Janaki Sabesh 07/15/1962 , (61 years old) in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Janaki Sabesh is an Indian media professional, actor, model, storyteller, author of children's book, theatre and voiceover artist.Throughout her film career, she has played the "screen mother" to several leading actors, appearing predominantly in Tamil and Telugu movies.

poster Ghilli (2004)

Saravanavelu's Mother

poster Boys (2003)

Munna's mother

poster Ayan (2009)

Lady at the Airport

poster Singam (2010)

Kavya's mother

poster Run (2002)

Shiva's Mother

poster Billa II (2012)

David's sister

poster Jeans (1998)

Madhumitha's Mother

poster Kushi (2000)

Jennifer's mother

poster Singam II (2013)

Kavya's Mother

poster Poojai (2014)

Divya's Mother

poster Khushi (2001)

Siddhu's Mother

poster Vallavan (2006)

Bala's Mother

poster Minnale (2001)

Rajiv's mother

poster Si 3 (2017)

Bharathi, Kavya's mother

poster Enakku 20 Unakku 18 (2003)

Train Passenger (Guest Appearance)

poster 180 (2011)


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