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Actress Jang Hee Jin has been cast as the female lead in TV Chosun’s new drama “Babel.”

Actor Jang Hee-jin must have appeared as the heroine of the new TV Chosun drama 'Babel'. 

'Babel' is a mysterious melody that depicts the love of an actress who has been ruined by the marriage of a prosecutor and a chaebol who has given everything away for revenge. He is going to draw greedy people of the chaebol who are exposed in the darkness of murder and power. 

Jang Hee-jin plays the role of a "jangwon" who is married to the best actress and juggler of Korea. After being married to a chaebol, her husband was found murdered and she was identified as a suspect who killed her husband. 


Jang Hee-jin, through 'Babel', expresses the curvature of life from the best actress in Korea to the sly lady whose life is ruined because of marriage, and plays the main character of Park Sihoo and Kyung Jeol Melo in the role of 'Chau Woo Hyuk'. 

"I am very happy and grateful to have a good work together. I feel a sense of responsibility, and I will be able to show myself a lot of trouble and research. I will try to be a precious drama that is memorable for myself and viewers for a long time. " 

Last year, Jang Hee-jin, who played MC in the drama 'You are too much' to 'Jung-soo' as an actor, 'You can go crazy', and 'Paloomi' etc. He is interested in how he will portray the character of the heroine "Jung Won", who experiences a vicious cycle of life through 'Babel'.

On the other hand, 'Babel' is directed by Yoon Sung-shik, directed by KBS2 'Gallery' and 'Best Da Yi Shin'. It is scheduled to air in January next year.