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All eyes are on Hwang Jung Eum at the airport in “The Undateables.”

Hwang Jeong-eum predicted an airport humiliation incident. The SBS cartoon drama special 'Hunnam JungUm' (play Lee Jae-yoon, director Kim Ji-jin, producer Mongsoong, 51K) revealed the shooting scene of Hwang Jung-yun's first airing on the 23rd. 
'Honam Jeongum' is a non-romanticist who refuses to love 'Minam' (Minjung Min) and dreams of love, but 'JungUm' (Hwang Jeong-min) I missed comic romance.

It was cheap airport fashion. Hwangjeongum in the photo was wearing a swimsuit on the trench coat. Combination does not match each other. The hair moistened wet as it came out of the water was also noticeable. Even at a glance, I was in a hurry to find the airport.

It was not only fashion that was noticeable. Hwang Jung-eum sat on the floor of the airport and looked at a man with patience. The man looked at Hwang Jeong-eun with a cold expression, and Hwang Jung-eum was disappointed with his head. It also includes 'Funnam' (Minjung Minmin) in the passers-by to look at it, and to wonder about the unusual connection of 'Funnam' and 'Jeongmin' in the play. 

At that time, the expression of Hwangjeong-in was impressive. She showed a tearful smile on her face. I was attracted to airport police, but I felt like I was in a great shock. The feelings of the wounded woman felt like they were. Hwang Jeong-eun's inner smoke was a scene of shining. 
The production team 'Hunan Jeongum' is closely related to the trauma of JungUm. It was one of the reasons why I was working as a couple manager at a diving national player. "He said," I once dreamed of love but now I can look forward to an important scene where I can understand the JungUm character who became a love abandoner. 

Kim Yoo-jin, who co-directed 'Wanted' and 'Reunited World' as a new work by Lee Jae-yoon, who wrote the drama 'Tannah Do Da Da', 'Red Carpet' and 'Fighting' 

On May 23, SBS new drama 'Honnam Jeongum', which is expected to be produced by 'Mongsoon', which shows 'Love is silver' and 'Oh My Venus', will follow 'Switch - Change the World'