Bhargavi Narayan 02/04/1938 , (85 years old) in Benguluru, India

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Bhargavi was born on 4 February 1938 to and Naamagiriyamma and M. Rama swamy. She was married to Belavadi Nanjundaiah Narayana, a.k.a. Makeup Nani (3 November 1929 – 4 December 2003), who was a Kannada film actor, and a makeup artist. They have four children; Sujatha, Prakash, Pradeep and Sudha. Prakash is an Indian theater, film, television and media personality, and a National Film Award recipient, for his directorial film Stumble in 2002. He is married to Chandrika, and their children are namely Meghana and Teju. While Sudha, a Kannada film actress and a theatre artist, is married to M.G.Satya and their children are namely Shantanu and Samyukta. Samyukta, is also a Kannada film actress.