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An official statement has been released regarding reports of Kangin participating in a group chat with Jung Joon Young.

Super Junior, a member of the group, announced the position of the member. 

Label SJ side three days, "yes it is tough this was to Jung Joon-young and temporary time performer chat rooms have appeared on the entertainment program. Three years ago the program as was the chat room is not already, remember, is retracted been any dialogue that lifts what other performers I can not, but I do not have any illegal video shooting or distribution. " 


SJ said, "I have never been contacted by related organizations in this regard, but if cooperation is requested, I will cooperate." 

In the 2nd broadcast on SBS 'real weather Midnight' mentioned blindness, such as robust as Jeong Jinwoon, Lee Cheol-uoo and "reported that in addition has been found to Star chat rooms (Jung Joon-young is a distributing illegal shooting footage) were more different celebrity" is a suspicion . 

After the broadcast, a netizen in the online community, Dish Inside Super Junior Gallery, said, "A statement saying that the name of the member is rising in the cubic in the controversial event, " 

Meanwhile, Jung Joon-young, strong, Jeong Jinwoon, Lee Cheol-uoo has appeared on the JTBC entertainment program "Hit Maker" shows the last 2016 years. After Jung Jun Young's controversy, JTBC deleted 'Hitmaker' VOD.

Hello, I will give you the position of Label SJ related to Kangin. It is true that there was a temporary chat room when performing in the entertainment program with Jung Jun-young. Three years ago, because of the program, the chat room was already gone, I can not remember what the other performers posted or what conversation was going on, but I do not have any filming or dissemination of illegal video. 

In this regard, I have never been contacted by the related organization, but I will cooperate with you in case of cooperation request.