Petra Hinze 06/05/1942 , (82 years old) in Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany

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Petra Hinze is a German actress, her repertoire includes roles such as Sophie in the Arnold Zweig film 'The Controversy about Sergeant Grischa' (1969), Kathe Severin in the Feuchtwanger adaptation 'Die Brüder Lautensack' (1973) or 'Sie' in the television film 'Er - You-It '(1972). Petra Hinze is the leading actress in the very first police call episode 'The Fall Lisa Murnau' (1971). She plays in several contemporary DEFA films such as' For example Josef '(1974),' He, Du 'alongside Annekathrin Bürger or' Die Participants (1989). Both before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall, she gave guest performances at theaters in Berlin and Potsdam, was temporarily a lecturer at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin, and was a visiting professor at the Babelsberg Film Academy in 1996. In addition, she plays again in numerous television films and series.