Andreanne Nouyrigat 02/06/2023 , (0 years old) in France

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Born in the 1990s, Andreanne (Andreane Nouyrigat) is an actress and a model. Although she was born in France, she had been brought up in Pondicherry. When she was six years old, she had come to India to be settled and thus, spent her childhood, almost twenty years, in Pondicherry. Andreanne is an actress who is well qualified. For her higher studies, she returned to her birth place, France. In France, she studied and became a veterinarian nurse. From her childhood days, she had an inclination towards the Indian cinema and the fashion world. This is the reason she landed into the film industry. Apart from speaking French, English, and Spanish, Andreanne is very well versed in Tamil language as well and speaks it fluently. Also, she can read and write in Tamil.

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