P Balachandran 02/02/1952 , (72 years old) in Sasthamkotta, Kerala, India

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P. Balachandran was an Indian writer, playwright, scenarist, director, and actor. He's known for his work in Malayalam literature and Malayalam cinema. Balachandran was best known for the play Paavam Usman for which he won the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award and Kerala Professional Nataka Award in the year 1989. He scripted many films including Ulladakkam (1991), Pavithram (1994), Agnidevan (1995), Punaradhivasam (2000), and Kammatti Paadam (2016). His directorial debut was Ivan Megharoopan (2012). He also acted in a few films, the most notable being Trivandrum Lodge (2012).