Kelly Trump 08/27/1970 , (53 years old) in Bottrop, Germany

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Kelly Trump (* August 27, 1970 in Bottrop; real first name Nicole) is one of the most famous German porn actresses. In 1994 she was asked by a friend if she would like to take pictures and appear in erotic shows. A short time later she got an offer to take part in a film that was to be shot in the Caribbean. It wasn't until the casting that it turned out to be a porn film. She decided to accept and thus began her career in the porn industry. Among her most famous films are titles such as Supergirl - Tits of Steel and Jeannie. In 1996, Trump shot some porn abroad with well-known directors such as Marc Dorcel (France), John Leslie (USA) and Joe D'Amato (Italy). These helped her gain international renown and an exclusive contract with Multi Media Publishing in 1997. In 2001, she announced her exit from the porn business at the Venus Awards in Berlin and has since tried her hand as a serious actress with small roles. In 2002 she starred in the German movie "Wie die Karnickel". In 2004, she made headlines for her participation in the reality TV show Die Alm (Pro Sieben). Since January 6, 2005, Kelly Trump has hosted the show Love Check on the digital television channel LoveNight TV. In October 2005, her autobiography was published. Kelly Trump lives in Gelsenkirchen with her partner, ex-Scooter member Axel Coon. The Hamburg cult singer Lotto King Karl dedicated the song Lang lebe Kelly Trump to her.