Valerio Fioravanti 03/28/1958 , (66 years old) in Rovereto, Italy

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Giuseppe Valerio "Giusva" Fioravanti is an Italian former terrorist, who, with Francesca Mambro, was a leading figure in a far right terrorist group Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari ("Armed Revolutionary Nuclei" or NAR). Fioravanti appeared in films and television from a young age, and in his early teens was the most famous child star in Italy. His father was a television presenter. As a child actor, Fioravanti starred in a popular series of the 1960s, "La famiglia Benvenuti, with Enrico Maria Salerno and Valeria Valeri playing his parents roles. His debut appearance was in a Spaghetti Western Cjamango (1967) at the age of nine. His last role was in 1975 in Grazie... Nonna (Thank You Grandma) about a boy who loses his virginity.

poster Lover Boy (1975)

Carletto Persichetti

poster Cjamango (1967)

Manuel Hernandez

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Pedrito, Mexican boy

poster Hate Is My God (1969)

Young Vincent Kearney

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