Yoon Kye sang

December 20, 1978

Yoon Kye-sang(born December 20, 1978) is a South Korean actor and singer. He began his career in 1999 as part of the K-pop boy band g.o.d , then left the group in 2004 and pursued an acting career. He made his acting debut in the filmFlying Boys(2004), for which he won Best New Actor at the Baeksang Arts Awards . Yoon became active in both television and film, with leading roles in romantic comedies such asMy 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law(2004) andWho Are You?(2008) and the melodramaCrazy for You(2007), as well as more serious fare inThe Moonlight of Seoul(2008) andThe Executioner(2009). After a supporting turn in the hit seriesThe Greatest Love(2011), he returned to the big screen in the well-received indiePoongsan(2011).

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  • by asian  -  January 21, 2019 03:16 AM

    Yoon Kye Sang shared this thoughts on his acting career and g.o.d

     It is a miracle and blessing to have a steady love for 20 years. Even if the size of the mind has changed, I am still grateful to the fans who are still interested in hot interest. So the reunion of this god has a special meaning for Yoon.  The group god, which debuted in 1999,…

  • by asian  -  January 11, 2019 06:28 AM

    Ha Ji Won may be making her small-screen comeback!

    Ha Ji-won returns to the house with the drama 'Chocolate'.  According to the 11th broadcast price, Ha Ji Won was cast as the heroine of the drama 'Chocolate' (Lee Kyung-hee, directed by Lee Hyung-min) in front of JTBC. It is a meeting with viewers in about two years after the dram…

  • by HyonJoo.Kim  -  December 24, 2018 05:23 PM

    Yoon Kye Sang Reveals His New Outlook On Acting, Talks About g.o.d And Honey Lee

    In an interview with Hankyung, Yoon Kye Sang talked about acting, g.o.d, and Honey Lee, his girlfriend of over five years. “Before I did ‘The Outlaws,'” said Yoon Kye Sang, “I felt like I had been pushed to the edge of cliff. I was busy with myself, my acting. …

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 Yoon Kye sang's Career

1999-2004: Pop star beginningsedit

making his film debut inFlying Boys, directed by Byun Young-joo .He made his television debut that same year inMy 19 Year Old Sister-in-Lawwith Jung Da-bin .

Military serviceedit

He was discharged from the army on December 6, 2006. In an interview that day, he said that he had not slept the night before and was very tired, but looked forward to seeing his fans; he further stated that he planned to resume his career in 2007.

2007-present: Acting careeredit

, playing a couple in a six-year relationship. According to Kim, her initial perception of Yoon was that he was very shy, whereas Yoon perceived Kim as snobby, so it took them some time to break the ice and establish a good working relationship.Later that year, he took a dual role in the comedy television seriesWho Are You?, playing a cold-hearted corporate raider who, in the aftermath of a traffic accident, becomes possessed by the spirit of a cheerful deliveryman for a few hours each day.At the same time he took a starring role opposite Ha Jung-woo inBeastie Boys(also known asThe Moonlight of Seoul), portraying a worker in a host club ;The Korea Timesmovie review praised him for his "gripping performance."

Just before the movie came out, he made controversial remarks in an interview withGQ Koreastating that the South Korean movie industry was dominated by leftists . As controversy rose among internet users over his remarks, he quickly made an apology for what he described as his "ignorance."He also became part of the ensemble cast inCome, Closer, a 2010 omnibus feature that follows the broken relationships of five couples.

Yoon said he wanted to play a character "who gets loved by the public" and took on a supporting role as a sweet, kind doctor in romantic comedyThe Greatest Love.

He was recognized with Best Actor nominations from the 2011 Grand Bell Awards and Blue Dragon Film Awards .

Acting Classwhen the big-screen comedy encountered pre-production delays.

After honing his cooking skills and learning culinary secrets, Yoon prepared a feast for his former band members g.o.d on the show's season finale; it was also the first time in eight years all five members of g.o.d appeared on television together.During the dinner, Yoon clarified that he had left the band because he initially wanted to quit being a celebrity.

in 2013.Yoon then signed with a new talent agency, Saram Entertainment.

, in the role of an adult film director who dreams of making his first commercial feature.

Last, a cable series based on Kang Hyung-kyu's webtoon about a fund manager whose financial ruin leads to life among the homeless living underground at Seoul Station ,followed byLove Guide for Dumpees(titledDramatic One Nightin Korean), a play-turned-movie about a man and woman who agree to be casual lovers but end up finding something more.

2014-present: Return to g.o.d and reunionedit

Yoon wrote the lyrics for the song "Wind" (바람), which was released after the conclusion of their nationwide tour as a gesture of gratitude to fans.

He was cast in the Korean remake of American television seriesThe Good Wife.

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 Yoon Kye sang's Personal life

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 Yoon Kye sang's Filmography


2004 Flying Boys Kang Min-jae
2008 Lovers of Six Years Kim Jae-young
The Moonlight of Seoul Kim Seung-woo
2009 The Executioner Oh Jae-kyung
2010 Come, Closer Hyun-oh
2011 Poongsan Poongsan
2013 One Perfect Day(short film) Un-cheol
2014 Red Carpet Park Jung-woo
2015 Minority Opinion Yoon Jin-won
A Dramatic Night Yoo Jung-hoon
2016 The Bacchus Lady Do-hoon
2017 The Outlaws Jang Chen
2018 Golden Slumber Moo-yeol

Television series

2001 New Nonstop MBC
2004 My 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law Kang Seung-jae SBS
2007 Crazy for You Kim Chae-joon SBS
2008 Who Are You? Cha Seung-hyo MBC
2009 Triple Jang Hyun-tae MBC
2010 Road No. 1 Shin Tae-ho MBC
2011 The Greatest Love Yoon Pil-joo MBC
High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged Yoon Kye-sang MBC
2013 Potato Star 2013QR3 Brain surgeon Kye-sang
(cameo, episodes 9-10)
2014 The Full Sun Jung Se-ro/Lee Eun-soo KBS2
2015 Last Jang Tae-ho jTBC
2016 The Good Wife Seo Joong-won tvN

Variety show

2000-2001 g.o.d's Babysitting Diaries MBC
2010 It Travel: Yoon Kye-sang in Turkey TrendE
2012 Real Mate in Australia: Kye-sang andSe-inGo toSydney QTV
One Table with Yoon Kye-sang O'live
2013 Stars Into Travel: Yoon Kye-sang's Tasteful Journey

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 Yoon Kye sang's Discography

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 Yoon Kye sang's Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
2004 SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Drama Special My 19 Year Old Sister-in-LawNominated
2005 41st Baeksang Arts Awards Best New ActorFlying BoysWon
26th Blue Dragon Film Awards Best New ActorNominated
4th Korean Film Awards Best New ActorNominated
2007 Andre Kim Best Star Awards Best Star Award, Male categoryN/AWon
SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Crazy for YouNominated
2011 48th Grand Bell Awards Best ActorPoongsanNominated
32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards Best ActorNominated
MBC Entertainment Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Sitcom/Comedy High Kick: Revenge of the Short LeggedWon
MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor in a Miniseries The Greatest LoveNominated

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 Yoon Kye sang's References

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