Twice( Hangul : 트와이스; stylized asTWICE) is a K-pop girl group formed by JYP Entertainment through the 2015 reality showSixteen. The group is composed of nine members: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu . The group debuted on October 20, 2015, with the mini-albumThe Story Begins.

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 Twice's History

Pre-debut: New JYP girl group andSixteenedit

After Cecilia's departure, JYP trainee Sana replaced her and 6mix was about to debut when Lena left the company, effectively canceling their debut.

, a competition survival show that would air on Mnet later that year.Park explained in a press conference prior to the show's airing that he hoped the group would "have the Wonder Girls ' and miss A's natural, healthy feel, with an edgier and wilder side. I want to upgrade this next group by adding elements like hip-hop and rap."

JYP Entertainment releasedTwiceTV, a web series that shared the members' hopes and stories through interviews and followed them as they prepared for their debut.

2015–present: Debut withThe Story BeginsandPage Twoedit

The music video hit 50 million views within five months of their debut and became the most-viewed debut music video for any K-pop group.

Twice won their first music program award on May 5, 2016, onM! Countdown, exactly one year after the initial airing ofSixteen.This was soon followed by wins onMusic BankandInkigayo.

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 Twice's Members

Top row: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo.
Middle row: Sana, Jihyo, Mina.
Bottom row: Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu


(1995-09-22)September 22, 1995(age 20)in Seoul , South Korea .

Sixteenand her debut as a member of Twice, she appeared in few television advertisements and in several music videos of her label mates, including Jun. K 's "No Love," Got7 's "Girls Girls Girls," and "Stop Stop It," and miss A 's "Only You." She also made a cameo appearance in the second episode of KBS2 's 2012 Korean dramaDream High 2.


November 1, 1996(age 19)in Suwon , South Korea.She is the younger sister of actress Gong Seung-yeon .

In 2014, she appeared with Nayeon in the music video of Got7's "Girls Girls Girls" and, in 2015, appeared in miss A's "Only You" music video.


(1996-11-09)November 9, 1996(age 19)in Kyoto , Japan .She is the main dancer of Twice.

to be brought back to debut as a member of Twice.


) was born on(1996-12-29)December 29, 1996(age 19)in Osaka , Japan.

She appeared in the music video of Got7's "A" and Junho's "Feel".


February 1, 1997(age 19)in Guri , Gyeonggi-do , South Korea.She is the leader and main vocalist of the group.

.She also appeared in the music video of miss A's "Only You." Before her debut, she along with Nayeon were some of the trainees who appeared in the most CFs. Jihyo was known mostly pre-debut as the face of Innisfree 's teen line "TN" with boy band Boyfriend and later with future group mate Nayeon.


) was born on(1997-03-24)March 24, 1997(age 19)in San Antonio, Texas , and moved to Kobe , Japan , when she was a toddler.

Prior to Twice's debut, she appeared in several of her label mates' music videos, including Got7, Junho, Wooyoung, and Miss A.


(1998-05-28)May 28, 1998(age 18)in Seongnam , Gyeonggi-do , South Korea.


(1999-04-23)April 23, 1999(age 17)in Seoul , South Korea.

Sixteen, she appeared in the music video of Got7's "Stop Stop It" and miss A's "Only You". She is currently attending Hanlim Multi Art School as a freshman majoring in practical music.


Main article: Chou Tzu-yu

; pinyin :Zh?u Z?yú) was born(1999-06-14)June 14, 1999(age 16)in Tainan , Taiwan .

. She is one of the two members added to the final line-up of Twice in the finale, along with Momo.She is currently a freshman at Hanlim Multi Art School.

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 Twice's Discography

Extended plays

TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart positionsSales
The Story Begins 3 46 1 15
Page Two
  • Released: April 25, 2016
  • Label: JYP Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, digital download
2 16 4 6


TitleYearPeak chart positionsSalesAlbum
"Like OOH-AHH" 2015 10 89 6
The Story Begins
"Cheer Up" 2016 1 32 3
Page Two

Other charted songs

TitleYearPeak chart positionsSalesAlbum
"Precious Love"(소중한 사랑)2016 73
Page Two
"Touchdown" 86

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 Twice's Filmography



2012 Dream High 2KBS2 Nayeon
2016 Oh My God! TipMBC MBig TV Nayeon Web drama

Reality/Variety shows

2015 SixteenMnet All Survival show that determined Twice members
Twice TVNaver TV Cast All
Section TVMBC All withPark Jin-young
Twice TV2Naver TV Cast All
After School ClubArirang TV All
Today's RoomMnet All
Entertainment WeeklyKBS All
Pops in SeoulArirang TV All "Pick & Talk" (Episode 3033)
My Little TelevisionMBC Momo, Sana, Mina, Tzuyu Episode 31 and 32
People of Full CapacityMBC Dahyun Episode 3 and 7
Baek Jong-won's Top 3 Chef KingsSBS All Episode 13
Weekly IdolMBC Every 1 All Episode 228
MBC Every 1 Nayeon, Dahyun, Tzuyu Christmas Special withGFriendandLovelyz
Two Yoo Project - Sugar ManJTBC Nayeon, Jihyo, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu withLovelyz(Episode 11)
The Body Show 2OnStyle All Episode 11
2016 Golden Bell ChallengeKBS All Episode 800
Gag ConcertKBS Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Tzuyu "Comedy Idols" Episode 829, 845
M! CountdownMnet Nayeon, Jihyo Special MC withJBand Yugyeom ofGot7(Episode 455)
A Look at MyselfKBS Nayeon withJacksonofGot7(Episode 26 and 27)
Baek Jong-won's Top 3 Chef KingsSBS All Episode 21, 27
SBS Nayeon, Momo, Dahyun, Tzuyu Episode 36
You Hee-yeol's SketchbookKBS All
Same Bed, Different DreamsSBS Nayeon, Dahyun
SBS Jihyo, Tzuyu
SBS Jeongyeon, Sana Episode 53
M! CountdownMnet Nayeon, Jihyo Special MC (Episode 458)
The Boss is WatchingSBS All
King of Mask SingerMBC Nayeon Panelist (Episode 45, 46, 49, 50)
MBC Chaeyoung, Tzuyu
We Are SiblingsKBS Jeongyeon
Muscle Queen ProjectKBS Jeongyeon
Idol Star Athletics ChampionshipsMBC All
God's VoiceSBS Nayeon, Mina, Chaeyoung
Gold Medal DutyKBS Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Dahyun
We KidMnet Jihyo, Mina
Real Men: Female SpecialMBC Dahyun
Twice's Private LifeMnet All
Radio StarMBC Nayeon
People of Full CapacityMBC Momo (Episode 18)
Star KingSBS All
Weekly IdolMBC Every 1 Dahyun
MBC Every 1 All
The Ultimate VoiceSBS Jihyo, Tzuyu
Twice TV3Naver TV Cast All
Cool Kiz on the BlockKBS2 All
Comedy Big LeagueTvN Dahyun, Tzuyu
Sister's Slam DunkKBS2 All Episode 6
Immortal Songs 2KBS2 All Episode 252
VitaminKBS2 Jeongyeon, Momo, Jihyo, Mina, Tzuyu Episode 631
Knowing BrothersJTBC All
Law of the JungleSBS Jeongyeon
Running ManSBS All
Please Take Care of My RefrigeratorJTBC Jeongyeon, Tzuyu

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 Twice's Videography

Music videosedit

2015 "Like OOH-AHH"
2016 "Cheer Up"

Music video appearancesedit

2011 "Please Don't Go" San ENayeon
2014 "No Love" (Korean)Jun. K ( 2PM )
"No Love" (Japanese)
"Girls Girls Girls"Got7 Nayeon, Jeongyeon
"A" Sana
"Stop Stop It" Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Mina, Momo, Tzuyu
"Feel" (Japanese) Junho ( 2PM ) Sana, Mina, Momo
2015 "R.O.S.E." (Japanese) Wooyoung ( 2PM ) Dahyun, Mina, Momo
"Only You" miss A Nayeon, Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, Mina, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Momo
2016 "Fire" J.Y. Park Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu

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 Twice's Awards and nominations

Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Twice

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 Twice's References

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