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 Teen Top's Career

, where he played the younger version of Joo Won 's role. Ricky debuted in Seo Taiji 's music video for "Human Dream" and later portrayed the young version of Song Seung-heon 's character inLove Song.

2010: Debutedit source|edit

In July 2010, Teen Top made their debut with the title track, "Clap" ( Korean :박수), of their debut single albumCome into the World, which was released on July 9. The music video for "Clap" features Lizzy from After School .

Based on their performances, netizens gave Teen Top the nickname "Knife Choreography".

2011: "Supa Luv" andRomanedit source|edit

. The remix was then chosen for the movie's promotion throughout Asia.

The group made an appearance on the French news program Le Grand Journal , for which they received overwhelming critical acclaim by comparison to other acts that had appeared on the show. Their performance of "Supa Luv" was highly praised, with hosts commenting on the synchronized dancing and the pastel colored hair sported by each member. Notable acts that had made it onto the talk show as well include Eminem , Usher , Lady Gaga , Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna .

On July 11, after celebrating Teen Top's first anniversary, their agency, TOP Media , announced on the group's official website, that a new mini album was set to be released on the July 26. In addition, further details regarding the band's comeback were revealed.

) through various video portals including YouTube and Daum . The following day, the second teaser was released exclusively on YouTube . Teen Top's mini-albumRomanwas released on July 26 as a digital download and on July 27 in stores.

2012:It's,aRtisTandBe Ma Girledit source|edit

The album was due to be released at midnight of January 4/5, but by 8 pm on January 4, it had leaked to shareware sites, garnering over a thousand hits in ten minutes alone.

미치겠어) on January 5, featuring 4Minute 's Kwon Sohyun .The song was introduced on the Brazilian RedeTV! entertainment news program Leitura Dinâmica on January 10, which helped Teen Top gain more international interest. Also the song's music video was shown in the karaoke room that Joon-Hee (Hoya) of Infinite was singing in for his drama, Reply 1997.

Moreover, they received the honor of performing the ending stage on MBC Music Core , followed by another win on SBS Inkigayo .At the average age of 17.3 years, the band was the youngest idol group to have won awards on the aforementioned music shows. On February 25, Teen Top once again received the honor of performing the ending stage on Music Core .

Teen Top celebrated the inauguration of their official fanclub ANGEL on May 28.

aRtisT, Teen Top's third EP, was released on May 30 as a digital download, followed by the release of the music video for its title track "To You". Physical albums were released on June 4, 2012. With this album, the group gained much attention, topping major music charts.

On June 19, the band began theirTeen Top Zepp Tour 2012through Japan with stops in Osaka , Nagoya and Tokyo .

On August 3, the music video for "Be Ma Girl" ( Korean :나랑 사귈래?) was released, followed by Teen Top's comeback performance on MBC 's Music Core a day later.

2013: European Tour,No. 1, andTeen Top Classedit source|edit

They released their full album digitally and physically on the 25th along with their full Music Video for "긴 생머리 그녀 (Miss Right)" later on the same day.

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 Teen Top's Members

Stage nameBirth nameDate of Birth
C.A.P Bang Min-soo 방민수 (age 20)
Chunji 천지 Lee Chan-hee 이찬희 (age 19)
L.Joe 엘조 Lee Byung-hun 이병헌 (age 19)
Niel 니엘 Ahn Daniel 안다니엘 (age 19)
Ricky 리키 Yoo Chang-hyun 유창현 (age 18)
Changjo 창조 Choi Jong-hyun 최종현 (age 17)

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 Teen Top's Discography

Korean discographyedit source|

Studio Albums
Single Albums
Promotional Singles
  • 2011:Supa Luv A-Rex Remix

Japanese Discographyedit source|

Compilation albums
  • 2012:Japan First Edition

Music videosedit source|

2010 "박수" (Clap)Come into the World
"박수" (Clap) [Dance Version]
2011 "Supa Luv"Transform
"Supa Luv" [Dance Version]
"Supa Luv (A-Rex Remix)" Supa Luv A-Rex Remix
"Angel" Transform
"향수 뿌리지마" (No More Perfume on You)Roman
"향수 뿌리지마" (No More Perfume on You) [Dance Version]
2012 "미치겠어" (Crazy)It's
"미치겠어" (Crazy) [Dance Version]
"미치겠어" (Crazy) [Remix Special]
"To You"aRtisT
"To You" [Dance Version]
"나랑 사귈래?" (Be ma Girl)Summer Special '나랑 사귈래'?(Be ma Girl)
"나랑 사귈래?" (Be ma Girl) [Performance Version]
"나랑 사귈래?" (Be ma Girl) [Hand Heart Version]
2013 "사랑하고 싶어" (I Wanna Love)No.1
"긴 생머리 그녀" (Miss Right)
"긴 생머리 그녀" (Miss Right) [Dance Version]
"긴 생머리 그녀" (Miss Right) [Locker Room One Take Version]
"길을 걷다가…" (Walk By…)
"장난아야" (Rocking)Teen Top Class

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 Teen Top's Filmography

Reality showedit source|

YearTitleHangulEpisodesNetworkParticipating Members
2010 Mnet Scandal Mnet C.A.P & L.Joe
Making the Artist, Season 1 All
Road to Japan All
2011 Making the Artist, Season 2 All
2012 Secret Island Mnet All
틴탑의 뜬다 백퍼 All 10, Jun. 16 - Aug. 18 SBS MTV All (with labelmate100%)
틴탑&백퍼센트의 떴다 브라더스All 12, Oct. 26 - Jan. 11, 2013MBC Music

Variety showsedit source|

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 Teen Top's Bibliography

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 Teen Top's Tours

2013February 2
Backstage Werk
February 3
Freizeitzentrum West (FZW)
February 8
The Forum
February 9
Le Trianon
February 10 Barcelona , Spain
Sala Apolo
May 11 HwaJeong Stadium, Korea University
May 18 Kobe , Japan
Kobe International House
May 21Tokyo , Japan
International Forum Hall A
May 22

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 Teen Top's Awards

Recognition Awardsedit source|edit

2010So-Loved Awards(European K-Pop Awards)Best Newcomer MaleWon
Mnet Asian Music AwardsBest New Male ArtistNominated
2011So-Loved Awards(European K-Pop Awards)Best Choreography ("Supa Luv")Won
18th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts AwardsRookie of the YearWon
20th Seoul Music AwardsPopularity AwardNominated
2012Melon Music AwardsBonsangNominated
21st Seoul Music AwardsBonsangNominated
Soompi Gayo AwardsTop Male Group (Silver)Won
201327th Golden Disk AwardsSingle Album of the YearWon
MSN Southeast Asia AwardNominated
22nd Seoul Music AwardsBonsangNominated
Popularity AwardNominated

Music programsedit source|edit

These are a collection of Teen Top's wins on Korea's televised music shows. Inkigayo is aired on SBS , and Music Bank on KBS .

Music Bankedit source|edit

2012February 3"Going Crazy"
2013September 6"Rocking"

Inkigayoedit source|edit

2012February 5"Going Crazy"
2013September 8"Rocking"

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 Teen Top's References

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