series during their stay in Japan. The second season was titledOne Fine Day in Japanand was created in collaboration between South Korean broadcaster MBC and Japanese network Music On! TV .

Chapter 0.5 Before AL1were subsequently uploaded.

, during which they visited thirteen cities in Asia and North America, on October 6.

selling over 215,000 copies in its first week alone and therefore setting a new record for the group.

2018:Director's Cut, Japanese debut,You Make My Day

"Thanks" reached first place on iTunes charts in 29 countries, including countries from North America, South America, Europe and Asia, proving it to be the group's most popular release yet worldwide.Timemagazine named Seventeen one of the best K-pop groups during this promotion period.

, a common nickname for the three members together. The group released their debut single "Just Do It" and enjoyed a short promotion period.

The music video for the lead single "Call, Call, Call!" was released on May 16.

concerts in Seoul and concerts scheduled in other countries in Asia.

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 Seventeen band's Members

Hip-Hop Unit

  • S.Coups ( Hangul : 에스쿱스) — leader
  • Wonwoo (원우)
  • Mingyu (민규)
  • Vernon (버논)

Vocal Unit

  • Jeonghan (정한)
  • Joshua (조슈아)
  • Woozi (우지)
  • DK (also known as Dokyeom (도겸))
  • Seungkwan (승관)

Performance Unit

  • Jun ()
  • Hoshi (호시)
  • The8 (디에잇)
  • )

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 Seventeen band's Discography

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 Seventeen band's Filmography



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 Seventeen band's Concerts_and_tours


Asia tours

  • Seventeen 1st Asia Tour 2016 Shining Diamonds (2016)
  • Ideal Cut (2018-ongoing)

World tours

  • 2017 Seventeen 1st World Tour Diamond Edge (2017)

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 Seventeen band's Awards_and_nominations

Seventeen earned three rookie awards in their debut year, and have since earned fourbonsangs. They have also gained several awards for outstanding choreography and dance performance.

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 Seventeen band's References

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