Mu Ramaswamy 04/12/1951 , (72 years old) in Madurai, Tamil Nadu

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Mu Ramaswamy is an Indian theatre artist, professor of drama, and actor best known for his dramas Durgira Avalam, a Tamil adaptation of Sophocles' Antigone, and Kalagakkarar Thozhar Periyar, a biography of the life of Periyar. He later moved on to playing major roles in Tamil films starting with Joker (2016) and K.D. (2019).

poster Thiruchitrambalam (2022)

Pazham's maternal grandfather

poster Paruthiveeran (2007)

Special Appearance in song 'Iayyayo'

poster Pithamagan (2003)

Chithan's caretaker

poster Joker (2016)

'Potti case' Ponnoonjal

poster K. D. (2019)

'KD' Karuppudurai

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