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Child actress Oh Ah Rin says “The Last Empress” star Choi Jin Hyuk is her favorite person of all time!

Oh Arin expressed affection for Choi Jin-hyeok. 


Actor Choi Jin-hyuk appeared in the new corner "gym" on SBS 'Interlude! Channel' (Horizontal Channel) broadcast on March 7th. 'Strength' is a star health talk show where Gangho-dong, a member of Ganghwa-dong, and Yang Shi-hyeong communicate with a star who has found a gym. 

On the day of SBS 'Empress of the Empress', actress O Arin, who played the role of Princess Ari, appeared as a surprise guest. "How did you become friends with Choi Jin-hyuk?" Oh Arin said, "It's good because she gave me jelly and candy." 


Choi Jin-hyeok said, "Even when I play, I am broken, I usually do not speak words even if I am cold, sleepy and difficult. I am too mature." 

In particular, O'Arien said, "After the filming, I decided to rank in my mind." "I set my favorite rankings, and the first one is Choi Jin-hyuk actor." When I shoot a cookie shoe, He gave me a smile when he said, "Are you okay?"