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2PM’s Junho has been confirmed as the lead in an upcoming tvN drama!

tvN jangreumul show tvN new drama genealogy gathering expected in autumn 'confession' (directed gimcheolgyu / a play imhuicheol / production studio Dragon, Ace Factory), actor Lee Jun - Ho confirmed the appearance on It is raising expectations. 
"Confession" is the story of those who chase the truth behind the law, which is the law of criminal justice (the principle of criminal justice if a case is decided on a case). She won the 54th Baeksang Arts Grand Prize for Best TV Series and the 13th Seoul Drama Awards Mini-Series Best Film for Best Competition for the 1st Cannes International Series Festival and directed the best master drama 'Mother' Kim Chul-kyu's work is catching interest in mega-phone. It is the myth of tvN Well-Made genre that leads to 'Signal', 'Secret Forest', 'Cross', and 'Lawyer'. 

Lee Joon-ho has played the role of 'Choi Hyun-hyun', a lawyer who tracks the truth in 'confession'. Choi Hyun-hyun is a heart disease with a terminal illness and most of his life is spent in a hospital. He gets a new life as a miracle-like opportunity for a heart transplant. But after his surgery, his father is accused of murder. He is a person who is walking the lawyer's path to re-examine his father's deathbed son. He is a kind person with a hard rock like a rock behind the appearance that looks weak and poor. Lee Junho will play the role of Choi Soon-hyun, who is so soft, but will show off the charisma of the outer stream.
Lee Joon-ho has actively expanded the spectrum of acting by accumulating film motion graphics, regardless of genres such as "Watchers", "Twenty", drama "Just loving you", and "Oily Melo". In particular, Lee Jun-ho has been recognized as an actor who gives credence to viewers through the drama 'Kim Sang-jang'. As Kim Chul-kyu, who has a reputation for high-quality directing, and Jun-ho Lee, who has a strong acting power, are holding hands, hope for synergies that two people will create. 


"Confession" is "doing everything we can to prepare for TVN genres to meet the expectations of viewers," he said, "After a wide range of smoke, Lee Junho, as a 'confession' through a new, I can show you. I look forward to your much interest and expectation. " 

Meanwhile, TVN's new drama 'Confession' will be released in March 2019.