Nicholas W. von Zill 10/10/1943 , (80 years old) in Hamburg, Germany

Known for department



poster Fringe (2008)


poster Stargate SG-1 (1997)

Ori Guardsman (uncredited)

poster The 4400 (2004)

Middle-Aged Man

poster The 4400 (2004)

Werner Loecher

poster Flash Gordon (2007)

Dolan of the Celetroph

poster Stargate Atlantis (2004)

Genii Soldier (uncredited)

poster Stargate Atlantis (2004)

Magistrate's Adjutant (uncredited)

poster Man of Steel (2013)

Council Member

poster The Collector (2004)

Loudspeaker Voice

poster The Proposal (2001)

Bacig's Thug

poster Traffic (2004)

Smuggler Captain

poster Playing for Keeps (2009)

Sargeant at Arms

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