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7 Romantic Lines By Lee Dong Wook In “Touch Your Heart” have made fans’ hearts race

 and "really reach the" Lee Dong Wook The Sims to crash caused by the straight ambassador revealed affection for or attraction. 


The first romance and separation of Kwon Jeong-rok (Lee Dong-wook) - Oh Se-Sime (Yeomyeong Oh Yoon Seo, Yoo In-Na), in which the TVN drama "The heart reaches" (play Myung Myung Sook, Choi Borim / Through a change of relationship that leads to reunion, it shows the essence of 'Don Won Rocco' and makes viewers laugh and cry. Among them, the ambassadors of Kwon Jeong-rok, who is not a member of the group, added "Sorry, 

Sim Shaol Around # 1 "I want to do it as much as Oh Jin-sik cares about me and comforts me." It

is a heartfelt confession to Mr. Oh Sincheon, who kept his side to be tough. Kwon Jung-rok grabbed the hands of Oh-Sincheon melted by his breath and put them in his coat pocket. He said, "I want to do it as much as Oh-Jin-sik worries me and comfort me." This reminds me of the beginning of romantic romance between Kwon Jeong-rok and Oh-sincheon. 

Simultaneously. "I will approach each step at my own pace. Slowly, for a long time"

It is a warm ambassador wrapped up in the heart that expresses sadness because 7th episode, Kwon Jung Rok's start of romance which is not smooth. Kwon Jung-rock, who made his first date at the observatory after a rough day, At that time, Kwon Jung-rok said, "It may be slower than the desired speed, but I will approach each step at my own pace. Slowly, for a long time." 

Simultaneously. "Do not ask me." 


Episode 8, Kwon Jeong-ryol caught my eye with a fierce masculine beauty. "Oh, please do not ask me later, do not ask me," she said, turning her back on. Kwon Jeong-rok turned him around and kissed him as it amplified the heart trembling. In addition to that, he said, "Do not ask me," he said with a sincere gentle kiss. 

Simultaneously. "I like it, I like it, I really like it", "No matter how much I think, I am unfairly discounted by one point." It 

is the ambassador Kwon Jungrock's effort to become a boyfriend of 9 out of 100 points. At the end of his sincerity that he was a 99 - point boyfriend because of his office speech, Kwon Jung - rok went to the infinite repetition practice singing "Sincere ah ~" alone at home. And finally, Kwon Jung-rok said, "I like it, I like it. Oh sincerely." After passing the sweet confession, "No matter how you think, She smiled and opened her heart. 

Simulong ~ ubuntu # 5. "If it's a bad idea, are you saying this?"

Tang Tang, Kwon Jung Rok expressed a sense of heart toward the heart and gave a thrilling feeling to the house theater. Oh Sincheon expressed his nervousness by saying that he had imagined his star's star on his first date. So, Kwon Jung-rok asked, "If it's a bad idea, is that what you're saying?" I asked him, sitting down at the table. In addition to that, he kissed once again saying, "Are you saying this or that?" 

Simultaneously. "Do not touch my girl." 


Episode 11, Kwon Jung Rock has caused a tremor in the past due to the strong performance of the past. Stalker Lee Gang-jun (Kim Sang-woo), who had trespassed into Oh-sinc's house and waited for him, shouted at him to tell him that he loved him by grabbing his shoulder. At that moment, Kwon Jeong-rok, who came into his senses, threw his punches and suppressed Lee Gang-joon and said, "Do not touch my girl." 

Simultaneously. "Oh Sincheon, I Love You" 

14, is the ambassador of Kwon Jeong-rok, who announced a reunion after a sad farewell. Kwon Jung - rok announced the farewell for the sincerity of returning to the actor. "I am more afraid that the lawyer will disappear from my side than to miss the opportunity because of the scandal," he said. "If you really want me, stay with me." Therefore, Kwon Jung-rok revealed his love for Oh-Sinchee, who hid himself as "Oh Sincheon, I love you." Together with Kwon Jung-rok-oh Kwon, the sad kisses of those who lead him have made a stranger.

On the other hand, in the 14th episode "In the heart", a picture of Kwon Jung-rok-Oh-sincheon was reunited at the end of a longing longing. After a breakup, expectations for romance of two people are getting stronger and sweet. 


The TVN drama 'I am truly sad' is a romance of the space goddess camouflage work, where the representative actor Oh Jin-hee of the Republic of Korea, who has fallen out of the law firm like drama, meets with the perfectionist lawyer Kwon Jeong-rok. The 15th episode will be broadcast at 9:30 pm on Wednesday, 27th.