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A new genre of real-life travel romance-travel-entertainments will be broadcasted on the 17th of this month.

The 'romance of hugu', which comes with warm spring breeze, is a real romantic variety where five candidates who are composed of Huh Kyung-hwan, Park Sung-kwang, Yang Se-chan, Infinite Dongwoo and Kim Min-kyu and female volunteers who want to get rid of boring routines travel together. 

On the first day of the 17th, there will be a silhouette video on the official channel of "Hogu's Love", and many female members who have wondered about it have appeared, and they have the first meeting with five good-looking suitors who have been waiting for them. 


In the first encounter scene, the five suspects who had a crushing suicide attitude were reminiscent of a real blind date. In the studio, MC Jeon Do-yeon, who watches him in the studio, showed his authenticity to the question "Why are those people so sincere?" . On the other hand, the tension rushed to the bathroom in the middle of the conversation during the conversation, 'Hogumi (美) 

In addition, whenever women members appear, they appeal to the appeal of their appeal, making the most of their closest MCs who know each other in real terms. 

On the other hand, female members who have had time to recognize each other through their first meeting gave the male members an explosive curiosity as they ranked first in the first impression. One of the male members turned over the studio with careful consideration and brilliant wit, receiving the first impression of the female members. 

Afterwards, the female members praised the feeling of being "sincerely", "leading the conversation well in an awkward atmosphere," and they are attracting the attention of everyone who is in the habit of luck.

The real romance travels of five suspects and female performers will be unveiled at 9:05 pm on Sunday night, March 17th.