M. G. Chakrapani 01/13/1911 , (112 years old) in Vadavannur, Kingdom of Cochin, British India

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Marudur Gopala Chakrapani (13 January 1911 – 17 August 1986), commonly known as M. G. Chakrapani or Ettan ("elder brother" in Malayalam), was an Indian actor based in the Tamil film industry. He was the elder brother of actor-politician M. G. Ramachandran. Chakrapani was born in Vadavannur, Kingdom of Cochin (now Kerala), on 13 January 1911. His parents, Gopala Menon and Sathyabhama, named him Neelakantan, but was soon changed to Chakrapani because of his father's religious beliefs. Soon after his birth, the family migrated to Ceylon where Chakrapani's two younger siblings (brother M. G. Ramachandran and a sister) were born. His father, Gopala Menon, worked as a magistrate in Kandy, until he suffered an early death. Chakrapani's sister also died while they were in Ceylon. Sathyabhama took her sons to Kumbakonam, India to be close to her brother. Chakrapani studied at Yanaiadi School, but left after the seventh grade. His mother then enrolled him and Ramachandran in the Madurai Original Boys Company (MOBC), a professional Tamil theatre company, where Ramachandran found success, but Chakrapani did not.