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Park Sang-hyun( Korean :박상현; born October 7, 1990)better known by his stage nameThunder( Hangul : 천둥; RR : Cheondung), is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actor and model. He is a former member of South Korean boy band MBLAQ . On December 16, 2014, it was announced that he had departed from the group to focus on studying music.He signed with Mystic Entertainment's music label APOP on February 11, 2015and released his debut extended play on December 7, 2016.

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 Thunder (singer)'s Life and career

1990–2008: Early life and career beginningsedit

Park Sang-hyun was born in Busan, South Korea, but grew up in the Philippines. He has two older sisters, Sandara and Durami. Aside from his native Korean , he is also fluent in English and Tagalog , and can speak conversational Mandarin and Japanese .

His eldest sister, Sandara, achieved nationwide fame in the Philippines in 2004 after becoming the runner-up on the first season ofStar Circle Quest, a talent search reality competition. He first appeared on national television when he attended the finale with his mother. Later on, as his sister began her hectic activities as a celebrity, a crew from one of South Korea's biggest television agencies recorded her daily life in the documentaryMy Name Is Sandara Park. This marked Thunder's first ever appearance on South Korean television.

Sandara's eventual decision to pursue activities in their home country led to their family's return to South Korea in 2007. By this time, Thunder had finished secondary education in the Philippines. It was later on revealed in a magazine interview that he had originally decided to pursue a professional career as a soccer player, specifically as a midfielder. He gave up and instead started auditioning for entertainment agencies, one of which was JYP Entertainment . He had taken dancing workshops offered by Sandara's home network back in the Philippines.

Thunder eventually became a trainee under LOEN Entertainment , where he met IU . He appeared in IU's debut music video for her song "Lost Child" and was also seen in a couple of videos with her wherein they sing Big Bang 's "Lies" and Super Junior 's "Sorry Sorry."

2009–2014: MBLAQedit

On October 14, MBLAQ officially released their debut single albumJust BLAQ, along with the "Oh Yeah" music video.A day later, MBLAQ had their debut stage with their title song "Oh Yeah" on Mnet 'sM! Countdown.Also in October, he was featured in Lyn 's "New Celebration" music video.In November, he starred in a commercial film with Wonder Girls for Cafe Mori.

Mnet Scandal.He was also a host ofThe M-Wave, a music program which aired on Arirang TV with Krystal Jung .Having lived in the Philippines, he participated in the cable TV show,Mom, I've gone crazy for Englishwith Nicole Jung , where he was an English mentor to young children.In 2010, Thunder was also chosen to become Alba Heaven spokesperson. It is a job search site, focusing on connecting users who want part-time jobs with potential businesses and employers, he participated in a TV CF which was broadcast on the airwaves.

He was featured in a six-page spread on the October issue ofSingles, showing a completely different image.In December 2011, Thunder had a cameo role in jTBC dramaPadam Padamwhere he played the role of Yang Kang-woo, the older brother of Yang Kang-chil (played by Jung Woo-sung ).

magazine named him as new fashionista icon of 2012, along with Jessica Jung , Hyomin and Yong Jun-hyung . In July 2012, Thunder released a self-composed solo song titled "Don't Go" for "The BLAQ% Tour" album.In October, Thunder started his career in runway as he walked for Lee Jae-ho's Coexistence Collection in S/S 2013 Seoul Fashion Week.In November, he walked for Korean designer Park Jong-cheol's fashion show 'Bling Bling Party' as part of SUNY Korea Festival.

In March 2014, Thunder had graced the runway again for designer Lie Sang Bong's fashion show in 2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week.He released his second single "Monster" later that year.On December 16, 2014, Thunder and Lee Joon officially withdrew from the group after their contracts expired.

2015–present: Return to acting andThunderedit

In 2015, he was cast in the role of Kang Hyun-seo in the MBC dramaMake a Woman Cry. Starting with this drama, he is being credited by his birth name (except for music-related projects). In 2016, he made a cameo appearance on another MBC drama,Woman with a Suitcase, as Cheondung, a lawyer interviewing for the same job as Ma Seok-woo (played by Lee Joon).

On 19 April, before going over to Bali to film the movie, Thunder appeared in Indonesian music show Dah Syat to perform.It was a huge success with the hashtag #ThunderOnDahsyat trending second on Indonesian twitter that morning.

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 Thunder (singer)'s Discography

Extended plays

TitleAlbum detailsPeak
Track listing
  1. Look at Me (feat.Basick)
  2. Sign (feat.Goo Hara)
  3. Good
  4. Magic Spell
  5. In Time (feat. Giantpink)
"—" denotes items which were not released in that country or failed to chart.


TitleYearPeak chart positionsAlbum
"Blaq Cat" 2011Non-album single
"Don't Go" 2012 97 82
(featuringGoo Hara)
2016 Thunder
"—" denotes items which were not released in that country or failed to chart.

As featured artist

TitleYearPeak chart positionsAlbum
"Merry Christmas in Advance"
(IUfeaturing Thunder)
2010 Real
"Run Away"
(Vision WeiwithLee Joonand Thunder)
2011 1 Daybreak
"—" denotes items which were not released in that country or failed to chart.

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 Thunder (singer)'s Filmography

Television drama

Welcome to the Show2011 SBS Himself Cameo; sitcom
Moon Night 90 Mnet Fictional drama
Padam Padam KBS Cameo
Strongest K-Pop Survival 2012 Channel A Cameo
Nail Shop Paris 2013 MBC Plus Media Lead role
Make a Woman Cry2015 MBC Kang Hyun-seo Supporting role
We Broke Up CJ E&M Himself Cameo; web drama
Woman with a Suitcase 2016 MBC Cheondung Cameo (episode 5)

Television Shows

MBLAQ's Art of Seduction 2009 MnetCast Member withMBLAQ
Idol Army 2009–2010 MBC Every 1
Making the Artist2010 GOMTV
MBLAQ Goes to SchoolMnet
Sesame Player2011
MBLAQ Idol Cam
MBLAQ's Hello Baby2012 KBS2
Idol ManagerMBC
King of Mask Singer 2017 Contestant as the King of Toy Machines and Robot Fanatic

Television show hosting

Raising Idols2010 Comedy TV withDongho,EliandKey
The M Wave Arirang TV Co-hosted withKrystal Jung
Show! Music Core 2011 MBC Ulsan Summer Festival MC withLee Joon,SuzyandJi-yeon
special MC withG.Oto accompany Suzy
M! Countdown 2012, 2013 Mnet special MC with G.O, special MC with Lee Joon
The Tasty One Shot 2015 E! Regular cast member

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 Thunder (singer)'s Stage

Moon Night Musical 2014 Lee Min-soo Lead role

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 Thunder (singer)'s Endorsements

Cafe Mori 2009 with Wonder Girls
2010with MBLAQ
Lotte Cacao Black
Tropicana Sparkling
Indelli Curry
ChapStick with MBLAQ and Yang Ji-won
with MBLAQ and Kim Jae-kyung
Alba Heaven
DOX watch2011with MBLAQ

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 Thunder (singer)'s References

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