Götz Burger 06/04/1947 , (76 years old) in Munich - Germany

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Götz Burger (born June 4, 1947 in Munich) is a German actor. Burger made his debut as a newspaper boy in Our Little Town in 1961 (with Cordula Trantow). As a result, he was seen in several television series (including Die Höhlenkinder (1962), Wildbach, Komödienstadel and Um Himmels Willen), but above all in numerous films. In 1972 he starred alongside Klaus Maria Brandauer in Oscar Wilde, and in 1986 alongside Christopher Lee in Der Verräter. The actor regularly takes part in French productions.

poster Jennerwein (2003)

Gemeindevorstand Moser

poster Lawine (2007)

Loisl Grassl

poster Der Komödienstadel - Die Provinzdiva (2011)

Bürgermeister Sebastian Brunnleitner

poster Cloud Chasers (2009)

Friedrich Schubert

poster Apollonia (2005)

Engelbert Suiter

poster Spital in Angst (2003)

Chefarzt Portmann

poster Paulas letzter Wille (2015)

Hans Wendelberger

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