Woo Ji Ho( Korean : 우지호; born September 14, 1992), better known by the stage nameZico( Korean : 지코 ), is a South Korean rapper. He is the leader of Korean hip hop boy group Block B .He is notable for his successful crossover skills, maintaining an underground reputation with mainstream hip hop appeal and Korean idol status, as well as producing successful K-pop music.

 Recent news about Zico

  • by asian  -  March 4, 2019 04:01 AM

    Block B’s Zico has been named an honorary ambassador for the city of Seoul!

     Singer Zico was appointed as PR ambassador in Seoul.  Zico's agency, KOZ Entertainment, said, "Zico is appointed as the ambassador for the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and today (4th) at 3 pm Seoul Metropolitan City will hold a ceremony for public relations ambassadors. "I am glad…

  • by asian  -  January 12, 2019 03:53 PM

    Zico has revealed one of the perks of his new job!

    Wrapped in a stand alone wrapper Zico has released the CEO nameplate.  On January 12, he posted on his personal Instagram a photo of his new CEO nameplate for KOZ Entertainment. In the caption, he wrote, “Thank you to everyone who came to the opening ceremony. I will treasure all your …

  • by asian  -  January 9, 2019 05:34 AM

    Block B’s Park Kyung explained a recent Instagram post about Zico

    'Video Star' Park Kyung explains about SNS who had misunderstood that he shot Zico. In MBC Everlion 'Video Star' broadcasted on the 8th, he explained about the incident that Park Byeong-Kyung was controversial about shooting Zico in the past. On this day, Park Non-Park commented that he ha…

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 Zico's Career

See also: Block B § History


Early lifeedit

In the lyrics of his song "Release," he mentioned that he spent a year studying abroad in both Canada and China, as well as three years in Japan.His brother Taewoon joined the Korean entertainment industry in 2010 in the male group " SPEED ."

Early Underground Rapping Careeredit

Zico has confirmed he auditioned for SM Entertainment as a teen.

Zico performed a rap for singer IU 's song " Marshmallow ." He also performed in Cho PD ’s “Expectations for K-Hip Hop,” and Jung Seul Gi ’s “Outsiders.”


Block Bedit

Main article: Block B

The Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and public broadcast channel KBS banned the songs "LOL" and "Did You or Did You Not" from minors. When asked about the banning, Zico said:

"It's not that we don't consider the regulations when we're producing the songs, but I did often think that our freedom of expression was being interrupted. Still, I do acknowledge that as as a producer that creates songs meant for the public, it was a shortcoming of mine to not have paid more attention to the regulations."


On November 27, Zico began hosting the SBS - MTV interactive radio show "Studio C!" with rap duo Mighty Mouth .Zico made an appearance at Swings 's "It's My Year II" concert, performing "I'm Still Fly" and "Cocks."


Battle Royal
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Zico made a cameo appearance in Sistar's Soyou & the Geeks collaborative track "Officially Missing You Too"'s music video.In December it was announced that Zico was helping to produce D-Unit 's third mini-album.In 2012 Zico also entered Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts as a freshman in the "drama" major.


See also: Amoeba Culture § 2013: "The Control Diss Phenomenon"

Dead'P( 데드피 ), in the track "Rap Game Control," also spoke about the frustration of idols portraying themselves as "hip hop" and the integration of mainstream K-pop culture into the underground hiphop scene.

Feel So Young
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Zico performed at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2013 as part of a collaborative hip-hop stage featuring Tiger JK , Yoon Mirae , and Bizzy and also including B.A.P. 's Bang Yongguk and Eun Jiwon .


He mentioned that Gaeko had originally invited him to appear on his track "Feel so good," but because Zico had been in the middle of the legal dispute with Stardom Entertainment, he had to decline.

Zico headlined "The Hiphop Festa" with Dok2, The Quiett , and Simon D on October 4.He also performed at the "Hiphopplaya Show Weekend," a Korean hip hop festival at the Itaewon Blue Square on October 31.Zico emceed the 2014 Asia Song Festival with Super Junior 's Leeteuk and Girl's Day 's Minah .

The song immediately reached the top of many real-time Korean music charts.

For the 2014 " KBS Song Festival," Zico performed a collaborative stage with Beast 's Hyunseung .

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 Zico's Discography



with Park Kyung

  • Release Date : March 18, 2010
Ninja Files

with Park Kyung

  • Release Date : Predebut
  • Release Date : November 19, 2010

with Park Kyung

  • Release Date : Unknown

Extended Plays (EPs)

1Zico on The Block 1.5
  • Release Date : October 17, 2012
  1. Battle Royal
  2. Cocks
  3. Dead Leaves
  4. Never
  5. I'll Treat You Better Next Time
  6. Sam
  7. No Limit

Charted Songs

YearTitleArtist(s)Peak positionsSalesAlbum
2013"Red Lipstick"Hyolyn(featuring Zico)1240 Love & Hate
"Brilliant Is"Zico,Geeks, Mad Clown, Swings, SKULL, Double K, Zizo75
2014"Beautiful"Park Bo Ram(featuring Zico)2 Beautiful
"That XX"Oltii (featuring Zico)39 Show Me the Money 3:Bobbyvs Oltii
"Tough Cookie"Zico (featuring Don Mills)13

Comprehensive List

2010 Cho PD(featuring Zico andOutsider) Part 1 - State of the Art
Jeong Sulgi(featuring Zico) Miss Terious
Finally In Place
Cho PDandVerbal Jint(featuring Zico) 2 The Hard Way
Bizniz(featuring Zico,Park Kyung, L.E.O., Basick(베이식), Pento, J’kyun, SQ, Huckleberry P, B-Free) Ego
Vasco,Verbal Jint,Sangchu,Outsider, Yong Junhyung, Joosuc,Hyuna, Zico Charity Single
2011 Hanhae(한해) (featuring Zico)Eargasm
"Finale 2011" Scotch VIP (featuring Zico, Jay Moon, Yammo, VEE X KILLA(ko:Vee X Killa), Qwala,Mino, Hanhae(한해), Park Kyung) Wake Up
i11evn (featuring Zico) The Next Top 5
"Bachelor Monkey" Verbal Jint Go Easy (ko:Go Easy)
Hyuna(featuring Zico andDok2) Bubble Pop!
2012 Giriboy (featuring Zico, Gganmo) Fatal Album II
J.Kyun(제이켠) (featuring Zico) These Days I Just
Fame-J (featuringSan E,Jo Hyuna, Okasian(오케이션), New Champ, Zico) (single)
Geeks(featuring Ugly Duck, Fana(화나),Zion.T,Crucial Star, Zico, and DJ Dopsh) In the Morning(2nd Mini-album Repackage)
JJK(ko:JJK) (featuring Zico) Arrival
2013 "Feel So Young" (Doraego Remix) Crush, Ugly Duck, and Zico -
FANA(화나) (featuring Zico, Andup, Gganmo, Louie, UglyDuck, TakeOne, Psycoban, DJ Wegun) FANAttitude

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 Zico's Filmography

Music Video Appearances

Beautiful Park Bo Ram (featuring Zico) Himself CJEN Music
Brilliant is (HyundaiAd Campaign) various Himself Hyundai
Feel So Young Ugly Duck, Crush, and Zico Himself 9oods Product
Hero Bizniz(featuring Zico,Park Kyung, L.E.O., Basick(베이식), Pento, J’kyun, SQ, Huckleberry P, B-Free) Himself Hiphopplaya
I Already Know Phantom Himself (Cameo) Brand New Music Korea
Mic Ceremony i11evn (featuring Zico) Himself Hiphopplaya
Oasis Piaand Zico Himself Loen Entertainment
Officially Missing You, Too Soyouand theGeeks Himself (Cameo) Loen Entertainment
Tough CookieHimself CJENMusic

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 Zico's Music Credit

Full Production Creditedit

Artist(s)Song Information
Offroad( 오프로드 )
Block B
  • "Nilli Mambo" -Blockbuster
  • "Mental Breaker" -Blockbuster
  • "Movie's Over" -Blockbuster
  • "Very Good"with Poptime-Very Good
  • "Be the Light"with Poptime-Very Good
  • "Nice Day"with Poptime-Very Good
  • "HER"-H.E.R.
  • -D-Unit's Affirmative Chap. 1

Partial Creditedit

Block B NalinA co-lyricist, co-composer
Very Good lyricist
Movie's Over
D-Unitfeaturing Beenzino Thank You
Park Bo Ramfeaturing Zico "Beautiful"

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 Zico's Awards

Main article: Block B § Awards
2011 Zico
Featuring of the YearNominated
2012 Zico
Featuring of the YearNominated
Zico - Zico on the Block 1.5
Mixtape of the YearWon
2013 "Feel So Young (Remix)," Zico, Ugly Duck & Crush
Collaboration of the YearWon
2014 Zico, Minho & So Hyun
Popularity Award - Music/Talk ShowWon
"Tough Cookie," Zico
Best Rap SongWon

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