Rajatabha Dutta 08/11/1967 , (56 years old) in Jessore, East Pakistan

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One of the most popular actors in the Bengali film industry, Rajatabha Dutta is also a popular TV personality who is best known for his appearance as a judge on the Bengali reality show Mirakkel. Rajatabha who started his acting career as a theater artist since 1987 made his debut on the silver screen Ajab Gayer Ajab Katha (1998). In his illustrious career spanning nearly 20 years, the actor has worked in more than 100 films and along the way won several awards including the BJFA Award for his role in Paromitar Ekdin (2011). Few of his most popular films include Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (2002), MLA Fatakeshto (2006), Challenge (2009), Bye Bye Bangkok (2011), Rangbaaz (2013), and K: Secret Eye (2017) directed by Abhirup Ghosh. His 2018 releases includes Boxer, Nabab Haripada Haribol, Noor Jahan, Guptodhoner Sondhane, Hoichoi Unlimited and Rosogolla. His other releases includes Jah Kala Horke Gelo Hiseb, Zombiesthaan, Jio Jamai, Din Ratrir Golpo, Boss, MLA Fatakesto, Barood, Paglu, Yuddho, Challenge, Rasta, Kanamachi, etc.