Lucio Fulci 06/17/1927 , (96 years old) in Rome, Italy

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Lucio Fulci (17 June 1927 – 13 March 1996) was an Italian film director, screenwriter, producer and actor. Although he worked in a wide array of genres through a career spanning nearly five decades, including comedy, Spaghetti Western, adventure, science fiction and erotica, he garnered an international cult following for his giallo and horror films. Because of the high level of visceral graphic violence present in many of his films, especially Zombi 2 and The Beyond, Fulci is frequently referred to as "The Godfather of Gore", a title also given to Herschell Gordon Lewis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

poster Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979)

Newspaper Editor (uncredited)

poster The Beyond (1981)

Town Clerk (uncredited)

poster Ænigma (1987)

Police Inspector (uncredited)

poster My Sister in Law (1976)

Second gas station attendant

poster The House by the Cemetery (1981)

Professor Muller (uncredited)

poster The Devil's Honey (1986)

Bracelet Vendor

poster An American in Rome (1954)

Boy listening to music

poster Manhattan Baby (1982)

Dr. Forrester

poster Contraband (1980)

Old Boss (uncredited)

poster Demonia (1990)

Inspector Carter (uncredited)

poster Murder-Rock: Dancing Death (1984)

Phil, the Agent (uncredited)

poster All the Colors of Giallo (2019)

Self - Director / Screenwriter (archive footage)

poster Fulci for Fake (2019)

Himself (archive footage)

poster The Jukebox Kids (1959)

Salomone (uncredited)

poster Fulci Talks (2021)

Self - Filmmaker (archive footage)

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