Abdur Arsyad 04/06/1988 , (35 years old) in

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Abdurrahim Arsyad, S.Pd., M.Pd. better known as Abdur Arsyad is a solo comedian and actor of Indonesian nationality. He is known as the second winner of the fourth season of Stand Up Comedy Indonesia Kompas TV in 2014. In his association, Abdur is known to have comedic talent. In May 2012, a member of the Indo Malang Stand Up community learned that Abdur had talent. Therefore, he was invited to join the community. It was in this community that Abdur's ability to churn people's stomachs was honed. After he learned several techniques, he then ventured to take part in a stand-up comedy competition at a private campus in Surabaya towards the end of 2012. As the only representative from Malang, Abdur finally won the competition by getting a prize of 1.5 million , that was the beginning where Abdur finally decided to open mic often. Until 2014, Abdur along with 4 other comics who passed the Surabaya audition were entitled to appear on the Stand Up Comedy Indonesia Kompas TV season 4, in short SUCI 4. The hallmark of Abdur when presenting comedy material, both when appearing at SUCI 4 is by raising the theme of social criticism as well as his concerns and concerns about the phenomena that occur in society as one of the people who come from Eastern Indonesia, just like Arie Kriting in the previous year. more complex portions. Until reaching the top 3 with Dzawin and David Nurbianto, Abdur labeled them including himself as Trio Kasuari, because the guest star presented at that time was the vocal group Trio Lestari. This is where in the end Abdur managed to get rid of Dzawin, his rival and advanced to the grand final against David. Abdur, who was afraid to open mic in front of his childhood friends, was finally able to become the runner up, after losing to David, who also brought material about his thick Betawi ethnicity that was able to amaze the judges. Even so, he managed to break the achievements made by Arie before, namely as the first East Indonesia representative to advance to the grand final of Stand Up Comedy Indonesia Kompas TV. After the success of his comic life, Abdur Rasyad began to explore the world of acting. His first acting started in 2015 in the film Water & Fire.