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Yoo Jae-suk( Hangul : 유재석; RR : Yu Jae-seok; born on August 14, 1972), is a South Korean comedian, host and television personality currently signed to FNC Entertainment . He has hosted several variety television shows in South Korea , includingInfinite ChallengeandRunning Man. Known for his quick wit and appeal across a wide range of demographics, Yoo has established himself as one of Korea's top comedians and TV personalities.

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 Yoo Jae suk's Early life and education

Born on August 14, 1972 in Seoul , South Korea , Yoo is the eldest of three siblings. He attended Seoul Institute of the Arts , but was unable to graduate due to his busy schedule as an up-and-coming comedian.

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 Yoo Jae suk's Career


In 2002, after nine years as a relatively unknown comedian, thanks to a recommendation by Choi Jin-sil , he hosted the programLive and Enjoy Together.He then rose to prominence when he co-hosted a program calledThe Crash of MCswith Kang Ho-dong , Lee Hwi-jae and Kim Han-seok.


Mainstream recognition as "Nation's MC"edit


, which soon grew to be one of the most popular and viewed shows in Korea. During that time, Yoo became increasingly popular and many programs began to nickname him "the nation's MC". He went on to host various shows, includingNew X-Man,Old TV, andHaja! Go!(Let's Do It) for SBS , but these were all soon canceled due to low ratings on Sunday evenings. However,X-Manhas found success in international syndication, and Yoo gained popularity among Korean Wave fans.

Infinite Challengeedit

Yoo was a part of the cast of the top-rated comedy variety programInfinite Challenge. He had been the host-in-chief since 2005 and one of the program's founding members.

Since December 2, 2006, the program has received the highest ratings of prime-time lineups for Saturday evening.

... When will we ever get to do another program like this? No matter how hard you try, it's going to be impossible to do another film like this."

Talk showsedit

andHappy Together Season 3. In particular,Happy Togetheris one of the longest running talk shows in Korea and has consistently earned high ratings.

Good Sunday Variety Programs:Family OutingandRunning Manedit

as a part of SBS 's Good Sunday lineup. Together with Lee Hyori , Yoon Jong-shin , Kim Su-ro , Lee Chun-hee , Kang Dae-sung , Park Ye-jin and Kim Jong-kook (since episode 19), they made up the "family" (cast members) of the show.Family Outinghas become one of the top-rated shows in Korea, consistently achieving the highest ratings for the Sunday mid-afternoon time-slot, and has gained popularity among Hallyu fans.

together with fellowInfinite Challengemember, Haha , and other entertainers such as Ji Suk-jin , Kim Jong-kook , Leessang 's Gary (who left since episode 324 to focus on his music career), Song Ji-hyo , Lee Kwang-soo , Song Joong-ki (who left since episode 41 to focus on his acting career) and Lizzy of After School (who left for unknown reasons), Jeon So-min and Yang Se-chan (both joined since episode 346). Although the program did not have a good start in ratings, it later became very popular, and has held a consistent international fanbase to this day.

Other notable programs:Sugar ManandBusted!edit

The show returned again for a second season in 2018.

, which started airing on May 4, 2018.

Guest appearances and collaborationsedit

s West Coast Highway Music Festival special, in which Psy also appeared. Following his appearance, Yoo became known worldwide as the "yellow suit guy".He also appeared in Psy's follow-up single, " Gentleman ".In 2015, Yoo collaborated with JYP in 'Infinite Challenge.On July 15, 2015, Yoo signed an exclusive contract with FNC Entertainment after having been without an agency for about five years.

.He performed with them at EXO's EXO Planet #3 - EXO'rDIUM concert in Bangkok.

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 Yoo Jae suk's In the media

and one of the most in-demand endorsers.

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 Yoo Jae suk's Personal life

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 Yoo Jae suk's Filmography

Television host

List of present programs
2007–present Happy Together(Season 3) KBS2 Since 2007.06.28
2010–present Running Man SBS Since 2010.07.11
2018–present Busted! Netflix Since 2018.05.04
List of former programs
2000–2002 Achievable SaturdayStar Survival Donggeodongrak (Live and Fun Together) MBC
2002 Super TV Enjoy Sunday KBS2
! Exclamation Mark MBC
2002–2003 Dangerous Invitation KBS
2003–2007 X-Man SBS
2004–2007 Happy Together(Season 1, 2) KBS2
2004–2012 Yoo Jae-suk &Kim Won-hee's Come to Play MBC
2005–2007 Yoo Jae-suk's Truth Game SBS
2005–2018 Infinite Challenge MBC
2007 Haja Go!(Let's Do It!) SBS
2007–2008 Miracle Contestant SBS
2008–2010 Family Outing(Season 1) SBS
2014 KBS2
2015–2016 SBS
2015–2018 Two Yoo Project Sugar Man(Season 1, 2) JTBC


Television drama

2000–2001 Great Friends KBS
2005 Banjun Drama SBS
2008 Yi San CameoMBC
2009 Queen of Housewives Cameo
2015 The Girl Who Sees Smells Cameo withRunning Manmembers SBS
My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol Cameo MBC


1989 Young-gu and Daengchili Cameo
1994 Tyranno's Toenail
2007- 2008 Kimchi Cheese Smile Cameo
2008 Bee Movie (Korean dubbing as Barry B. Benson)
2009 White Tuft, the Little Beaver (Korean dubbing as narrator & Owl)

Music video appearances

YearSong TitleArtist
2004 "Cause' You're Pretty" (이쁘니까) Shinnago
2005 "Look Out the Window" Kang Ho-dong
2009 "Let's Dance" Future Liger (withTiger JK,Tasha)
2012 "Room Nallari" (방구석 날라리) Sagging Snail (withLee Juck)
"Gangnam Style" (강남스타일)Psy
2013 "Gentleman"
2014 "Beep" Park Ji-yoon
2015 "Tell Me One More Time" Jinusean
2016 "Dancing King" EXO

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 Yoo Jae suk's Discography

2006 "All You Need Is Love" withInfinite Challengemembers
2007 "If I Do It or Not" (하나마나송) withNoh Hong-chul
"Fascination of Samba" (삼바의 매력) Solo Infinite ChallengeSong Festival
2009 "The Family's Day" (패밀리의 하루) withFamily Outingmembers
"Let's Dance" withTiger JK,Tasha Infinite ChallengeOlympic Road Duet Song Festival
2011 "Apgujeong Nallari" (압구정 날라리)withLee JuckInfinite ChallengeWest Coast Highway Music Festival
"As I Say" (말하는 대로)
"Heat Stroked Seagull" (더위 먹은 갈매기) with Song Eun-yi,Kim Sook
2013 "Please Don't Go My Girl" withYou Hee-yeol, Kim Jo-hanInfinite ChallengeFree Highway Music Festival
feat.You Hee-yeol
"Here We Are" withInfinite Challengemembers
2015 "I'm So Sexy" withPark Jin-young Infinite ChallengeYeongdong Expressway Music Festival
2016 "Dancing King" withEXO SM Station
"Like" (처럼) withDok2feat.Lee Hi Infinite ChallengeHistory × Hiphop special

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 Yoo Jae suk's Awards

1991 Inaugural KBS College Student Gag Competition Honorable Award
2000 MBC Drama Awards Special Award in Television MC
Gyeongin Broadcasting and Entertainment Popular Comedian Award
2002 Book Publishing Promotion Book Reading Special Award
2003 2nd KBS Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award in Television MC
3rd MBC Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award in Show/Variety
2004 SBS Drama Awards Special Award in Television MC
2005 4th KBS Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize)
2006 18th Korean Broadcasting Producer Awards Best Television MC
42nd Baeksang Arts Awards Best Male TV Personality
Blue Media Speech Award
6th MBC Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize)
2007 7th MBC Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize) (withInfinite Challengemembers)
8th Korea Video Competition Photogenic Award
Mobile Entertainment Awards Best Television MC
2008 2nd Mnet 20's Choice Awards Variety Star of the Year
2nd SBS Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize)
1st Nickelodeon Korea Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Comedian
2009 21st Korean Broadcasting Producer Awards Best Television MC
9th MBC Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize)
PD Award
3rd SBS Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize) (with Lee Hyori )
Best Teamwork Award (forFamily Outing)
2nd Nickelodeon Korea Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Comedian
2010 9th KBS Entertainment Awards Best Teamwork Award (forHappy Together 3)
10th MBC Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize)
Korean Guardian Tree Award
4th SBS Entertainment Awards Best 10 Entertainers
3rd Nickelodeon Korea Kids' Choice Awards Favourite Comedian
2011 11th MBC Entertainment Awards Top Excellence Award in a Variety Show
5th SBS Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize)
4th Nickelodeon Korea Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Comedian
53rd National Rowing Championships 2000m Novice Eight Special Award (withInfinite Challengemembers)
2012 12th MBC Entertainment Awards PD Award
6th SBS Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize)
Viewers' Favorite TV Personality
3rd Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award Prime Minister Award
5th Nickelodeon Korea Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Comedian
2013 49th Baeksang Arts Awards Daesang (Grand Prize) for TV
6th Nickelodeon Korea Kids Choice Awards Favorite Comedian
12th KBS Entertainment Awards Eating Broadcast Award (forHappy Together 3)
7th SBS Entertainment Awards Viewer's Choice Most Popular Entertainer Award
Viewer's Most Popular Award (withRunning Manmembers)
2014 13th KBS Entertainment AwardsDaesang (Grand Prize)
14th MBC Entertainment Awards
8th SBS Entertainment Awards Viewer's Choice Most Popular Entertainer Award
2015 15th MBC Entertainment Awards Achievement Award (withInfinite Challengemembers)
9th SBS Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize) (with Kim Byung-man )
Viewers' Favorite TV Personality
2016 15th KBS Entertainment Awards Best Teamwork Award (forHappy Together 3)
16th MBC Entertainment Awards Daesang (Grand Prize)
InStyle Korea Entertainer Star Icon (Male category)

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 Yoo Jae suk's References

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