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3 Things to look forward to in “Tower of Babel”

TV CHOSUN 'Babel', which will bring a sensational topic to the audience's theater in 2019, has released 'Watch Point NO.3', which causes fatal interest ahead of the first broadcast on today (today). 


On the 27th (Today) TV CHOSUN's special project 'Babel' (written by Kwon Soon Won, Park Sang-wook / Yoon Sung-sik / production high ground, Wonz Maker Pictures), life will be ruined because of the marriage between the prosecutor and the chaebol It is a mystery melody drama depicting the greedy people of the top 0.1% chaebol who are revealed in the love of the actress and the murder and the darkness. 

Above all, "Babel" has a casting lineup of actors such as Park Sihoo, Jang Hee-jin, Kim Hae-sook, Kim Ji-hoon, Jang Shin-young, Song Jae-hee and Lim Jung Eun. . "I am not going to be able to do that," she said. "It's not just me," she said. "I do not think I'm going to do it. I have looked at three things. 

● Solid crew

Kwon, Sangwon, Park Sangwook Artist X Yoon Sik Shik Director Cross!

TV CHOSUN presents 'Babel' with a maximum audience rating of 5.6% after about 10 months since 'Big Army - Draw Love'. In addition, it is anticipating the appearance of 'high-quality drama' with different dimensions due to the combination of Kwon Sun-won, Park Sang-wook and Yoon Sung-shik, Director Yoon Sung-shik, who showed detailed and sensational performance in 'Man Story', 'Gangseol', 'Gallery' and 'Best Da Yi Shin' with the writer Park Sang Wook, who gave deep emotion through the bare feet ' And deeply portraying the relationship with well-made narratives of tightly entangled characters. It is anticipated that it will be ready to raise a new paradigm and sensation in the house theater, and will put a new history of the drama on viewers and put the viewers into 'Babel Holic'. 


● Top-quality mystery melodrama

From the first broadcast, a shocking incident and a reversal to poo! Another 19 Do not bother 'Mystery X Melo'! 

'Babel' is not a simple drama that runs to find a solution only after the occurrence of an event, but unexpected development unfolds every time, so that viewers sweat their hands. From the first time, the opening to show the essence of mystery, shocked by the head and spine, is overwhelming. Also, the relationship of the organically connected characters in each episode, The melancholic melody that bursts like explosion in relationship raises the senses more than 200 times. Here, as the interest in finding and interpreting the clues placed throughout the event is added, a more fatal 'mystery mystery melody' unfolds.

● Talented cast

Wear well tailored clothes! All characters are preparing 'Life Catch'! 

Park Sihoo - Jang Hee Jin - Kim Hae Sook - Kim Ji Hoon - Jang Shin Young - Song Jae Hee - Lim Jung Eun is leading the band 'Babel', leading characters to express the character and narrative of the characters in three dimensions and dressed in personal clothes. In addition, new starters who believe in such things as Hashim - Park Joo hyung - Song Won - keun - Lee Seung - hyung - Lee Jae - gu - Yun Jin - ho - Yun Bong - gil sometimes play a role of licorice that adds thriller, sometimes laughter, and doubles the quality. Actors who believe and watch for the 'life character' is forgotten, and the curiosity about the story to show is increasing. 


The producers said, "The drama" Mystery Mellow "drama with script, directing power, casting triple bubble, will catch the hearts of the viewers on the weekend." It is not a repetition of the stereotypical equation that existing drama shows, but a new paradigm I will do my best to convey the masterpieces to the viewers. 

On the other hand, TV CHOSUN special project 'Babel' will be broadcasted at 10:50 pm on the 27th (today). [Photo courtesy of TV CHOSUN 'Babel']