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Tritops( Korean :트리탑스, Japanese : トゥリトップス, "Tree Tops"), is a South Korean boy band managed by Van Leader Entertainment.Tritops originally debuted in 2007 as a three-member group (Hyungmoon, Yoojoon and Ilgoon) under Joo Paramount Media with their album "Boorish Love". After a company change to DoReMi Media , Ilgoon soon made his departure to pursue a solo career in 2009. The group promoted shortly as a duo, but were joined by new member Woogoon in 2012 and moved to Simtong Entertainment. In 2013, Ilgoon returned to the group. Following his return in 2014, the group moved to new entertainment call Van Leader Entertainment.

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TriTops (formerly known as I the Tri Tops) was originally a three-member group but Ilgoon left the group and Hyungmoon and Yoojoon remained. Hyungmoon and Yoojoon put out two singles in 2009, "To My Girlfriend" (which Hyungmoon composed himself) and "Say Love". The two also released a single with artist Jace titled "Juniper Tree".

Solo Activitiesedit

Ilgoon released his solo digital single "Goon" on September 3, 2009. Ban Hyungmoon also released a single "그래서 아프죠" with Dahye in 2009. Hyungmoon featured in Expresso's "Merry Christmas" which was released on November 9, 2009 and featured in the dramaKim Su-ro, The Iron King 's OST titled "Want To See". Ilgoon released a single "Storm" with artist Van on May 14th, 2010 and on March 17th, 2011 he released a single "Irresponsibility". Yoojoon acted in dramasMy Precious You(2008) andBecoming a Billionaire(2010). Yoojoon released a single in 2010 forBecoming a Billionaireas well. In 2011, he participated in the musicalGoongand released an EP for the musical titled "Flower". In 2012, Ilgoon featured in StillPM 's single, " Canada Girl ".

Returning As "TriTops"edit

The trio then released their first mini album " Sweet Holic " on May 25, 2012 which reached 30 on GAON Album chart.Ilgoon finally returned to the group in 2013. TriTops released a single, " Too Foolish To You " on February 20, 2013. They then released " Your Temperature " on December 23, 2014. They have been growing in popularity due to their strong vocal abilities since then.

Japanese Advancementedit

The group as of 2014 has started to promote in Japan and has held concerts there. They have worked on self-released Japanese songs, " Sakurabu ", " 365 Days " and " I Miss You " that can be viewed on their Japanese YouTube channel. Their official Japanese debut was with "To You" on October 27, 2014. For this debut they have added a '*' to their group name and officially debuted as Tritops*.

Missing You Missing You Missing Youedit

On April 15, Tritops came back to Korea with a digital single titled "Missing You Missing You Missing You". The MV features Ilgoon and the Japanese model Nakamine Riko as a couple.

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