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Busy Busy Fighters

Busy Busy Fighters

This is the week of heroics and I have goodies from two series with the theme. First up we have the masked prince-slash-justice-fighter ofYoo Seung-hoin"Ruler: Master of the Mask". Next up are goodies from"Man to Man", its metaphorically masked bodyguard hero and his bromance with a chaotic employer. If manly fighters are not your thing, I have the usual miscellaneous news for you, as always.

Info and Gushing

We have new stills and behind the scene shots of our three leads in"Ruler: Master of the Mask", along with a hefty dose of reporter-swooning; an entertainment media practice I will probably never get used to. Still, it is undeniable thatKim So-hyeon-Ilooksprettyand thatLlookshandsome. Coming to the things that matter, however, we get basic character information. We also havesomeforYoo Seung-ho's crown prince as well as some pretty impressiveposters. It looks like sageuk fans are in for a ride.

Busy Busy FightersBusy Busy Fighters

Man to Romance

Well, if you have felt disappointed about"Man to Man"being about a bodyguard and his artist, the latesttrailershould help.Park Sung-woongis not shown a lot, but the romantic angle is stronger. This is a worry I have had for the series, givenPark Hae-jin's popularity, but perhaps this is just promotional fangirl baiting. Whichever the case, the drama has twomain posterswith the two pairings out as well asoneof the main cast. After "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon", I expect something "fuller" from jTBC, so let us see where this goes.

Upcoming Drama Goodies

The leads of"Secret Forest"are terrible teases and we love them for it and forthis still. We have script readingphotosfrom"Suspicious Partner", which boasts a fun main and supporting cast."Nameless Woman"gets a severely dramaticfirst teaserfeaturing its leading ladies,Bae Jong-okandOh Ji-eunin a contrasting dark vs. light manner. We rarely read about production companies for dramas, but Monster Unionis busymaking two right now."Queen for 7 Days"and"The Big Blow"will be arriving soon.

Followed Dramas

I am in love with"Mystery Queen"and my spoiler-freefirst lookis out for your enjoyment. Today is also"Tunnel - Drama"day, so life is pretty good."Whisper"is moving along and I follow while I also eye upcoming dramas for coverage. I have my candicates, so now I wait for some promotional goodies. We have a fun season coming up.

Written by:Orionfrom 'Orion's Ramblings'

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