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Zhou Mi(born(1986-04-19)April 19, 1986)is a Chinese singer, actor, songwriter, presenter, MC and radio DJ based in South Korea and China. He is a member of the Boy band Super Junior 's sub-unit Super Junior-M and S.M. Entertainment's project group S.M. The Ballad . In 2014, he made his solo debut with his first mini albumRewind. Aside from group activities, he also participates in various television variety shows, radio hostings and dramas.

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 Zhou Mi (singer)'s Early life

During high school, Zhou Mi entered national singing and entertainment competitions, winning many of them.

through an online audition, and joined Super Junior-M, Super Junior 's third official sub-unit

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 Zhou Mi (singer)'s Career

2008–13: Super Junior-M and Solo activitiesedit

Zhou Mi in 2013.

The group debuted in China on April 8, 2008, with the release of U ", a Mandarin remake of Super Junior's 2006 single " U ".

2011 Winter SMTown – The Warmest Gift, released on December 13, 2011.

.The drama started filming in mid-January. The drama’s filming locations included Shenzhen (primary), Dongguan, Huizhou, and Haikou (in Hainan).

Zhou Mi was cast as Li Shanglin, a character described in the drama info blast as “sweet-tempered" and "talented”.

Zhou Mi portrayed a young man with a bright personality and was the first love of the female lead.

2014–present: SM The Ballad and Solo debutedit

, performing the Chinese version of "Blind".

The Showwith Park Ji-yeon ( T-ara ) and Hongbin ( VIXX ).

on October 31, 2014.The title song "Rewind" was featured EXO-K's Chanyeol as rapper in Korean version and EXO-M's Tao in Chinese version. Tao also featured in a second track "Love Tonight". He also collaborated with f(x)'s Victoria in the song "Loving You". Zhou Mi wrote the Chinese lyrics for all the songs on the album. This album released in South Korea, China and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong version included a Cantonese version of "Lovesick" as a bonus track.

He stepped down from his MC position on August 2 of that year, having hosted The Show for almost two years.

He made his first comeback stage withWhat's Your Number?in SBS MTV The Show in the same day.

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 Zhou Mi (singer)'s Discography

Extended Plays

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 Zhou Mi (singer)'s Filmography


YearTitleRoleOther notes
2013 Rhythm of Rain (聽見下雨的聲音) Xiao Si (小四) Cameo(as the first love of the leading female role)

Television dramas

YearTV NetworkTitleRoleNotesRef
2009CCTV:CCTV-8 Stage of Youth (青春舞台) Zhou Mi (周觅) Cameo as himself
2011 Melody of Youth (青春旋律) Gao Da (高达) Supporting male role
2012GTV When Love Walked In (愛情闖進門) Li Shang Lin (黎尚林) Leading male role
2016SBS Entertainer (딴따라) Zhou Mi (周觅) Cameo (Ep.7) as MC of The Show
Youku Best Lover (최고의커플) (最佳情侣) Yan Xi Cheng (言希成) Leading male role
TBATBA Dream Marriage (恋爱方法论) Jifeng (季风) Leading male role

Variety shows

YearTV NetworkTitleRole
2011 CCTV:CCTV-3 The Avenue of Stars (星光大道) Guest Judge
2012 CNTV Love Love Love (爱情美剧盛典)Guest/Participant
SZMG:Shenzhen Television Generation Show (年代秀)
2013 Men to the Left Women to the Right (男左女右) Guest
Generation Show (年代秀) Guest/Participant
MTV Japan Korea Music Craze (日韩音乐风)Guest
CtiTV SS Xiaoyan Night (SS小燕之夜)
GTV 100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百)
Channel V Just Love J & K Pop (就是愛JK)
- Apple Entertainment Weekly
HBS:Hunan Television Happy Camp (快乐大本营)
KBS W Glitter (글리터)
2014 SMG:Dragon Television Immortal Song (不朽之名曲) Guest/Participant
MBC We Got Married Global Edition (우리 결혼했어요) Season 2Guest
SBS Star King (놀라운 대회 스타킹/놀 라 운 大會스타킹)
HEBTV: HEBTV-1 Perhaps Love (如果爱)
KBS2 Let's Go Dream Team! Season 2 (출발 드림팀 시즌2) Guest/Participant
- SJM GuestHouse Final Audition Judge
ZRTG:Zhejiang Television Star Escape Room (星星的密室) Season 1 - Episode 1 Guest/Participant
MBC Quiz to Change the World ( 세상을 바꾸는 퀴즈)Guest
E channel Brave Writers
jTBC Abnormal Summit (비정상회담)
KBS2 Immortal Songs 2 (불후의 명곡 Ⅱ - 전설을 노래하다) Guest/Participant
2015 Youku Youku Big StarGuest
YinYueTai YinYueTai Big Guest
KBS2 Let's Go Dream Team! Season 2 (출발 드림팀 시즌2) Guest/Participant
MTV Idols of Asia (我愛偶像)Guest
- Showbiz
JSBC:Jiangsu Television We are in Love (WGM Chinese Version)
Exploration of the World (前往世界的尽头)
MBC Every 1 Her Secret Weapon (비밀병기그녀)
ZRTG:Zhejiang Television Star Escape Room (星星的密室) Season 2 Episode 2Guest/Participant
KBS2 Let's Go Dream Team! Season 2 (출발 드림팀 시즌2)
ZRTG:Zhejiang Television Star Escape Room (星星的密室) Season 2 Episode 4
MTV Idols of Asia (我愛偶像) (SMTOWN Coex Atrium) Guest
ZRTG:Zhejiang Television Star Escape Room (星星的密室) Season 2 Episode 9Guest/Participant
Star Escape Room (星星的密室) Season 2 Episode 12
2016 HBRT: Hubei Television Just Arrived Beside You / Gang's Coming (纲到你身 边)Guest
TPBS: Tianjin Television Frozen Miracle (冰雪奇迹)Cast
OnStyle Zhou Mi's Seoul Diary
KBS2 Immortal Songs 2 (불후의 명곡 Ⅱ - 전설을 노래하다) Guest/Participant
Youku The Strongest Women Team (最強女團) Guest Judge
HBS:Hunan Television Happy Camp (快乐大本营)Guest
2017 iQIYI Joy Town (欢脱定律)
Anhui TV The Gift of Love (星星的礼物)
SDTV That Sounds Delicious (听得到的美食)

Hosting programs


YearTV NetworkTitlePartnerRef
2010SiTV Korean Impressions (韓國印象) Chen Lan
2011Azio TV Celebrity Tour Guides (韓國超級天團)
Yahoo! SJM for Yahoo Music (SJ-M x Yahoo 音樂特輯) Henry
2014JSBC:Jiangsu Television Strongest Group (最强天团) Peng Yu andVictoria
SBS Super Junior M's Guest House (슈퍼주니어M의 게스트하우스)
SBS MTV The Show (더 쇼) Season 4 JiyeonandHongbin
2015SBS Plus Fashion King-Secret Box (패션왕 코리아/中韩时尚王) Lee Jung-shin
2016SBS MTV The Show (더 쇼) Season 5 Yerin G-Friend
SETV The First Fashion Platform (男神女神颜习社) Patty Houand Shana


YearTV NetworkTitlePartnerRef
2010GRT:Guangdong Television China Southern Airlines Stewardess Pageant (南航空姐选秀2010)
2011CCTV:CCTV-1 CPOP-JPOP-KPOP Music Festival Li Xia and Yang Guang
2014JSBC:Jiangsu Television H.E.C Best of Best in Nanjing Zhang Shan
SBS MTV Winter Festival JiyeonandHyeri
2015- SuperStar SMTOWN Lay EXO-M
SBS MTV Summer KPOP FestivalJiyeon and Hongbin
Special One-Asia Seoul Mega Concert
Asia Culture Festival Jiyeon
JSBC:Jiangsu Television Be The Idol (唱游天下)
2016SBS MTV SUWON K-POP Super Concert Heechul,Twice'sMomo& Chaeyoung
Youku Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo Showcase "Dear My Fan" M&D

Radio DJ

YearRadio StationTitlePartnerNotesRef
2013–2015MBC 900AM Idols' True Colors / C-Radio (偶像本色/우상본색) Season 1 JiaandFei
2015KBS Cool FM Super Junior Kiss Radio Fix guest for Thursday's corner: "Language and the City"
SBS Power FM Horan's Power FM Fix guest for "Nihao China"

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 Zhou Mi (singer)'s Achievements


YearTV NetworkCompetitionAwards WonRef
2002MTV MTV - Pantene New Voices CompetitionBest Male Singer(National)
2003HBS : HNTV Happy Camp  : WenquxingCrazy for the StarsStar Ambassador Selection CompetitionEnergetic Star
Shanghai Asia Music Festival Newcomer CompetitionFirst place(Beijing area)
Newcomer Award(National)
2005MTVMTV Music Nation Idol CompetitionFirst place(National)
Third place(Guangdong)
The 3rd MTV-Samsung School Campus: Breath of Fresh Air Singing CompetitionUniversity Idol Singer Award(National)
Converse School Campus Music FestivalFirst place(National)
Warner Music Singing CompetitionFirst place(National)
CETVChina Mobile Moves the Land "Emotional New Voices" CompetitionFirst place(China)
2005 Newcomer Award(China)
MTV MTV-Olay New Talent CompetitionFirst place(Guangdong)
2006CCTV : CCTV-1 CCTV Hosting Competition:Challenging the HostFinal 16(National)

Note: Dropped out of competition to go to Korea.

2007 S.M. UCC CONTEST Celebrity Challenge "Explosive! category"First place("Most Strongly Recommended" category)

Awards and nominationsedit

YearCategoryNominated workResultRef
9th Chinese Music Awards
2013 Best Chinese Song (Mainland) Distant Embrace (距離的擁抱)Won
Internet Popularity Award HimselfWon
SBS PopAsia Awards
2014 Best Solo Artist HimselfNominated
Apollo Music Oscar Awards
2014 Music Video RewindNominated
2016 Mobile Video Festival
2016 Star Of The Year HimselfWon

Music Show Awardsedit

SBS MTV The Showedit

2014 November 18

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 Zhou Mi (singer)'s References

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