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Actresses who successfully transformed from being supporting actresses to lead actresses

The most prominent being in dramas and movies is the main character who leads the drama.

One of the talents and excellent visuals that are not missing are those who are called "Top Actors," who used to be the "sub-characters" that shine the heroine in the past.


There is no hardness in the role, but the image imprinted on viewers will definitely be different.

Who would be the actress who became a 'main character' in 'Sub Yeoju' by accumulating filmography during introductory time.

I've been looking for the most 'hot' people these days.


1. Honey Lee


Lee has entered the entertainment industry through the 50th Miss Korea selection contest in 2006.

MBC 'pasta', 'indecisive daughter-in-law' and began working as an assistant in many works.

In recent years, he has become an actor in the movie 'Extreme Career' and has been active as Park Kyung-sun of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Special Team, the mistress of the SBS drama '


2. Yoo In Na


MBC 'High Kick Through the Roof', SBS 'Secret Garden' Yu In Na, who was a main character friend, TVN 's heart is reaching, Korea is a top star Oh, he is working very sincerely.

MBC 'Best Love' Gangsei Lee and tvN 'Dokkaebi' is the growth of Crush Sunny.

Actually, I am the man who played in the actress Choi Hee-jin in the TVN 'Inhyeon Wang-ho's man'


3. Kim Ji Won


As well as appearances, I have a cold feeling in my ear, a rich expression and a refreshing smoky stream.

Kim Ji-won, who has all the necessary virtues for heroine, has become the next-generation rookie queen through KBS2 'Sumsam, My Way'

In the first half of this year, TVN 'Astral Chronicles' will lead Song Jung Ki and the drama.

He was also a 'sub-character' until SBS 'heirs'.


4. Lee Sun Bin


Lee Sun Bin, whose name comes up unabatedly as 'Lee Kwang Su's girlfriend' recently, is a solid student despite his young age.

He made his debut in the Chinese drama "Seo Wang Hee-ji" starring Kim Tae-hee in 2014, and he announced his face with a small role.

Recently, JTBC 'Sketch', the main character of the butterfly project investigation team, Yushihye station, the name was raised to the actor.