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Sung Si-kyung(born April 17, 1979) is a K-pop ballad singer.

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 Sung Si Kyung's Biography

As an undergraduate student at the Department of Humanities of Korea University , he participated in a cyber song festival and won the grand prize. The winners of the song festival released a compilation album, from which Sung Si Kyung's “The Road that Leads to Me” became a major hit. Thanks to popularity of the song the compilation album sold nearly 100,000 copies, even though it was a promotional album. This really launched Sung Si Kyung to the top of stardom.

Officially though, Sung Si Kyung’s debut was in 2001 when he released his first album,Like the First Time. Mainly consisting of ballads, his debut album recorded three hits and made him the best rookie singer of the year. Participating as a guest singer on Yoo Hee Yeol of Toy’s album also contributed to his rising popularity. His second album released in 2002 was also a success, selling more than 650 thousand copies. He continued to release album after album, averaging about one a year.

He has also appeared in television dramas and sitcoms gaining a favorable response from the public. He joined in the Hallyu wave by participating in various performances and appearances in other countries. He even had his own radio show for about two years called “A Blue Night and Sung Si Kyung”.

Sung was drafted into mandatory military service in 2008 and released in 2010. One common thing that was mentioned over and over again was that he seemed different. They say that the military changes a man, but it was more than that. He expressed that he had missed performing, music, and his fans so much that he re-entered the industry with even more pleasure than before. He even held his first comeback concert in October 2010, attracting about 6,000 people.

He made his comeback to music industry with this seventh album last month in September. The album's title song "The First Time" is a sweet and delicate ballad that was also released earlier this year as a digital single. He has decided to produce and release a regular album and not a mini or a single album for the fans that have waited for him for a long time.

The album consists of 12 songs composed by singer-songwriters Yoon Sang, Kim Hyun Chul and Kang Seung Won. He also featured duet with Lena Park and IU. Also included is theSecret Garden OSTsong "You're My Spring".

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 Sung Si Kyung's Music career

Sung Si Kyung became a singer through an internet audition. His first hit single was "내게 오는 길 (The Road to me)" in November 2000, followed by his debut album, "처음처럼 (Like the Beginning)" in April 2001.

Sung currently has seven full albums - five are traditional ballad/pop albums, a "remake" album and a "special" album calledTry to Remember. He also released a "best of" album in Japan which includes his first Japanese title. His sixth and final pre-army was released in 2008.

Sung Si Kyung is under Jellyfish Entertainment, and was educated at Sehwa High School and Korea University (sociology major). He also attended the Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Korea University .

Between October 2005 and May 2008, Sung hosted a nightly radio program on MBC FM4U called "푸른밤, 그리고 성시경입니다 (Blue Night with Sung Si Kyung)".

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 Sung Si Kyung's Discography

Volume 1 - Like the First Time (Cheo eum cheo reom, 처음처럼)

  • Released: April 4, 2001
  • Label:CJ Group
  • Sales: 356,817
  • Tracks:
  1. 처음처럼 (Like The Beginning)
  2. 포용 (Embrace)
  3. 내안의 그녀 (The Girl In My Heart)
  4. 미소천사 (Smiling Angel)
  5. 동화 (Fairytale)
  6. 축복 (Blessing)
  7. For U
  8. 헤어지던 날 (The Day Of Breaking Up)
  9. 커져버린 사랑 (Love That Grew Bigger)
  10. Show Me Your Love
  11. 그리움 (Yearning)
  12. 내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는 걸 (I've Stayed By Your Side Shortly)
  13. 내게 오는 길 (The Road To Me) [Bonus Track]

Volume 2 - Melodie D'Amour

  • Released: July 19, 2002
  • Label:CJ Group
  • Sales: 425,683
  • Tracks:
  1. 넌 감동이었어 (You Touched My Heart)
  2. 선인장 (Cactus)
  3. 사랑해서 슬픈 날 (Because I Love (You), Sad Day)
  4. Love Letter
  5. 우린 제법 잘 어울려요 (We Make A Good Pair)
  6. 이렇게라도 (Even If It Goes Like This)
  7. 바램 (Wish)
  8. Happy Birthday To You
  9. 좋을텐데 ((Though)It Would Be Nice/Good)
  10. 첫 눈에 반하다 (Love At First Sight)
  11. 사랑이 변하나요 (Does Love Change?)
  12. 슬픔이 슬픔을 (Sadness, Oh Sadness)
  13. 어느 멋진 날 (A Beautiful Day)
  14. Sweet Dream
  15. 사랑이겠죠 (Perhaps Love)

Volume 2.5 - Try to Remember

  • Released: May 27, 2003
  • Label:CJ Group
  • Sales: 73,988
  • Tracks:
  1. Try To Remember
  2. 아직 난 (I Haven’t)
  3. 아무것도 아닌 이야기 (Story With No Meaning)
  4. 그대 창가로 눈부신 아침이(with 박학기) (Rosy Clouds Of Dawn In Front Of Your Window)
  5. 머지 않아 나에게(with 카밀라) (Soon You’ll Face Me)
  6. 저녁놀 (Sunset Clouds)
  7. 못할거야 (Can’t Do It)
  8. Lately
  9. 소박했던 행복했던 (We Were Happy)
  10. 희재 (Hui Jae)
  11. 잘못(with 박지윤) (Mistake)
  12. Back At One
  13. 아날로그 (Analogue)
  14. 고백의 날 (The Day Of Confessing Love)
  15. 마리이야기 (Mari’s Story)

Volume 3 - Double Life

  • Released: October 16, 2003
  • Label:Yejeon Media
  • Sales: 181,834
  • Tracks:
  1. The Memory
  2. 외워 두세요 (Please Remember)
  3. 팝콘 (Popcorn)
  4. First Date
  5. 차마... (Endure/Persevere...)
  6. Kiss할까요 (Shall We Kiss)
  7. 10월에 눈이 내리면 (If It Snows In Month 10/October)
  8. Everyday Birthday
  9. 내가 뭐 그렇죠 (Probably Means The Same As "Me, Well, I’m Like That" in English.)
  10. 그날이후 (Since/After That Day)
  11. 그래도... 좋아 (Still... I like [You])
  12. Doing Alright
  13. Forever With You
  14. 저 하늘 걸고 (Vowing To "That"/The Sky)

Remake Album - The blue night of Jeju Island

  • Released: May 20, 2004
  • Label:Yejeon Media
  • Sales: 100,818
  • Certification: Seoul Records Co. Ltd Korea
  • Tracks:
  1. 제주도의 푸른밤 (The Blue Night Of Jeju Island)
  2. 별이진다네 (Falling Star)
  3. 여우야 (Hey Fox)
  4. 혜화동 (HyeHwa Cave)
  5. 날 위한 이별 (For The Sake Of Separation)
  6. 향기로운 추억 (Fragrant Memories)
  7. 소녀 (Maiden)
  8. 그 아픔까지 사랑한거야 (The Pain Of Love)
  9. 그대 내맘에 들어오면 (If I Know Your Feelings)
  10. 너의 뒤에서 (Behind you)
  11. 나의 외로움이 너를 부를때 (When I’m Lonely And Thinking Of You)
  12. 수요일엔 빨간 장미를 (Bright Red Roses Of Wednesday)
  13. 어떤 그리움 (Some Sort Of Affection)
  14. 그대 창가로 눈부신 아침이 (A Bright Morning Which I stand By The Window)

Volume 4 - I Want to Dream Again (Dashi ggum ggu go shipda, 다시 꿈꾸고 싶다)

  • Released: April 7, 2005
  • Label: Yejeon Media
  • Sales: 81,424
  • Tracks:
  1. 다시 시작해도 될까요 (Can We Start Again)
  2. 잘 지내나요 (Live Well / Take Care)
  3. 안녕 (Goodbye)
  4. 잊혀지는 것들에 대하여 (About The Things We Forget)
  5. 일학년 일반 (Feat. 김진표) (First Grade, First Class)
  6. 눈물편지 (Letter Of Tears)
  7. 바보라죠 (Like A Fool)
  8. 후회하지 말아요 (Don’t Regret)
  9. 콩깍지 (Bean Pod)
  10. 고마워 (Thank You)
  11. 어느 흐린 날의 행복 (Those Happy Moments)
  12. 당신에겐 특별한 뭔가가 있어요 (There’s Something Special About You)
  13. 쉬어요 (Rest)
  14. 두사람 (Two People)

Volume 5 - The Ballads

  • Released: October 10, 2006
  • Label: Seoul Records Co. Ltd Korea
  • Sales: 94,328
  • Tracks:
  1. 거리에서 (On The Street)
  2. 그리운 날엔 (On a Lonely Day)
  3. 사랑할 땐 몰랐던 것들 (The Things You Don't Know When You're in Love)
  4. 그 길을 걷다가 (Walking That Road)
  5. 바람, 그대 (Wind, You)
  6. 나 그리고 너야 (It's You And Me)
  7. Who Do You Love
  8. 그 이름 모른다고 (I Don't Know That Name)
  9. 비개인 날 (Clear Sky Day)
  10. 새로운 버릇 (New Habit)
  11. 굿모닝 (Good Morning)
  12. 기억을 나눔 (Sharing Memories)
  13. 살콤한 상상 (Narration with Jung Sun Hee) (Sweet Imagination)
  14. 지금의 사랑 (Feat. Ann) (Present Love)
  15. 그 자리에, 그 시간에 (That Time, That Place)
  16. 오, 사랑 (Oh, My Love)

Best Of Album - The Best Of Sung Si Kyung

  • Released: November 22, 2006
  • Label: Seoul Records Co. Ltd Korea
  • Tracks:
  1. 季節が戻ってくるように (Japanese Version)
  2. 외워두세요 (Vol. 3)
  3. 그대 내맘에 들어오면 (Remake)
  4. First Date (Vol. 3)
  5. 차마 (Vol. 3)
  6. 안녕 (Vol. 4)
  7. 다시 시작해도 될까요 (Vol. 4)
  8. 두사람 (Vol. 4)
  9. 눈물편지 (Vol. 4)
  10. 그대 창가로 눈부신 아침이 (Remake)
  11. 팝콘 (Vol. 3)
  12. 잘지내나요 (Vol. 4)
  13. Forever With You (Vol. 3)
  14. I Believe (with Friends)
  15. 계절이 돌아오듯이 (Korean Version) (Bonus Track) (Like A Season Returns)

Single - 한번 더 이별 (Parting once again)

  • Released: October 19, 2007
  • Label: Seoul Records Co. Ltd Korea
  • Tracks:
  1. 한번 더 이별 (Parting Once Again)
  2. 아는 여자 (A Familiar Woman)
  3. 한번 더 이별 (Instrumental)
  4. 아는 여자 (Instrumental)

Volume 6 - Here In My Heart (*Special Edition)

  • Released: November 24, 2008
  • Tracks:
  1. 여기 내 맘속에 (Here In My Heart)
  2. 어디에도 (Anywhere)
  3. 더 아름다워져 (Comes To Be Beautiful)
  4. 안녕 나의 사랑 (Goodbye My Love)
  5. 잃어버린 것들 (Lost Things)
  6. 그대와 춤을 (A Dance With You)
  7. Baby You Are Beautiful
  8. 눈부신 고백 (Dazzling Proposal)
  9. 사랑하는 일 (To Love)
  10. 소풍 (Picnic)
  11. 당신은 참… (You Are So...)
  12. 계절이 돌아오듯이 (The Season Returns)*
  13. 한번 더 이별 (Parting Once Again)*
  14. 아는 여자 (A Familiar Woman)*
  15. 좋을텐데 (Though It Would Be Nice) (Live)*
  16. 내게 오는 길 (The Road to Me) (Live)*
  17. 서른 즈음에 (Around 30) (Live)*

Volume 7 - The First (Cheo eum, 처음)

  • Released: September 15, 2011
  • Tracks:
  1. 처음 (The First)
  2. 노래가 되어 (Become A Song)
  3. 네가 불던 날 (The Day You Blow)
  4. 난 좋아 (I Like It)
  5. 우리 참 좋았는데 (Duet with 박정현) (We Were Good Together Duet with Park Jung Hyun)
  6. 아니면서 (You Are Not)
  7. 태양계 (Solar System)
  8. 오 나의 여신님 (Oh My Goddess)
  9. Thank You
  10. 끝에 (At The End)
  11. 그대네요 (Duet with 아이유)(Bonus Track) (It's You Duet with IU)
  12. 너는 나의 봄이다 (Bonus Track) (You're My Spring)

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 Sung Si Kyung's Videography

2001  : 처음처럼 (Like The Beginning) - 03:37
2001  : 내안의 그녀 (The Girl In My Heart) - 04:54
2001  : 내게 오는 길 (The Road To Me) - 04:37
2002  : 넌 감동이었어 (You Touched My Heart) - 04:32
2002  : 우린 제법 잘 어울려요 (We Make A Good Pair) - 04:11
2003  : 외워 두세요 (Please Remember) - 05:50
2003  : 마리이야기 (Mari’s Story) - 04:01
2004  : 제주도의 푸른밤 (The Blue Night Of Jeju Island) - 04:03
2005  : 다시 시작해도 될까요 (Can We Start Again) - 04:28
2005  : 잘 지내나요 (Live well / Take care) - 05:16
2006  : 거리에서 (On The Street) - 06:51
2006  : 그 자리에, 그 시간에 (That Time, That Place) - 04:21
2007  : 한번 더 이별 (Parting Once Again) - 06:17
2008  : 안녕 나의 사랑 (Goodbye My Love) - 05:00
2011  : 난 좋아 (I Like It) - 04:49
2011  : 한번의 사랑 (One Love) - 05:11

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 Sung Si Kyung's Music Programs

2002August 25우린 제법 잘 어울려요 (We're A Well-Assorted Couple)
2003December 28차마 (Endure)
2005May 29잘지내나요 (Take Care)
2006December 3거리에서 (On The Street)

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 Sung Si Kyung's Awards&Nominations


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 Sung Si Kyung's Works

TV[ edit ]

  • 2002:We Are Dating Now(SBS)
  • 2003:Punch(SBS)
  • 2005:Banjun Drama(SBS)
  • 2006:Rainbow Romance(KBS)
  • 2012:My Husband Got a Family(KBS) -(cameo)
  • 2012–present:2 Days & 1 Night(KBS)

OST[ edit ]

  • 2003 (TTV):Scent Of Love- 희재 (Hui Jae)
  • 2006 (KBS):Spring Waltz- 계절이 돌아오듯이 (The Season Returns)
  • 2008-2009 (KBS1):You Are My Destiny- 안녕 나의 사랑 (Goodbye My Love)
  • 2008 (KBS2):Worlds Within- 연연 (Love Love)
  • 2010-2011 (MBC):Queen Of Reversals- 눈부신 고백 (Dazzling Proposal)
  • 2010-2011 (SBS):Secret Garden- 너는 나의 봄이다 (You're My Spring)
  • 2011 (SBS):Lie To Me- 제주도의 푸른밤 (The Blue Night Of Jeju Island)
  • 2011 (SBS) :A Thousand Days Promise- 한번의 사랑 (One Love)
  • 2012 (KBS2): "Oohlala Couple" - 내가 살아갈 곳 (The Place Where I Live)

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