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Charismatic K-pop idols are no exception when it comes to weird drinking habits!

Because of that, many people release their premonition by tasting a drink with their acquaintance.

If you drink with a good person in a relaxed atmosphere, you will get an impatient person.

Those who have become so hot start to take out their drinks. There are also people who have unique drinks that they have not seen anywhere. 


Idol is also no exception, as there is a saying, "There is no burden in front of a sake", and charisma is emitted on stage.

I will introduce the unique idiom of eight idols who burst out at the moment of hearing. 


1. BTS’s Jin: Showing Affection To His Members


Jangbun, a member of the Bulletproof Boy Scouts, has confessed his cute drinking habit in JTBC 'Take care of the fridge' in the past.

Jean said with a shy face, "If I get drunk, I will strike out to the members and become my ear."

Ji Min, who appeared at the time, also laughed at his smile, saying, "There is no truth." 


2. ZE:A’s Kwanghee: Becoming Straight-Forward


Gwang-hee is famous for drinking slowly once he starts drinking. 

In the past, E-channel 'Love pawn shop', he shot his own shot without hesitation. 

It is Kwang-hee's unique drunkenness that not only the film is cut off but also the other side is imminent and direct. 


3. Block B’s P.O.: Overflowing Energy


In the case of Pio, it is known to radiate fullness when drunk.

In fact, Pio has shown his shot without filtering while he was broadcasting on the Internet in the past.

He shows off his cute face, saying, "You are mine."  


4. WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon: Apologizing Nonstop


Winner members who recently appeared in MBC every1 'Video Star' exposed the shot of Kang Seung-yoon and attracted attention.

Kang Seung-yoon apologizes indefinitely because he thinks that he will infect people around him while he is drunk. 

The fans who came in contact with his drunkenness showed a warm response, such as "I am a polite drinker" and "I want to see Kang Seung-yoon as drunk. 


5. iKON’s Junhoe: Drinking Until Drunk


The 'weekly' gojongjong, boasting a special sake of liquor, was also different from liquor.

In the past, MBC 's out of the blanket is dangerous.

If you drink once, you will drink until the end of the meeting, said that drinking more drunken. 


6. GFRIEND’s Yuju: Crying


His girlfriend has shown an exhilarating (?) Exposure at SBS Love FM 'Tuman Show'.

The member wishes, "Yuu can not drink alcohol exceptionally.

He also revealed a cute episode, saying, "At the company workshop, Yu-ju was drinking and he was singing." 


7. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri: Extreme Reactions


Hyori, who is called human vitamins with full energy, was even cheerful.

Hyeri, who appeared in tvN 'Life Bar', said, "Drinking alcohol makes the reactions bigger. I have called several people at 5 am".

When I am depressed, I will feel better if I drink with him.


8. EXO’s Xiumin: Repeating What’s Already Been Said


Siu Min, renowned for Suzhou Falcons, is said to be honest when drunk.

In the past, Baek Hyun revealed on a radio broadcast, "Siu Min is talking about what is in it."

This is the back door of fans who responded with a cute injection.