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Choi Jin Hyuk is in talks to lead an upcoming KBS 2TV drama called “Justice” (tentative title).

Choi Jin-hyuk and Son Hyun-joo play a showdown. 

A drama official said on June 22, "Choi Jin-hyuk · Son Hyun-joo was decided to be the protagonist of KBS 2TV new drama 'inner circle'." 


Choi Jin-hyuk plays Lee Tae-kyung, a lawyer in the play. A lawyer who boasts the highest winning rate in the industry. It is famous mainly for taking the case of a high-ranking party and for guilty, at least for taking probation. She is also known as a master of manipulating witnesses, although she has excellent innate skills such as sharp logic, smart words, and beautiful appearance. 

Son Hyun-ju plays Song Yoo-yong, chairman of Hwangryong Construction. If there is a modern version of the devil, surely this person. 

Filled with the greedful desires of man, in return, he got power and money now. As a representative of small and mid-sized construction companies, it is a small company that is not visible to the outside, but it operates a solid company that is only taking orders for exhaust construction. 

'Inner Circle' starts when a lawyer who lost his family by unreasonable power and money starts to deal with a demonic man because of the burning desire of revenge. 

It is a story that changes the value of life by looking back at the desperate desire that the girl who is genuinely desiring is getting caught in a case where the flower-like children are missing in the court in which the ex-girlfriend is confronted and is looking back. Based on the first serialized web novel 'Justice' in March 2017. 

Jo Woong PD, who directed 'Dream of a Summer', writes a script by Jeong Chan-mi, 'Go for the wrong,' with a megaphone.